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Toy Aisle Trolls > Tony’s Latest Suit Kind of Sucks

Toy Aisle Trolls is a feature highlighting acts of vandalism to in-store toy items. If you find a ruined package, a stolen figure, a swapped-out figure, or any other such acts, take a photo (cell phone photos are fine if they’re not blurry) and email them to poe AT poeghostal.com.

Nerdbot sends in this fine example of human behavior.

Writes Nerdbot:

I found this gem at a Toys R Us in Queens, New York. It was, as you can see, a Marvel Legends two-pack that was supposed to contain the stealth Iron Man. In its place is… well, I have no idea. Maybe a bootleg Iron Man? Or knock-off Power Ranger? For all I know it could be a cool Japanese import. (With some of the strange swaps we’ve seen lately, anything is possible.) I like that the troll inserted the mystery figure’s throwing star accessories, too. A real mensch.

I shudder to think I may have been within a few miles of this travesty this weekend. What the hell is that thing?

Note the bastard swiped the alternate Tony Stark and Sharon Carter heads, too–it seems all he was willing to leave was Sharon herself. And consider this: slime molds are better practitioners of a moral existence than this petty thief.

Pic of the Day


Spiral by GogDog

Pic of the Day

Marvel Legends - Series 9: 1st Appearance Hulk ( Variant - Green )

Marvel Legends – Series 9: 1st Appearance Hulk ( Variant – Green ) by Leandro [ Egon ]

Poe’s Point > On the return of 6″ Marvel Legends

Marvel Legends close 1

Marvel Legends close 1 by Carls Life

At their Marvel SDCC panel, Hasbro said that 6″ Marvel Legends would be returning “in full force” in 2012. I started to wonder why that would be, given how strongly they’ve been pushing Marvel Universe, and I’m wondering if it’s the success of DCUC that has them reconsidering.

Pic of the Day

Nobody can’t hide from the GIANT MAN by THE AMAZING KIKEMAN

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Wolverine by ziffyfluff

Odds ‘n Ends > Super G Edition

  • It shows how out of touch I am with the DCUC scene that I completely missed the fact that the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle on display at Toy Fair had double-jointed elbows and knees. A very interesting development–has Mattel said whether this signals a new direction for the line, or if this is just something they’ll do occasionally for some figures? (I’d guess the latter, knowing Mattel.) More importantly, what do you think of it? I always thought the double-jointed elbows and knees tended to make many Marvel Legends figures seem a bit too gangling (unless they were supposed to be like that, i.e. Spider-man). Shocking from a pro-articulation guy like myself, I know.
  • My Trap Jaw should arrive today, perhaps by the time I finish typing this post. Dr. Mrs. Ghostal and I will also find out just how much of our tax refund is going to repairing the car this afternoon as well. It amazes me how often tax refunds and emergency expenses coincide. It’s like your car, house, kids etc. just know you’re going to have windfall. I assume the same goes for bonuses, though I’ve never worked at a job that awards them. Anyway, long story short, I’ll get the Trap Jaw review up this week. Probably.
  • If anyone can identify the gun in the chair in the new Odds ‘n Ends pic, I’d really appreciate it. If it helps, it attaches into this weird silver backpack-thing via some cords.
  • Over at Infinite Hollywood, Newton Gimmick has been doing retro reviews of Mezco’s Popeye figures. I own the first wave’s Popeye and Bluto, and they’re great figures.
  • Dr. Mrs. Ghostal and I saw Avatar finally (in 3D at an Imax theater). I was underwhelmed, and DMG was very much not a fan. I liked the overall message of the film, though. But frankly I’m glad I didn’t love it, because I didn’t want to have to buy the toys.
  • As I surmised, it looks like DC Unlimited is making God of War III figures, and as I suspected might happen, they’re going to have extremely limited articulation, a la DC’s World of Warcraft figures. And of course, as with DCD’s Mass Effect 2 figures, they’ll be striking when the iron has been doused with liquid nitrogen and shattered with a soggy breadstick. (On a side note, I no longer care about God of War III or whether it gets figures, because by the end of the second game I’d realized it was just not my cup of tea.)
  • On the other hand, I would happily buy a figure of Nathan Drake from Uncharted if it was as articulated as, say, Nathan “Rad” Spencer. Which it wouldn’t be, since DC Unlimited would be the manufacturer.
  • You probably all saw this, but Mattel issued a pretty extensive semi-mea-culpa on their Facebook page. If you’re interested, you can read the entire note as well as my response on the PGPoA forums.

