Mattel to send “basic” MOTUC figure to subscribers as apology for Frosta

In what amounts to their second “apology” offering (the first being Glow-in-the-Dark Slimer), Mattel is atoning for the long delay and reversed arms of Frosta by sending subscribers a free “basic” figure with their December subscription shipments. It’s unclear what “basic” means, but my guess is it will just be a random existing MOTUC figure, not a special or unique new one.

I didn’t receive the email announcing this, as usual. Thanks to all of you who sent me a copy, and to Clayton Shackleford for this hilarious response:

Anyway, the official email text is after the jump.


As the year comes to a close, we wanted to say “thank you” for being a loyal Club Eternia® subscriber in 2012. It’s been a great year with incredible highs (Fisto™, Rattlor™ – two vintage figures that surpassed even our expectations) the occasional minor misstep (Frosta’s gloves), and more incredible highs (Griffin, a 200X beast, and Shadow Weaver – our first Filmation figure!).

So, to make sure you know how much we value your business and as promised at Power Con in noting the issue with Frosta’s gloves, we’re sending you a FREE gift… a basic Masters of the Universe® Classics figure will be included with your December subscription shipment! You won’t know which one you’re getting until it arrives and because it’s our gift to you, shipping for this freebie figure is 100% paid by Mattel. While we originally thought this gift might not come until late next year, we wanted to end 2012 with a bang and make sure you get your free gift before the year is up!

Looking ahead, 2013 promises to be even more powerful! We’ll start out the year with Ram Man® and Netossa™, then get ready for the arrival of the first Castle Grayskull® playset in 30 years.

Again, thank you for being a part of our MOTUC family. We wish you and yours the happiest of holidays!

While Frosta’s delay didn’t bother me, the reversed arms do. I’d have rather had a unique accessory (perhaps Rattlor’s armor?) than some of Mattel’s overstock, but I’ll give them credit for acknowledging the problem and doing something for the fans.


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  1. Scott

    I assume "basic" just mean not an oversized figure like Shadow Beast or something.

  2. Robzy

    It may be their "second apology", but Ghostbusters subbers have NOT got their GITD Slimer figures as promised.

    They were supposed to be shipped in October, but here we are in December and nothing! Toyguru and Matty haven't answered any questions on it and keep avoiding the issue.

    • plannedbanter

      I was wondering about this myself; I swear I received the email about Slimer back in May or something. At least, it seems like it's been forever. I can't deny that any sort of attempt by Mattel to apologize for their screwups is progress, but when it takes so long to go through that you forget anything was coming in the first, it's a little counter-intuitive.

  3. jackstatic

    the thread over at the org about this is F'N HILARIOUS! people have gone so far as to insult mattel about this and call it a slap in the face. I used to defend the org from my friends when they would call it the worst site in fandom… after today i honestly am not so sure that I can do that anymore….

    now, i personally think this is great, i cant tell if my frostas arms are right or wrong and will never bother trying to figure it out, they had bigger mistakes imho (mattel) that went unapologized for, with that said…. i just hope its NOT a carnivus, zodac, or evil lyn (yellow) and ill pretty much be happy with the free figure… heres hopin for a hiss, any skeletor, or or a horde prime or a spector (so i can utilize that second damn head of horde primes)

  4. spaceaudiobooks

    How about a "Naked Frosta" variant?

  5. %%FIRST_NAME%%

    Have you been reading my mail?

  6. Dayraven

    In no way is the upcoming castle grayskull “the first in 30 years.”. The first in 10 is accurate though.

  7. Enigma_2099

    Wouldn't you guys rather just get a replacement Frosta that's assembled properly?

    • Having one Frosta is bad enough, why would I possibly want two? Especially when one of them is 'defective' and has no resale value

    • Enigma_2099

      …if you feel that way about it, then why the hell did you buy it in the first place?

