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Real Name: Queen Mackenzie

The beautiful and exotic friend of She-Ra, Mackenzie is queen of the Kingdom of Snows, high in the mountains of Etheria. She possesses a magic wand that whistles like the wind and lets her conjure ice spells and freezing rain against her enemies. This power has given her a reputation as the Ice Empress of Etheria, although she prefers being called Frosta by her friends. With the exception of her magic powers, she is otherwise a normal human female. She is sweet, kind and loyal to her allies. Together with She-Ra and other members of the Great Rebellion, she traveled through a Laser Gate to Eternia joining with the Renegade Masters of the Universe in the continued fight against Hordak’s tyranny! Frosta freezes her enemies with her magic spells.

Portrait Art Source: Vintage packaging cross-sell art

I did some cursory searching on the Web and couldn’t find any significance to the name “Mackenzie” – feel free to enlighten me in the comments if you know what that’s a reference to (if anything).  This does seem like another case of “Why bother with the real names?” but I suppose we’re long past that.

This bio is pretty thin – we get a brief description of her powers, some vague character development (“sweet, kind and loyal”) and a bit about how she went to Eternia with the other POP members to fight the Horde. Seems to me Frosta got a little shortchanged here – they could have given her some sort of important plot point, like she froze someone who was about to die, allowing that person to be saved by magic. Okay, that’s weak, but you get what I mean.

Anyway, for a more extensive bio of Frosta (based on her appearances on She-Ra: Princess of Power), check out her entry in the Ultimate She-Ra Guide.


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  1. MegaGearMax

    Macenzie sounds like some Playboy model.

    I also wish that TG would have mentioned Frosta's lust for He-Man. Besides, she never needed her Ice Wand in Filmation. This bio displays a lack of research.

  2. Dragonwalker

    Would have been real nice to the fans if the writer mentioned the relationship she had with He-Man in that one infamously awesome episode,and how she practically went out of her way to make Sweet Bee jelly.

    Human…..Wait,I thought Queen Marlena was the only ‘human’ in MOTU……Cause she’s from Earth…..

  3. dayraven

    is the laser gate a gate through which lasers travel? shouldn't she have to use the "normal human female" gate?

  4. Agent 86

    The POP bios have been pretty diappointing to date. I thought Frosta's bio was bad, but Netossa's bio is even worse.

    Fortunately, the bios go straight into the bin with all the other rubbish when I free my MOTUC figures from their plastic prisons.

  5. A Laser Gate? Was the Stargate in use at the time?

  6. Bigbot

    "With the exception of her magic powers, she is otherwise a normal human female." Who wrote this, a Ferengi? I believe this sentence would be a lot better if it ended with "…a normal woman."

  7. The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

    Downplaying her powers… check!
    Sweet, kind and Loyal? The Ice Empress is Sweet and Kind? Does not compute…
    Nothing about her lust for the Strongest man in the universe?
    Bio Writer I am disappoint

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