Just in case the Mayan Apocalypse turns out to be zombie-related: ZombieTraining.com


A lovely person named Naomi Sterns did me a very big favor a while back (which you haven’t enjoyed the fruits of yet, but you will once I get to reviewing all my S.H.MonsterArts stuff). In return, I promised to promote anything she wanted. And as it turns out, what she wants to promote is really cool!

It’s a website called Zombie Training, a site devoted – and I mean devoted – to preparing for the zombie apocalypse. These people are sure it’s going to happen, and they’re serious about making sure you’re ready for it.

Like no other horror/sci-fi sub-genre, zombie fiction allows us to combine the instantaneous gratification of fighting terrifying hordes of undead creatures while at the same time exploring more profound themes regarding human behavior and the societal ills of our time. The magazine is dedicated to all things undead: survival tips, theories on the nature of a zombie outbreak, combat tactics, new short story and serial fiction, interviews with like-minded zombie fans/celebrities, updates on events and entertainment – Zombie Training aims to cover it all.

Speaking of fiction, check out their latest tale of yuletide terror, “Last Christmas at the Cabin.” It will warm your heart before it gets very cold as it’s torn from your chest and devoured. Or if you’re just looking for that perfect gift for the zombie doomsday prepper, check out their list of Zombie Apocalypse Survival Gifts.


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  1. dayraven

    there is an element of geekhood that enjoys conjecturing on the "what if" scenario, but some of these folks just take things WAY too far.

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