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I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated with anything aside from photos and Toy Aisle Trolls. I think I really needed the break from the site. I’m planning to slowly get back into the swing of things.


So, as longtime Poesters may be aware, Christmas and my birthday come very close together. So here’s my Christmas/birthday haul:


So, a bunch of MOTUC Robotos and Gygors showed up for sale at a Walmart in Moreno Valley, CA. You can see a pic of the endcap here. No word from Mattel as to how or why this happened, but I’m willing to bet it was just a one-off deal made to help Mattycollector recoup their losses on excess stock. It’s a novelty seeing MOTUC for sale at a store, but not really worth getting one’s dander up over, in my opinion. I’d be curious to hear Mattel’s official explanation – I imagine it will come out in a future Q&A and will be basically as I described.


Today is the last day to pre-order Castle Grayskull, so to all you fence-sitters, it’s time to hop off on one side or the other.


Everyone’s doing their end-of-the-year awards and top reviews and so forth. I’ve decided to skip all that this year, for two reasons. 1.) I’m incredibly lazy, especially in early January after the holidays. For example, all I’ve done for the last two nights is mainline Arrested Development via Netflix. Even playing a videogame feels like too much effort. 2.) As I say every year, I don’t feel qualified to judge anything “best” because I really don’t collect all that much.

The only thing I could really do is name the favorite thing I reviewed in 2012, which would be Hero Ash, with runners-up Draego-Man and the Martian Commander.


These past few months I participated in the first-ever Madball Football League, a fantasy football league made up of toy bloggers. Oh, and I won, too. The league was put together by Brian of CoolandCollected and I, for one, would love to do it again next year.


Pic of the Day > Boldly Gorilla by Geek Creek


Pic of the Day > Diamond Select Universal Monsters – Metaluna Mutant [This Island Earth] by Ed Speir IV


  1. Jay

    I just returned from the Moreno Valley (actually, Riverside, if anyone's thinking of going hunting) Wal-Mart; all that's left are about twenty or so Gygors, which, contrary to the rumors on the 'net, are going for $25, not $15-16.

    Not being a MOTU collector, I really don't know if that's much of a deal or not.

    • Jay

      Also, I tried to passing this info along to the He-Man.org site but you can't register with a Yahoo or Gmail address account; anyone here that is registered, please feel free to pass the info along.

    • Cool! Its significant in that its an an aberrant anomaly… but not as big of a deal as everyone is making it out to be. Thanks for the info!

  2. Gygor ended up being one of my favorite MOTU Classics figures. I mean, he's a giant yellow and green gorilla with armor, a cape and a huge honkin' axe! I skipped him initially and ended up feeling like I got him for a steal when I bought him on sale at BBTS. If some kid can stumble upon Gygor at Wal-Mart and discover his greatness, I'm all for it.

  3. Your Christmas haul list is… wonderful.

    Mine had a few cookbooks, some free promo CDs given as a gift, and this shirt:

    It scares me a little.

  4. dayraven

    eh… are we all leaving and never coming back if poe wants to chill for a week or two, or only post one article a week or something? for my part, unless you start going months poe, i understand an occasional malaise, especially around the holidays. plus honestly, it's a rotten time of year for figures, we're between big sell cycles, between cons, till late jan or early feb, most retail outlets won't be restocking heavily, and most of that won't be really that awesome anyways. 🙂 i expect till toy fair, you're enthusiasm will remain wan.

  5. After the last two weeks, IAT’s not the best example. 😀

  6. Dead Man Walking

    I think you really need a second person to run the blog. You often make it quite clear that you're just not into it enough, and even with all the retooling you just don't seem that enthusiastic. That's not a criticism, just an observation. But I think you might do well tag-teaming the site, like the way the IAT guys do.

    • It's tough to keep a site stocked with fun and entertaining posts, and while the sites run by teams of people work just fine I think Poe should keep the site basically his own. If that means he needs a break every now and then . . . well, these things happen.

  7. Best – Poe, in my opinion you're totally qualified to offer your own "Best of Year" listing. You run a site about toys and have opinions of your own and I'm sure others would enjoy reading what you thought was the best stuff of the year.

    MOTUC Walmart – Wow. I wish those were at a Walmart in Austin; I don't have either figure and would totally snatch them up if I saw them in the store.

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