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I missed the fact that my (possibly final) Topless Robot list went up yesterday (thanks to PrfktTear for pointing it out to me.)

Ten Video Games that Should Have Gotten Toys

I don’t know yet whether the Bricken-less TR will want to continue the lists, so as of right now, my plan is to start doing the occasional list right here at PGPoA. They’re great for traffic and fun to write.

Oh, and for the record, it wasn’t my idea to create a graphic that gives away the whole list before the page-turn. But I’m using it here because you’re gonna see it anyway when you click, but you can still go enjoy my lovely prose.


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  1. I ALWAYS wanted BattleToads figures. I used to pretend that Genghis Frog from the TMNT line was one of them.

  2. Harrig

    "everyone knows bendy toys don't count because they suck." too true!

    The worst thing was I read though the list and thought "I'm sure I saw figures for that", especially Silent Hill. But no – probably only hideously expensive Sideshow resin (sorry, polystone) statues, if that. Shame.

  3. Dead Man Walking

    I desperately wanted Battle Toads action figures to integrate into my TMNT world.

  4. You know what would be awesome?

    A Doom Cacodemon made of superball rubber.

  5. Misterbigbo

    I have wanted a Final Fight figure of Guy for frickin YEARS. My only hope is he gets a Play Arts Kai rendition , but that Street Fighter line is so slow and limited I doubt I’ll see it.

    And Battle Toads blew chunks. I hated that game and the derivative characters so much. My sore thumbs will never forget it.

    How about figures from Contra? Were those ever made? Actraiser? Strider?

    • Bigbot

      Strider had a figure in Toybiz's Marvel vs. Capcom line, and it was pretty good for the time. Only disadvantage was he had a slashing action feature with his sword.

    • It's too bad Play Arts KAI never seems to deviate too far from the basic "humanoid" form. I'd love a Blank myself, or a Halo Elite. They did do Garrus, I guess.

      The only issue with Contra figures is they're basically, well, shirtless soldiers. Not really that interesting. They'd have cool guns, though.

    • We would have ALIENS. I want alien monsters from Contra! Actually, yeah, we wouldn't get them – just look at how you can't really find any Castlevania or Metroid monsters.

  6. I really enjoyed this list! I remember being puzzled as a kid as to why I couldn't get toys of some of my favorite video games. I think I used one of those hologram knight guys to fill-in for Samus. I had hoped that maybe TR was accepting list pitches again as I have some new ideas, but it sounds like this was a list you submitted while Rob was still king.

  7. Bigbot

    I'd love a Doom toyline, especially with todays sculpting and articulation. I'd want NECA to do it as I think they'd be best able to translate those sprites and game covers to 3D figures.

    • I have wanted a Doomguy figure for nearly twenty years. It kills me we've never gotten one.

    • Aaron

      Fantasy Flight did a Doom boardgame and a expansion pack. I had them both and the miniatures were very detailed. They looked great after being painted.

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