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Sightings > Interview with Wayne Barlowe


Powerlordsreturn.com has an interview up with Wayne Barlowe, the artist and creator of Barlowe’s Guide to Extraterrestrials who also helped Revell develop the Power Lords toyline in the 1980s. It’s a great article with an amazing artist, and well worth the read.

PLR EXCLUSIVE: Wayne Barlowe Interviewed About His Art, Toys & Creating The Power Lords

Pic of the Day > Armorvor Squad by chogokinjawa

Armorvor Squad

Armorvor Squad by chogokinjawa

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Pic of the Day > Armorvors by HatRabies


Armorvors by HatRabies

Sponsored Review > The Weaponeers of Monkaa (Spy Monkey Creations)

My association with Spy Monkey Creations goes back three years ago, when I first reviewed the Master Blade of the Empyrean and the Witching Axe of Ruination. Since those early efforts, Spy Monkey Creations has grown from a small outfit of three devoted fans making toys in a basement to a full-fledged independent toy operation with factory production overseas.

Odds ‘n Ends > Caesar Ape Figure, Art Asylum News, ToyGuru on the Mighty Spector

  • Out of nowhere comes this super-articulated Caesar from Rise of the Planet of the Apes from Hiya Toys. It’s available for preorder at BBTS for $25. He’ll have alternate heads, hands, and other accessories.
  • I was a bit disappointed in Art Asylum’s early Universal Monsters offerings due to their limited articulation, but it looks like they’ll be making up for that with their upcoming Metaluna Mutant and Phantom of the Opera figures. I’m seeing hip hinges there. The Mutant will come with an Interocitor, which will finally allow me to put those MST3K figures I got with my box sets into some sort of a display.
  • In other Art Asylum news, they revealed pics of their Avengers Hulk, and again, he’s looking great and well-articulated. Even better, due to the Hulk’s imprecise size, he’ll fit in perfectly with other Art Asylum figs or your 6″ Hasbro Avengers figures.
  • There’s something interesting cooking up over at Onell Designs…namely, some sort of new vinyl variable hub-system.
  • MOTUCFigures.com has an interview with Scott Neitlich about the Mighty Spector.
  • On a more personal note, PGPoA recently regained the average number of pageviews/visits it had before Poe’s Great Ennui of 2011 began last spring. I want to thank you all for sticking it out during that dull time. I hope you’ve been enjoying the site more as of late – I know I have. And I’ve got some fun stuff planned ahead. Keep reading!

5 Questions With > Phil Reed of Battlegrip.com

Real Name: Philip Reed
Base of Operations: Battlegrip.com
History: Philip Reed has worked professionally in the game industry since 1995 and has been a geek ever since he first encountered comics and action figures in the late seventies. He can often be found walking on the abandoned roads of America, head staring down at his BlackBerry as he answers e-mail while avoiding pot holes and spiked pits.

1.) First, the basics: what are your toy collecting credentials? What were your first toy(s), what were your favorite lines growing up, and have you been a lifelong collector or did you lose interest and get back into it at some point?

As a kid I was a fan of Star Wars, then G.I. Joe, and then Transformers. At different stages of the seventies and eighties I collected those toys, but it wasn’t until 2007 that my attention turned to designer toys. In late 2008 I had the idea of creating my own site dedicated to toys — www.battlegrip.com — and since that time my collection has exploded. I don’t really focus on any one line — or even type of toy — but instead grab whatever I think looks fun.

Odds ‘n Ends > MOTUC Sales, Box O Zombies, Toy Hunters

  • Mattel says that the sales of the Wind Raider were “okay,” but evidently not enough to merit a vehicle in 2012 (though they’re not ruling it out for 2013). Like many others, I’m mystified as to why a sellout of a few hours days translates to “okay.” Apparently, if people aren’t fighting the WSOD for the twenty minutes the item is on sale, Mattel isn’t happy. Bizarre. I’d love an explanation of this. It’s like that toy company exec in The Simpsons episode “Grift of the Magi” when he’s watching people riot at a store where his toy, Funzo, has gone on sale: “I’d still sleep a little easier if I saw some trampling.” CORRECTION: The Wind Raider took three days to sell out. But it still sold out. How is does that make the sales “okay”? Did they want people to order more than they had?…don’t answer that.
  • The creepily realistic Steve Jobs 12″ figure is no more.
  • I think I already mentioned this, but there is a very big, very cool Glyos drop coming this Friday.
  • It’s like a box of army men, but zombies! Check out the Box O Zombies, now on sale for $14.99.
  • I’ve got my own review coming, but be sure to check out Michael Crawford’s review of Spy Monkey Creations’ amazing new, factory-produced, Glyos/OSM-compatible accessories.
  • I’m going to try to write up my own review of the new American Pickers-style show Toy Hunters, but Cool and Collected has a great recap–recommended reading!
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Odds ‘n Ends > OMFG on sale, new Onell drop, Mattel MOTUC sub updates

