New Pics of S.H.MonsterArts King Kong

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Bluefin Distribution has sent along some photos of S.H.MonsterArts King Kong. He’s due out around April, and will cost 5,775 yen ($67.44).

I have mixed feelings about this figure. I wasn’t a big fan of the Peter Jackson version this figure is based on, but my reasons for not liking it had nothing to do with the creature designs – those were great. The film was just way too long, overwrought, and in scenes like the disgusting ravine attack by the giant insects and worms, overindulgent.

Nonetheless, the Kong design was great and this figure is a must-buy for me. You can read more about the figure here. Pics after the jump!


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Pic of the Day > brother from another franchise by Johnson Cameraface


  1. No interest in this Kong. Give me Toho Kong.

  2. The 1962 King Kong did more than look awful.

  3. I must admit to being lukewarm to the idea of an S.H.MonsterArts 1933 King Kong. If Willis O'Brien had the technology Peter Jackson did when they made the original film, Kong probably would have looked like the PJ Kong, because O'Brien was just trying to make a "realistic" giant gorilla (except for reducing the belly, which PJ also did). But I'd buy a 1933 Kong either way 🙂

    And I'd be happy to get an S.H.MonsterArts 1962 King Kong, but really only as a companion to a 1962 Godzilla. The '62 King Kong looked awful.

  4. Dragonwalker

    How does he scale to Godzilla? Any comparison pics?

    • Not yet, but he should look good next to either the first release Godzilla or Burning Godzilla. They'll be about the same height, even though in "real life" there's a huge difference in height (50 feet for Kong versus 300 feet for Godzilla). It's possible, though, that Godzilla may look a little undersized proportionally.

  5. The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

    And this Ape seems to do what OTHER apes WISH they COULD DO!! Seriously, If that OTHER weird colored Ape was as poseable as this one… I would have bought it… This one is really tempting, but I want to know his size

  6. Russ

    Does anyone know how tall these figures are? I'm already thinking ahead to T-Rex figures to pair up with Kong, but not having seen any of the figures in person, I don't have a sense of height for the line.

  7. dayraven

    you can call him… Andy!

  8. Russ

    This is going to be my first MonsterArts figure. I'm still holding out hope for in-scale bi-planes, like the tanks they do for the Godzilla figures.

  9. Great looking toy but I'm not at all interested in owning that design.

  10. Give me the RKO Kong and we have a deal. That was probably the first movie I ever saw (my dad is an awesome person).

  11. Fengschwing

    Actually quite tempted by this fella, I do love me a good monkey.
    Sorry, ape…

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