Poe’s Point > Captain…America?

I SHOOT YOUR FACE!!So the all-new, all-different Captain America carries a gun now. Then what makes him any different from the Punisher? Especially since the Punisher recently went crazy and dressed up like Captain America for a while.

And it’s not a very impressive gun, either–looks like a plain old Colt .45 to me. Shouldn’t Captain America at least have a Magnum or something?

Mind you, I always thought it was a bit silly that Cap only carried a shield as a weapon. Even Batman has batarangs, gas pellets and explosives he can throw at people if need be. But a gun? To quote Mr. Furious, “That’s it? That’s your power? You have guns? Couldn’t you be a little more creative than that?” Again, the Marvel Universe already has a guy whose power is that he has guns.

I don’t know…I might check out this issue (Captain America #34). I wish Marvel had a $2 digital download option for their comics. More likely I’ll wait for the trade paperback, since a single issue of a modern comic reads like an excerpt from a novel these days.

To get on topic, how long until Hasbro releases a figure of the gun-toting Cap? I say he shows up within three waves.

Odds ‘n Ends > Rambeaux edition

Jean RambeauxODD: Saw Rambo last weekend. I’ve never seen any of the original three films in their entirety, so it was a little odd that I went to see this one; but it had been far too long since I’ve seen a 1980s action flick. Which is definitely what I got, with about twenty years’ worth of harder “R” violence.

Rambo takes a while to get going, but once it does, it’s like the opening ten minutes of Saving Private Ryan, except it’s forty minutes long and you don’t care about the guys who are being blown apart, since they’re bad guys. Utterly evil, irredeemable bad guys who, during the course of the film, engage in gang rape, pedophilia, mass murder and a particularly cruel variant of Russian roulette with their hostages. Continue reading “Odds ‘n Ends > Rambeaux edition”

Review > DC Universe Classics Wave 1

DC Universe Classics

NOTE: I tend to write very long, intricate reviews, so I’m going to break this one up by posting the reviews in regular text and the “flavor text” in italics. If you just want to get right to my assessment of the toys, skip the italics. If you want to be fascinated by engaging, brilliant prose, read Tender is the Night. But if you want to read some mildly interesting commentary on the action figure industry, then by all means read the italicized text.

Back in the 1980s, Kenner produced a fondly-remembered action figure line called Super Powers, which featured DC heroes like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, as well as more obscure characters such as New Gods Orion and Darkseid. At the same time, Mattel–home of Barbie and the then-hugely popular Masters of the Universe line–put out a line of Marvel superhero action figures called Secret Wars.

Fast-forward twenty years. Last year, Hasbro (who absorbed Kenner in the 1990s) took over the Marvel license from ToyBiz and resumed production of its long-lived line of six-inch figures, Marvel Legends. Mattel, on the other hand, had already gotten the Batman and Superman toy rights, and last year they secured the rights to the entire DC comics pantheon. After some growing pains–their Batman line morphed into the combination Batman/Superman DC Superheroes line, and then into DC Universe Classics–Mattel hit their stride with their own six-inch superhero line. So now the roles have been reversed–Kenner/Hasbro now plasticizes Marvel superheroes for the mass market, while Mattel gives us six-inch totems of Superman, Batman, and…Etrigan? Continue reading “Review > DC Universe Classics Wave 1”

5 Questions with: Jim Bell of Foamheads

A few weeks back, I posted my review of Foamheads’ excellent Fox Sports Robot (which, to give credit where credit is due, I first heard about in a post by “Industrial” on the Fwoosh forums). Soon after, more glowing reviews of the figure appeared on OAFE, Figures.com and Michael Crawford’s site.

I recently spoke to Jim Bell, creator and co-founder of Foamheads, about how Cleatus went from marketing gimmick to action figure phenomenon. Continue reading “5 Questions with: Jim Bell of Foamheads”

Poe’s Point > Toys and the Chinese New Year

As with many hobbies, the rise of the Internet has allowed the average action figure collector to understand the intricacies of production, sales, and distribution more than ever before. Fans track and discuss case mixes, variant ratios and shipping schedules. They have favorite sculptors and designers. And with projects like the Four Horsemen’s FANtastic Exclusive, they even get to participate in the development process.

Of course, this heightened awareness also provides collectors with an insight into the sort of issues one would never consider. For instance, we’ve long known that most American toys are manufactured in Chinese factories (for better or, in some recent cases, worse). But what perhaps you weren’t aware of is the fact that, for a week or two in February, all those factories close for the Chinese New Year–meaning the toy companies have to push as much product through as possible before then to avoid serious delays. Continue reading “Poe’s Point > Toys and the Chinese New Year”

New images!

I’d just like to take a moment to recognize the fine new additions to the sidebar menu, Ray Fillet and Maxx Steele. These are of course the work of Red Kryptonite. Thanks RK!

Currently working on a pretty cool piece. I hope to get it up in the next day or two, if it comes together. No, this isn’t the oft-mentioned DCUC wave one review–though I may have to go ahead and post that without the cool bonus I’ve been hinting about.