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ODD: We’re swinging into high here at PGPoA with the Halloween fun. I realize the whole zombie motif may be a bit 2006, but it was the first idea I thought of. The good thing is we get it out of the way now and I’ll have to come up with something else next year.

END: My case of DCUC Wave 4 is en route, and I’m as impatient as can be. I’m not going to give the estimated delivery date, because I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, but suffice to say anyone with a November date is–barring a catastrophe that would probably drive me out of my mind–out of luck this time around.

ODD: I’ve busted out all my Halloween toys–I’ll try to take some photos this week. Despite their age, I’m still really fond of the original Movie Maniacs Jason and Freddy. They’ve arguably been greatly superseded by NECA’s and Mezco’s more recent efforts, but something about the look of the McFarlane figures, especially Jason (who has great articulation, too) prevents me from upgrading…although it seems like every Halloween, I longingly revisit Michael Crawford’s review of the Jason vs. Freddy NECA set and think about getting it on eBay, though I never pull the trigger. The Mezco Cinema of Fear figures are a bit less appealing to me, mostly due to their price and slightly cartoony style.

END: Finally got my issue of ToyFare ahead of time for once! Looks like I’m back on schedule. I’ll have more on that in a later post, but I was a bit disappointed we didn’t get any real Halloween-themed content this year. Maybe the folks at ToyFare aren’t feeling it either?

ODD: OK, so I was totally unaware of this whole “boom goes the dynamite” thing until it popped up on Family Guy and How I Met Your Mother. Seems kind of dumb, really.

END: Poe’s Patented CSI: Miami mini-review: It was funny to watch this episode right after a CSI: NY repeat where Mac (Gary Sinise) bawls out Hawkes for working on a case involving a victim Hawkes once spent an hour talking to months earlier. In this episode, Delko works on a case involving his therapist. No wonder Internal Affairs is always hovering around Horatio’s lab like a hummingbird.


Attack of the Living Dead


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  1. Tom-Tom

    I think it's time i stop using birthdays, movie release days, and holidays as the date for the contest.

  2. I don't care who is president as long as they get me affordable action figures come next christmas.

  3. chuck20

    I totally think that november comment is aimed at me, and i just cannot fathom why! 😉

  4. Poe

    Yes…those…fat cats…?

  5. Yeah, I blame those fat cats…

    Eating my garbage as it sits on my curb at night!


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