Toy Aisle Trolls > Dum Dum Dumbass

Toy Aisle Trolls is a feature highlighting acts of vandalism to in-store toy items. If you find a ruined package, a stolen figure, a swapped-out figure, or any other such acts, take a photo (cell phone photos are fine if they’re not blurry) and email them to poe AT poeghostal.com. Also, please note: I’m deliberately being over-the-top with my condemnation of these people–I don’t actually wish bodily harm upon them. Just severe mental anguish.

Mysterious Stranger writes in:

This particular swap caused me to do a doubletake. At the Burbank Toys R Us I found two of the Hasbro Marvel Legends Dum Dum Dugan/White Hand Ninja 2-packs mixed in with the same 3 Skrull/Kree packs that have been there since Thanksgiving. One was at the back of the shelf and one at the front. The one at the front had the Dum Dum head swapped with the generic S.H.I.E.L.D. trooper head. I didn’t notice the swap at first until I pulled out the pack from the back of the shelf. I looked to make sure the trooper head wasn’t just swapped with the Dum Dum head in the package as a packaging error but the trooper head with helmet was in its spot in the tray. The side of the box where the front flap is taped was a bit sticky where the tape had been removed and replaced and the crotch of the figure was thrust forward due to the figure not being put back into the tray completely.

There were no other signs of tampering that I could see. I did go ahead and buy both sets since I wanted them for S.H.I.E.L.D. troopers (and got them at a discounted price due to them being stocked on the wrong shelf tag, a TRU mistake not the swappers). This person most likely has an extra Nick Fury figure and just wanted the Dum Dum head so they saw this pack, swapped it out and returned it with the trooper head. Probably one of the more clever swaps I’ve seen though I still think the guy that did it is a tool.

Indeed he is, Mysterious Stranger. In fact, he’s a Dremel, if I’m not mistaken.

CURSE: As his crime isn’t quite as malicious or cruel as some of the examples we’ve seen so far, may his flesh be only partially consumed by beetles.

Odds ‘n Ends > Two-Year Anniversary Edition


  • Happy anniversary to me! Today marks the two-year anniversary of PGPoA, and I decided to splurge on some new graphics. Poester MechaShiva provided all the new artwork around the site. I decided it was time to update Poe’s outdated trenchcoat-and-glasses look to MechaShiva’s more exciting MOTUC-style Poe. At the same time, he also updated a lot of our existing artwork. And fear not, it was all done with Red Kryptonite’s blessing–her artwork is wonderful, but she’s a bit busy these days now that she’s going to be a published novelist. As always, a big thank-you to OB1 as well for implementing the new graphics.
  • I’m a bit surprised by the battle going on in the sidebar poll. New Adventures Skeletor? I thought BA Skeletor and IA He-Man would be way ahead of the others. Given NA’s lack of popularity, to those of you who voted for him I ask, what’s the appeal? Not judging, just wondering.
  • Can someone clarify for me what the “cool” Power Rangers that Bandai is doing are? Some sort of rare variants, I think? They’re supposed to be a sort of MMPR equivalent of Marvel Legends. What about those $16 “Super Legends” I see at TRU? Are those the same thing, or something else? Moreover, how many of you who visit my site are actually young enough to have been into MMPR?
  • I got all my Christmas figures out today. Most of them are from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, but others include Ralphie from A Christmas Story, the Winter Warlock from Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town, Santa Jack and some elves from NECA’s Nightmare Before Christmas, and the Snowman from McFarlane’s Twisted Xmas. Anyone else put out a Christmas figure display ever year? (Dwaltrip, I know you do.)

Pic of the Day

Wolverine vs. Sentinel (again!) by kenibatz

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