NECA & Sideshow get Pacific Rim


(Thanks to TNI for the heads-up.)

I don’t think I’ve been as excited for a movie since The Dark Knight as I am for Pacific Rim. One of my favorite directors doing a movie about giant monsters fighting giant robots? I’ll admit that I worry a bit about this film suffering from audience fatigue with movies involving aliens and robots (Transformers, Battleship, Battle: Los Angeles, Avengers, etc.). But I’m hoping director Guillermo Del Toro’s reputation will allow critics and moviegoers to judge it on its merits rather than dismissing it as a dumb blockbuster. And…I hope it’s good.

Anyway, GDT himself posted a note on his website about the film’s merchandising:

NECA is doing toys and a ton of apparel / accessories. SIDESHOW is doing a couple of diorama statues and there are two downloadable games in progress. This plus the comics and book novelization and a few etc

Very good for an unbranded, non-sequel original property!!

I knew about NECA, because their name popped up on a licensing expo list (which I kept quiet about in consideration for NECA, who seemed to really want to spring this at or around Toy Fair). I have no idea what NECA’s toy plans are, but I’m willing to bet we’ll see 7″ figures of the main characters and perhaps the robots and monsters, as well as much larger toys of the robots and monsters.

I’m excited to see what NECA offers, but I also continue to hope Bandai gets the license for S.H.MonsterArts as well. Speaking of, how crazy is Japan going to go for this movie?

And speaking of giant robots


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  1. Mark

    Sweet! After seeing the Pacific Rim trailer I immediately thought the robots were very toyetic and I would want an action figure of them. The second thought I had was GLaDOs!

  2. presidentjuggernaut

    NECA hinted a second 3 3/4" line on twitter after they revealed their 3 3/4" Gears of War figures. That might be the way to go, they could make some 18" robots and monsters so that the figures could go inside, even if it still would not be to scale. This sounds like it could result in some great stuff, hopefully the movie is great and a big success in theaters and toy shelves.

  3. dayraven

    i hope we get monsters… though i am a tad concerned that we'll get offered three robots before they get all the articulation in order 🙂

    i think it's a good thing, NECA getting this… they certainly will gives us better figs than the travesties that the bridge direct gave us for the hobbit. man, seeing that movie, tBD made me weep a little at how weak their offerings are.

    • I haven't bought anything, but are they really that bad? The 3 3/4" stuff looked all right. The 6" stuff doesn't hold up to Toy Biz, but not a lot can. Toy Biz LOTR was one of the best action figure lines ever made.

    • The 3 3/4" stuff isn't terrible, though they have some trouble with the character faces (look at some of the dwarves or that orc with a warg).

    • Bigbot

      I've only bought the 6" Gandalf and Thorin, and they're okay figures. I'm glad they don't have action features. That's one thing that plagued the Toybiz line, but thankfully a lot of them didn't impede the articulation.

    • Dayraven

      I pretty much would only be referring to the six inches, but compare even the 3.75 inch to what other lines are doing in that scale. You’re not buying a gi joe or microman, that’s for sure.

      I specifically chose the word travesty though, as in comparison to the toy biz line, that’s the best word I could think of. They’re a crime, smuggle your gimli, any of them, into TRU and hold him up next to thorin and tell me they’re “comparible,” cuz they’re not. Thorin looks like a knockoff toy. The sculpts are soft, the paints lackluster, and the accessories are soft (bendy) like some of the crappy gummy motuc weapons. It saddens me deeply too cuz I anted an army of dwarves dammit!! From my RPG playing years, dwarves were some of my closest allies and it’s worth note that I’ve loved the hobbit since reading it in 4th grade. Thorin’s troupe should have been the easiest sale ever made.

  4. With NECA, that means we have a chance of getting at least one monster, right? A nd not just a line of humans and humanoid robots?

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