Somebody made a shot-for-shot live action version of Toy Story

This is what Topless Robot would call an Impressive Act of Nerdery. It’s the entire movie, folks. Yes, one could make negative comments about why anyone would do this and whether it’s a waste of time, but it looks to me like way too much fun was had here to care about that. I admire the commitment and the DIY cleverness.

Thanks to PrfktTear for the tip!


Pic of the Day > Disco Skeletor by ridureyu


Pic of the Day > netossa by Sesshoumaru Inu Yokuai


  1. Wow. Just saw this. Unreal and awesomely DIY.

  2. dayraven

    this is insane… not that an act of nerdery this monumental should go unappreciated, but i can't help but wonder what strange and wonderful things this person could have achieved had they chosen to use their powers for good.

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