He-Man Gets Even Bigger

That title is going to put my spam filter through a workout. Anyway, this seemed worth passing along…


Pop Culture Shock Collectibles Joins
with Mattel for 1:4th Scale Statues
of He-Man® and the Masters of the Universe®

LOS ANGELES, December 18, 2012– Pop Culture Shock Collectibles is proud to announce a licensing agreement with Mattel to bring 1:4 scale mixed media statues of characters from the most epic boys action brand of all time, He-Man® and the Masters of the Universe®, to die-hard collectors’ homes this year.

“Having spent many years bringing the warriors of Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat to sculptural life, I’m extremely excited to add He-Man and the Masters of the Universe to the Pop Culture Shock Collectibles lineup,” stated Jerry Macaluso, President and Founder of Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. “There are few characters that so perfectly embody the archetype of the hero, and He-Man is just that! He’s right at home with the other muscle-bound warriors in the PCSC stable.”

The first statue will be up for pre-order in February 2013. Tune into the PSCS Facebook page for more info.  To stay up to date on PCSC MOTU News, subscribe to our newsletter by sending an email to PCSToys@aol.com with the subject line “MOTU Newsletter.”

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles was founded in 2007 by Jerry Macaluso , the former owner of SOTA Toys and SOTA Sculpture and Design, to manufacture high-end resin collectibles. For more on Pop Culture Shock Collectibles go to http://www.popcultureshocktoys.com and  www.facebook.com/PopCultureShockCollectibles

About Masters of the Universe
Masters of the Universe® is one of the most popular brands in the history of the male action category. First launched as a toy line by Mattel in 1982, the Masters of the Universe® television series debuted one year later in 1983, and introduced the iconic phrase, “By the power of Grayskull…I have the power!” to fans nationwide. The story is set on the planet Eternia® where throughout time war has raged. Heroes like King Grayskull®, Vikor® and the legendary He-Man® have heeded the call to rise and fight. These heroes strive to protect the Power of the Universe from the forces of Evil; for he who can harness this awesome power, shall master the universe!


I don’t personally collect statues (I couldn’t even bring myself to buy the NECA Stactions…though I’ll make an exception if I ever find a Kongzilla), but this news will please a lot of other MOTU fans. It’s a bit odd that Vikor gets a mention in the press release though, isn’t it? I wonder if that’s a hint that we may see Conan Vikor as a 1/4th scale statue…



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  1. Thanks for the Kongzilla link!

  2. Sunny

    Great news! I'd love a Hordak, Teela and Mer-Man statue!

  3. Misterbigbo

    Those will be pricey, but maybe neat. It seems PCSC has limited character selections for their lines, so heads-up for the incredible nerd-rage when Vikor goes ahead of Beast Man, Teela, or MAA. That’ll be awesome.

  4. Getting a 1/4th scale He-Man and Skeletor statue is pretty cool — but with all the other licenses out there, including the Funko Pop! Vinyl figures, I hope they don't saturate the market with MOTU stuff — this is on top of the MOTUC line and Castle Grayskull coming next year.

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