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Poe’s Review > is at ItsAllTrue? Wha-huh?

That’s right! Rather than rewarding my loyal readers who have been patiently waiting for new reviews here at PGPoA, I have posted my latest review over at IAT! This is mainly just a way to help NoisyDvL5 out. But I think it’s definitely worth a read, particularly because it’s a review of a line I don’t often collect:

PoeGhostal.com Review: G.I. Joe Zombie Viper

The review is important for a couple reasons:

1.) I reveal one of my new contributing photographers – none other than the great Ed Speir IV! Ed will also be doing the photos for my MOTUC reviews moving forward.

2.) I also reveal my big plan for October – and it’s reviews, reviews, reviews in what I’m calling, in honor of my childhood love of WLVI 56’s Creature Double Feature, Creature Feature Month!

Pic of the Day > Peanuts Halloween Party by MatthewUND

Peanuts Halloween Party

Pic of the Day

Red Rubber Devil Jiggler BK

Red Rubber Devil Jiggler BK by Brechtbug

Pic of the Day

Donkey Kong vs. King Homer (271/365)

Donkey Kong vs. King Homer (271/365) by JD Hancock

Pic of the Day

Michael Myers

Michael Myers
by magnushamar

Pic of the Day

Mr. Montgomery Burns (TRU Treehouse of Horror 1) by BurningAstronaut

The Monster Squad

“Years ago, a group of monsters was chased by torch-bearing villagers for crimes they, admittedly, committed. These monsters promptly escaped to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by angry mobs, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire…the Monster Squad.”

Review > Universal Monsters (Toy Island)

(Click any picture for a larger version)

Some have called them the Marvel Legends of Universal Monsters. Others have called them crappy.

Michael Crawford wrote a comprehensive review of these figures way back in April ’07, and he sure didn’t like them. Here’s his summary of the review:

With poor sculpts and weak paint, it’s not too likely that you’ll be thrilled with any of these in person. The only thing saving them from an even lower score in the overall is the relatively decent articulation and the inclusion of the BAF. […] While some of the photos might not appear too bad, the cheap feel of the plastic ends up hurting these once you get them in hand. I’m disappointed with them, and it’s unlikely that any other than the Creature or the Frank BAF will end up on the display shelf.

Despite what was definitely a negative review–and I usually agree with MC’s opinions–I really, really wanted these.

Necroreviewicon – The Book of Dead Reviews

A compendium of my reviews of horror- and Halloween-related toys. I’ll add any new reviews I do this month as we go along.


A couple days ago on his blog, Ethan Kaye highlighted a Super-meme. Well, in honor of my favorite horror writer, here’s my entry.

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