Granamyr packaging and bio revealed

I think 2012 will be remembered as the year in which the cost of collecting MOTUC increased every month, culminating in December, in which we have Mosquitor, Procrustus, and Granamyr.

GRANAMYR. I mean, holy ****, we’re actually getting a Granamyr figure!

Now, I stand by my slight disappointment that he won’t be able to stand up – which strongly contributes to my impression of him being the ideal decoration for a head shop, right next to the wizard bong* – but, frankly, how many of us would have posed him differently anyway?

Mattel released the packaging art and bio for Granamyr yesterday. Evidently Gran will be shipping disassembled to save space and shipping costs, which is fine with me.

I’ll get to the bio discussion at a later date. For now, let’s all appreciate Rudy Obrero‘s beautiful art. Click on either pic for the larger version.

*Note: Poe has never even seen a head shop much less been in one, despite living in San Francisco for a year back in the early ’00s. Yes, he was and is a total square. He assumes wizard bongs and dragon decorations are common in such places based solely on pop culture depictions of head shops and that Simpsons episode where Homer takes medical marijuana and Dr. Hibbert offers him two bongs, the “wizard or the skull.”


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  1. dayraven

    i think there are a few solutions to make him stand, obviously, you could glue his knees, or built the guy a stand, but i am willing to bet, based on scott's video of his assembly, that even just leaning him on something would help him enough to pose him standing. i have a buttload of the marvel legends flight stands just laying around, so i'm going to try to prop him up w/ one of those.

    the art on that box is worth have the purchase price, in my opinion. rudy always does good stuff, and this in particular, in the otherwise boring world of motuc packaging, stands out like big show at a little person's convention.

    as for the big bong theory, wizards are not so ubiquitous as bong's per se, but they are hugely ubiquitous in the world of incense burners, an oftimes cohort to the bong. dragons and wizards show up as often as hoes in a rap video. granamyr looks right in line w/ that, and could easily hold your tower lighter between deployments or balance some spare sticks of incense. i had mentioned this at IAT as well, but one of the things i'm most intrigued about after his release is seeing the kind of effects and dio pieces people craft for him. he's a big cool dragon, but a piece like this nearly requires some magical effects components to attach to him or a light up crystal display base or something… seeing my fellow fans erupt in creativity is half the fun of this line… maybe 3/4 of the fun.

  2. Dead Man Walking

    Wait, he can't be posed standing or can't support his weight on his own? I actually prefer my dragons less couch potato-y, and will posing his standing or crouching if possible. It will make him even more imposing.

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