  • I haven’t received a single submission for the Odds ‘n Ends contest yet! Is it too difficult, what with the photo-taking and the Photoshopping? I’m willing to consider changing the rules.
  • For those of you who want a set of the flesh-colored OMFG but didn’t contribute to the Kickstarter campaign, they’re now up for sale in October Toys’ online store at $10 apiece.
  • Onell Design has a really cool drop (i.e., sale) coming up this Friday, including their new “Core Block” item. These sales are generally one-time deals (with a few exceptions), so be sure to check it out. It doesn’t say what time, but I think they’re usually at 9pm ET.
  • Pixel Dan has posted video reviews of Shadow Weaver, Fearless Photog and Fisto. On a related note, you can finally see all of Dan’s MOTU-related reviews in one place: http://blip.tv/powerandhonor/ He also has general reviews of toys here.
  • Mattel updates: Demo-Man will ship after the Star Sisters. Also: expect more delays in the future.
  • NECA has a Jason figure from Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. Here’s his head. I’m waiting/hoping for a new Jason from Part VI.
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Odds ‘n Ends > Lego News, Po-rtal-tato, JLU

  • There’s been a lot of Lego news this week. First off is Lego’s new girl-oriented brand. I’ve seen some knee-jerk reactions from geeks that the sets are too girly and that it’s wrong to characterize Star Wars/Indiana Jones sets as solely boy-oriented. I agree with the latter statement, but after reading the article,  I don’t think that’s what Lego is saying at all. Lego seems to have done their research on this. Girls and boys don’t play the same exact way all the time, and I’m interested to see whether Lego has indeed found a way to appeal to girls more.
  • There are also going to be Lord of the Rings Legos. My initial response was, “Did they make those years ago?” But apparently not. As much as I love the movies, frankly I’d be more excited if these were based on the books instead–I’d love a Tom Bombadil playset. But I suppose the movies are more marketable. And maybe we’ll get a videogame.
  • Dr. Mrs. Ghostal thinks this Portal 2 PotatOS Science Kit is the coolest thing she’s ever seen.
  • PGPoA contributor Monte has a post up at PGPoA Power Pal Generals Joes about the most overrated and underrated modern G.I. Joe figures. For the most part I have no idea who any of these characters are.
  • Check out the latest teaser from Spy Monkey Creations. Here’s a hint: Hammer of Chalybeous w/ Glyos fit/form function. Sweet.
  • Mattel is considering producing the last six tooled JLU three-packs for diehard collectors. The catch is that, due to the low production numbers, they would cost $50 apiece. Not being a diehard JLU collector, I can’t imagine paying that much for those figures, but I’m the guy (reluctantly) paying $60 for the Star Sisters, so who am I to judge?

Review > Granthan Division Rig, Mk II (Glyos)

[toc title=”Table of Contents” class=”toc-left”] When I first interviewed Matt Doughty of Onell Design, he was hard at work sculpting the Rig (you can even see it under the lamp light in this pic). While I was there, we discussed vintage toys we’d enjoyed, and I mentioned having owned the Macross 4 Part II set of vinyl toys as a kid (I believe my parents bought them at Hobby World Town at the Hanover Mall). I mentioned how fond I’d been of the yellow figure (no idea what his official name is–I’ve never actually seen an episode of Macross), and Matt, being Matt, knew exactly what I was talking about and agreed it was a great piece.

What’s interesting is that the Rig would turn out to be very similar to that Macross figure–a hollow vinyl robot who had the same smooth, chunky feel. The difference, however, is that the Rig, being a product of the Glyos world, would be more than just a bipedal robot. Through a couple of simple twists, it could be two different robots, a spaceship, a tank, or whatever you imagine it to be.

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