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I Need a Weapon

Custom Weapon accessory by eBay user mugenites

NECA announces more American Werewolf in London

Dog soldiers

With Toy Fair having been cancelled this year, toy companies have been able to spread their reveals over weeks rather than having to dump them all over a cold February weekend. This has made for some fun, late-night antics from NECA in particular.

A few weeks back, NECA revealed they had obtained the license for the horror cult classic An American Werewolf in London. At the time they only revealed the titular werewolf, but overnight they revealed the Nazi werewolf soldiers from the famous fever dream sequence.

We have no information yet on whether this will be a single figure release with four different heads, a two-pack with two different heads, or a four-pack with one head each. (If I had to guess, I’d go with an Ultimate figure with four heads.)

NECA has been making a lot of popular reveals lately (last week’s blockbuster Gargoyles reveal came just a tad before my decision to actually try blogging again, but I’ll try to cover that in more detail in the future). Between American Werewolf in London, Back to the Future, Gargoyles, Defenders of the Earth, and their cartoon-based Ninja Turtles line – to say nothing of their recent acquisition of Universal Monsters – NECA seems to have recovered quite well from the loss of Toys R Us a few years back.

Now, on a more personal note, if they would just reveal how that King Kong accessory pack will be released…my hope is they’re coming with a “Meat Eater” figure.

In Search of Stryker

A Smooooth Transaction!

I purchased my very first item from eBay in 1998. The seller of that item (A First Contact Captain Picard figure, I believe) gave the following feedback: “Fast payment and a smooooth transaction!!!!”

I have used some variation of “Great item” or “Great buyer” and “& a smooooth transaction!” as feedback for almost every single eBay item I’ve bought over twenty-two years.

PGPoA is going on indefinite hiatus


After six years, I’ve decided to take an extended break from running Poe Ghostal’s Points of Articulation.

I’ve been considering this for years now. I could provide a long list of reasons – or perhaps more accurately, excuses. But really it all comes down to two: interest and time.

Identify the Toy > Positive Attitude Alien

alien dude

Found this guy while cleaning out the attic at my parents’ house. I have absolutely no idea what he’s from. I like his attitude, though.

I think he might have been part of some sort of graduation gift. The bottom of his foot says “© Educational Design.”

Holiday Haul

For the curious, my Christmas/birthday haul this year included:

I’m still trying to resist getting into 3.75″ Star Wars collecting again – I wouldn’t even be interested in Star Wars if it weren’t for the 6″ line – but as I got interested in the property again, I found myself perusing the 3.75″ offerings and finding some surprisingly nice versions of some of my favorite characters. I’m not planning to get many more, but I do like the ones I’ve picked up. And down the line I still may decide I have to have that gigantic Millennium Falcon.

I have a fondness for the Ragon character because he’s sort of like a kaiju-ized Creature from the Black Lagoon (in fact, it’s been claimed that “Ragon” is a Japanese version of the word “lagoon,” but I’m not sure that’s ever been confirmed).

I want to get the full Alien ReAction set, but I’ve got to save up a bit first after the holidays.


A few new acquisitions & SWB Darth Vader speculation

Just some random musings for you.


I got this guy recently via sponsor Nerd Rage Toys. Playmates’ short-lived Toxic Crusaders line was great because it was 100% compatible with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in every way –  size, style, articulation, and even the overall theme. I only owned Toxie himself, but it was a great figure and line. In retrospect I wished I’d picked up the Radiation Ranger.

NICDIP Revisited (Updated)


After my last post about NICDIP (“Now I Can Die in Peace”) action figures, I decided to throw the question out to a number of reviewers and collectors from other websites.

So again, the full question is, “What action figures would you need to get before you could say, ‘Now I can die in peace’?”

Michael Crawford of

One of the biggest for me has finally made it – the 1966 Batman show. Of course, I won’t be completely happy until I have the Hot Toys Batman, Robin and Batmobile in my clutches, but the Mattel toys were a nice start.

Others for me, in no particular order:

  • Blade Runner. I want these in sixth scale, high quality. Just Deckard is fine, but a series of five or six would be ideal.
  • Firefly. Another series that really needs to be done in sixth scale to be done right.
  • Duckman. I loved this cartoon, one of the few that managed to be funny and touching at the same time. They also did the all-time best Star Trek parody. Something done by Mezco would be nice in the usual 6″ scale.
  • Zorro. We’ve had a few nice pulp characters in recent years, but my favorite has yet to be made. A whole line based on the Disney show would be great.
  • Lost in Space. Yes, I know we’ve had a decent 9″ line, and a slightly less so 12″ line, but neither were complete. A great 6 – 7″ sculpted line would be fantastic, including a bunch of the cool monsters and a B-9 that lights up and talks.

Here’s the sad part – if the Gods smiled kindly and gave me these five,
I’m sure I’d be able to come up with five more.

Poe’s 2013 Halloween Mood Table!

Are you one of those people who always intend to do a bunch of Halloween decorating, and yet life just gets in the way and you’re lucky if you remember to sticky-tack up those card-paper generic vampire and skeleton heads you bought at iParty because they reminded you of the ones your parents bought in the ’80s?

I know I am!

That’s why I loved this idea from Dinosaur Dracula: the Halloween Mood Table! (He actually had the idea last year as well, but I missed it.) It’s simple: just take a small table or other flat object and pile all sorts of Halloween or horror-related goodies on it and presto! Instant mood-setter for the house!

This form of decorating is perfect for two particular categories of humanity that I represent: specifically, those known as “action figure collectors” and “lazy.”

Anyway, here’s my mood table for 2013:


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