Hey folks, Corey from DASH here again. We’ve always been a little formal with our communication in the past, but I decided it’s time to “get real” and let you know there are actually real people and people who care about action figures behind our site. I’ve finally got a platform to talk toys to my heart’s content, and that’s what we’re updating you on today.

Things haven’t always been perfect at Collector-ActionFigures, but I genuinely think we already have the internet’s best action figure values, the world’s biggest action figure catalog, and a great place to buy action figures. And now we’ve added something to bring it all together. We call it DASH Flash, and it’s your brand new platform for action figure reviews, news, previews, articles, features, and pretty much anything else I can think about writing.

So visit DASH Flash, and then please let me know what you think about everything. Collector-ActionFigures is built for the community, and this is your new blog as much or more than it is mine. We want to see your vision for it, want to hear your ideas, and want to exceed your expectations in every way. That’s my goal anyway. I’ve done this in the past, but this is my newest baby, and the opportunities for it are far greater than ever before.

If you could take a minute to leave a comment right here with your thoughts or desires, I’ll be reading. Leave a comment on any of the current DASH Flash articles and I’ll be watching (creepy, right?). Even feel free to send me an email at Corey@Collector-ActionFigures.com and I’ll take your suggestions to heart.

This is a great time for Collector-ActionFigures, and I want you to be a big part of it every step of the way.