  8. AmericanHyena

    If it’s a character with an alternate display option (Trap-Jaw/Kronis, King Hssss, Bubble Power She-Ra, ect.) I certainly wouldn’t be adverse to an extra version to display. If nothing else, a free figure is a free figure. I can always sell or re-gift it.

  9. Peanut

    When are we supposed to get that GITD slimer?! I remember getting the apology email a while back (for those that subscribed to the GB line)…and no updates on slimer..


    The package will contain one of the following:

    *A replacement Frosta, only with forearms where her shins should be, and shins where her forearms should be.

    *He-Man with messed-up paint.

    *200X Samurai Skeletor

    *A box of old, broken Hot Wheels.

    *A picture of Scott Neitlich's family, which he will demand back.

    *A half-eaten hamburger.

    *A Hebrew Shofar.

    *Nothing. Just a picture of Matty sticking out his tongue.

    *Castle Grayskullman, only rubbed with classic Stinkor's Patchouli lotion.


  11. dasbookpimp

    I took "Basic" to mean that we'd be getting a He-man, Skeletor, Beast Man, Evil Lyn, Faker, etc. as our apology gift. that or just a Blank Buck to do what we want. Not so much of a gift for those of us who already have one of those figures but I suppose I could have one to keep Mint in Card or put it up on ebay one day.

  12. Barbecue17

    Translation: Everyone's getting a free Mighty Spector!! It don't get more basic than that!

  13. clark

    So they apologize for Frosta, but not Stinkor, who had a more severe issue due to the painted stripe? Oh, that's right, Stinkor was a design decision.

  14. Black Arbor

    I’d bet dollars to donuts the free basic figure is Mighty Spector. Also, a F$*king GITD Slimer? That’s bullshit. They should have given out the other Scoleri brother, instead of packaging it with courtroom Ray, a variant I bet no one wanted.

    • Well, it was a free item. Technically I don't think they had to give out anything, so a GITD Slimer is a lot better than nothing.

    • Black Arbor

      While it is nice that they're giving fans something, they bungled the line so horribly that it's mostly their fault it got canned. plus, I'm sure that anyone that subscribed already has a Slimer. (I say that 'cuz I don't think anyone signed up for a GB subscription without getting the 4 main characters, and I think Egon came w/ Slimer)

  15. Harrig

    Basic figure? You know what that means – Nudeor! – absolutely no accessories. Not even a furry loincloth. You can't get more basic than that.

    • Well, depending on his level of hirsuteness they might be able to reuse the loincloth. Aaaaand I went too far.

    • Enigma_2099

      *sniff* *wipes tear from eye…*

      I… I'm so proud of you!!!!

  16. The text there, especially with the reference to the gift itself possibly being delayed (of the irony) suggests to me it's something unique as opposed to overstock. So, what then could it be? GitD Orko?

    • It's the "basic" that's weird. But you're right, the talk of the delay is odd. GITD Orko is a good guess, but the "basic" makes me think it will be a full-sized figure, whatever it is.

    • Oh wait, no – I think you read it wrong. What they're saying is that they thought the "free gift" would be delayed until late next year because they were planning on making something unique. But instead, they've decided to just send a "basic" figure in order to get something to fans earlier rather than later.

      That doesn't mean whatever unique item they were planning won't still happen, it just means it's not going to be the free gift.

    • Honestly, unless it's/they're from the first year I think this is actually a pointless gesture since the very fact we have a subscription ensures that we have every figures (at least from this year, and likely most every figure), so really, whats the value of giving us one for free. Unless… they figure we'll give it to a friend… who will then be convinced of MotUC's glory and want to start buying figures too. Aha – what a Matty-avellian marketing strategy!!!!

  17. Bigbot

    Rattlor's armor?! That'd be the biggest **** you to non-subscribers!

    Yes, I didn't subscribe this year, but I'm glad the free gift is not Rattlor's Armor (unless it came with a confirmation of coming out in a weapon's pack).

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