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Toy Fair Quick Shots > Power Lords & Gothitropolis


At their annual Toypocalypse event on Saturday night, the Four Horsemen unveiled their new Power Lords prototypes. The figures are in a 3¾” scale and feature a mix of regular and Glyos-compatible joints. More photos over at Pixel-Dan.com.

The event also featured an appearance by the original designer of the figures, science fiction and fantasy artist Wayne Barlowe, and a Power Lords-themed cake by the folks behind the show Cake Boss, to be shown in an upcoming episode.

I’ll admit I’m a bit bummed these aren’t in a 6″ scale (more on that in an upcoming post), but they look fantastic.

The Horsemen also unveiled a slew of variants (pics via AFP) for the upcoming Raven figure from Seventh Kingdom Gothitropolis, including a really cool lizard/dinosaur dude who reminds me a bit of the old Everquest Iksar Warrior figure from 1999. There’s also a “Minotaur the Duck” with a really long history I’d never even heard of.

There were also plenty of old and new Outer Space Men figures shown. I’ve come to accept that I’m just not into this line. I tried to, because I try to love everything the Four Horsemen do, but I just couldn’t get into them. I think it’s still partly the scale…I just have a hard time collecting anything less than 6″ tall these days. (Again, more on that soon.)


Sightings > Vintage Castle Grayskullman Custom by Hunter Knight Customs

I knew someone had to have made a custom of a vintage Castle Grayskullman (aside from the creator of CGM himself), and a cursory search brought up this one by Hunter Knight Customs. I think CGM is the 30th Anniversary figure that most seems like it would have existed in the 1980s – yes, even more than Draego-Man, who, awesome as he is, seems a bit more like something Remco would have produced in one of their high-quality knockoff lines, since they focused a lot more on the dragons and dinosaurs.

Sightings > Power Lords coming back – and no one told me, dammit? [UPDATED]

I am personally offended that whoever or whatever is apparently trying to bring back Power Lords sent an email to ItsAllTrue.net and not me. I was a huge Power Lords fan as a kid and, if I weren’t so lazy, I’m sure I would have made a much bigger deal out of this than NoisyDvL5 (no offense to Noisy, but even he admits he never had any of these as a kid). For heaven’s sake, the mention of Power Lords has been in my “bio card” at the bottom of the page for what, five years?

Sightings > The Saga of Glimmer

I hadn’t been following Diary of a Dorkette until recently, but this heartwarming tale of her search for her childhood Glimmer figure is worth a read to anyone who had a particular beloved toy as a child.

Sightings > My Pet (Badass) Monster

While trawling Google Images for My Pet Monster pics, I came across this awesome take:

Someone get the license, contact this artist, and make this action figure for me RIGHT NOW.

I should do a whole write-up on MPM sometime…

Masters of the Universe The Power of He-Man Video Game


While reading through the entire run of the 1980s Vigilante comic (don’t ask…), I came across the ad below on a back cover. Now, as I kid my family actually owned an Intellivision, so given my love of He-Man it’s unclear to me why we never owned this particular title. I’ll have to have a talk with the Parents Poe.

The video contains what appears to be an entire playthrough of the game. You repeatedly switch between shooting stuff in the Wind Raider and fighting walking fireballs thrown by Skeletor until you reach him and have a brief sword fight. He runs away and you hop back into the Wind Raider. Repeat ad nauseam and you have Masters of the Universe The Power of He-Man Video Game.

Poe’s Review > NM-E (Ultraforce, Galoob)

Ultraforce NM-E by Galoob

Ultraforce NM-E by Galoob

While at a conference last week in Worcester, Mass., I stopped by the comic shop/toy store That’s Entertainment. In addition to newer toys, it has a slew of older stuff (including a lot of cool old Godzilla toys). I browsed for a while, but the only thing I actually ended up buying was this Ultraforce NM-E figure. I’d seen it on eBay many times and considered buying one during my Marvel Legends days, as he seemed a perfect enemy (pun intended) for the likes of the X-Men. He sort of looked like a cross between a Brood and a Danger Room robot.

Pic of the Day > Battle Beasts: #27 Web Slinging Spider (Series 1) by chogokinjawa

Battle Beasts: #27 Web Slinging Spider (Series 1)

Pic of the Day > I love it when a plan comes together! by speedbreaker92

I love it when a plan comes together!

Pic of the Day > He-Man: Fisto by jimmy j, on Flickr

He-Man: Fisto

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