Happy Netossa Day!



So here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • MOTUC: Netossa™ (monthly figure, included with Club Eternia® subscriptions)
  • MOTUC: Horde Prime™ (remaining Customer Service stock – not included with Club Eternia subscriptions; eligible for Early Access)
  • MOTUC: Griffin™ (remaining Customer Service stock – not included with Club Eternia subscriptions; eligible for Early Access)
  • DCU: Saint Walker (monthly figure, included with Club Infinite Earths subscriptions)
  • Watchmen: Rorschach (bi-monthly figure, included with Club Black Freighter subscriptions)

Just a reminder, subscribers only have Early Access to items from the same line (i.e., MOTUC subscribers don’t have early access to Rorschach).

It should also be noted that the “My Subscriptions” function is finally active, albeit it still appears to have some problems according to early reports. I had to use it myself – despite making a new credit card my default credit card for Mattycollector, I still needed to change the card specifically used for my subscription.


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  1. The price increase from before. Please can you provide the latest price.

    • The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

      2013 prices for MOTUC: a $5 increase form 2012.
      $25 for subscribers and $27 for non-subscribers (+ Cheapest shipping option $9.90 for US Customers and around $15 for International)

      Again, Those who bought 2013 Subscriptions last August pay $25 per normal MOTUC figure.
      Those who did not buy the subscription must pay the Day of Sale price of $27 per MOTUC Figure.
      By Subscribing you save 2 dollars per figure.

  2. Rorschach sold out; I checked about 2 PST. I got a loose one last month, and he's not bad.

  3. I think that, for MOTUC, $2 less – $25 as the pre-shipping, pre-tax price – would not have caused as much trouble as $27 has. Though granted, previous increases have been small ($20 to $22), this one does not seem to be going over well, and the line might be pricing itself out of existence.

    • stack32

      I had forgotten they were raising the day of sale price that much. That's crazy. At this point I think I might rather just ditch the figures I have than pick up the last few I would need to call my collection complete.

    • clark

      For some reason I thought they were only going up to $25. I thought that came from Neitlich, but that may have been speculation I read somewhere.
      I will try to get Ram Man (he'll be $35 I guess?), but for $27 I may end up passing on Jitsu; despite my looking forward to him for a long time.

    • The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

      They went to $25 for subscribers. Non-subscribers like myself have to pay $27 per figure.

    • ridureyu

      Well, it was:

      $27 for the figure
      $9.90 for shipping
      $3.14 for tax (only in California?)

      So I paid $40.04. Thankfully, that's still a little bit lower than your average aftermarket Horde Prime, but this does mean that a lot of figures are going to end up resolde for $50 or more.

    • Bigbot

      I live in Texas and also get charged for tax.

    • clark

      Yeah, I live in Texas too, and I think they started charging tax with Vikor.

      Either, they realized that they have to charge tax because they have distribution warehouses in the here and our state officials realized that they were missing out on possibly thousands of dollars in revenue and went after Mattel to get that money…or Mattel realized they could easily make a few more bucks if everyone had to pay tax.

    • I don't know how long I've been paying tax. Months? A year? But yeah, they charge TX residents tax.

    • Misterbigbo

      All rational arguments for price hikes aside, Matty is plainly too expensive now. I got the Watchmen sub and knew ahead what I would be paying, but the sticker shock was still significant. Sorry, Matty, but as nice as the Rorschach is, he isn't worth twice what my NECA figs cost me. TWICE.

    • ridureyu

      I just got a NECA figure for $9.99 at TRU, no markdown (it was one of the player Select dudes).

      So that's FOUR TIMES.

    • Didn't Neitlich just as much say they'd keep raising the prices as long as demand allowed them to? Maybe in not in those exact words. Jumping from what, $22 to $27 is a bit much. Then again, at least it offers subbers SOME incentive, i.e. sub and "save" although, those savings aren't much to speak of. The next few months are going to be really telling. I really suspect we won't get in a full 2014 sub, maybe 6-8 figures instead of 12. Just a prediction though.

    • Misterbigbo

      Transparency and honesty would dictate that Scott would lay out what percentages Matty's costs have increased, and then justify corroborating price increases. It would be impossible for fans to argue against that. "Hey He-Fans and She-Ravers, Mattel's production, wage, insurance, and distribution costs all went up xx% last year, and our revenues couldn't keep pace, so we have to raise the price of our figs by a matching xx%. Sorry!"

      BUT we know transparency isn't going to happen for business reasons. Yet he still demands that the customer base trust him as if he's just a fan like them, in the same boat as them. That stuff really chaps my ass sometimes.

    • ridureyu

      No, not really. I can't think of a toy company that shares all its profit margins. Remember that it's not just the price of plastic, you also have factory wages, transport, gas, Digital River's pay, employee stocking pay, and so on and so forth.

      I wouldn't be as bothered witht he price if the QC issues were better. $27 is juuuust on the cusp of okay for these, maybe a little more. I dunno, we're used to paying $30+ for imported stuff (before shipping) that's comparable to these toys, or morpe delicate. But homegrown stuff, like NECA's toys, are waaaaaay cheaper. But MOTUC is a small-run toyline, so who knows.

    • It's not Mattel's job to give everyone their internal costs. You can research the rising prices of raw materials and find that costs have been going up every year since the line was launched.

  4. Josh

    I would actually really want to get Rorschach, but for $35 he is far too much. The sub prices are already too much for me for just the DC line. I do wish I got the Watchmen line, now, just to saved on shipping.

  5. Dead Man Walking

    Bought Rorschach–the only right wing nut I really love.

  6. The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

    This Cherry picker is torn… I kinda want her but, She's $27 and they bumped up the shipping to $9.90 (Internationals have it worse)… To skip or not to skip?

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