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DCUC Wonder Twins Packaging in all its Glory

Poe is away doing whatever it is he does on Poe Base Alpha, so it’s up to me the Power Pal known as Paul to bring you this extra juicy video from Mattel:

Yep, it’s the promised Wonder Twins San Diego Comic Con ’09 exclusive packaging in action. This is clearly a cool package with some awesome lights and sound effects. What do you say, Mattel fans? Does it beat last year’s King Greyskull’s cool packaging? I’d say it comes close at the very least, but I guess that depends too on if you’re more a He-Man fan than a DC fan.

Paul’s Peg > Finally, a Cap I Can Stand Behind


Marvelous News has got some images of the Marvel Universe Secret Wars comic two packs that will hit shelves later this summer. They simply look fantastic and if you’re a MOC collector you shouldn’t be disappointed. I’m just happy that I will be able to get the chance to get my hands on a Captain America with wings on his head. I’m sorry, but the newfangled wingless Captain America is not my Captain America. My Cap has wings on his head and the constant ringing of Star Spangled Banner in his ears. I’m also really excited to get a Klaw figure for my superheroes to beat the crap out of.

I’m also looking forward to the Wolverine coming in this series. The brown costume one from the Origins series of figures that I picked up was horribly painted and I returned him to the store. Hopefully this one will be a little bit better in both the paint and articulation departments.

The Spider-Man pack is basically Hasbro telling me that I can save a few bucks.

Batman: Hostage


An enterprising Bat-fan named Bill Sandefur has put together this quite cool Batman comic using action figures. Almost makes me want to revisit my Batman vs. Predator strip.

News round-up, Black Friday edition


The Toybox #7

Batman vs. Predator: Old Scores #4

That’s right–Batman vs. Predator is back, with a new, better subtitle. Click on the thumbnail to read…

ToyFare #132

Let’s see what we’ve got in this month’s issue of ToyFare!

Keep in mind, this isn’t intended to be a comprehensive breakdown of every single page of the issue–just a few of the highlights that particularly interested me.

Page 4 – Inside the Monkeyhouse: Gotta love Zach’s old-school Toy Biz Batman outfit. There’s the requisite nipple joke as well, of course.

Page 10 – Customizing 101: Heheh. Dick Rider.

Page 16-17 – Incoming: Marvel Legends. Why hasn’t Hasbro released any good press photos of these figures? Particularly Red Hulk. Lovin’ that black-suit Wolverine. Why does the Silver Savage have a jewel on his right nipple?

Page 18 – Incoming: Marvel Legends 2-Packs. Dude, that is totally the Rock. Looks like Hasbro is following Toy Biz’s tendency to make likenesses that vaguely resemble famous actors (Brad Pitt as Angel, anyone?).

Page 20 – DC Direct’s Watchmen movie figures look great, but I must admit what I really want are the comic-based figures they showed way back in 2000 or so. One more casualty of Alan Moore’s conflicts with the mainstream comic biz.

Not exactly Moe Howard, but…

The Toybox > #5: Orientation

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