Illustrating Voltron

Using the coloring technique shown in the “Illustrating Skeletor” guest post by Phil Reed, I spent a couple hours over the weekend turning this: into this: I need more practice, obviously. But it’s pretty fun, and works particularly well with robots like this. Also: this is rapidly becoming one of my favorite action figures ever.

Figure It Out #13

It’s time for unlucky #13 for this week’s Figure It Out! First off, congrats to the winner of last week’s contest, newfound Poester Chris, who was selected at random from the twenty-five correct guesses that it was the 1993 Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus rex by Kenner. This week’s FIO comes courtesy of Doc Thomas! Guesses for […]

Odds ‘n Ends

Happy birthday to The Fwoosh, who are celebrating their 10th birthday this month. Early on the Fwoosh established itself as the place to discuss Marvel Legends, and later Marvel Universe and DC Universe Classics. I’ve met some of the folks behind the Fwoosh at conventions and Toy Fair and they’ve always been great. They’ve got […]

Quick Review > Audrey II Candy Dispenser (Little Shop of Horrors)

Every so often, I remember a random vintage toy from when I was a kid and go trawling for it on eBay. When I was a kid, my parents took me to see Little Shop of Horrors. While I was too young for a lot of the jokes, I loved the monstrous giant plant Audrey […]

Sponsor News > BBTS has new G.I. Joe and Amazing Spider-Man Preorders

Hi – Here is a quick update about new GI Joe: Retaliation and Amazing Spider-Man products. New Preorders GI JOE RETALIATION MOVIE TOYS  Hasbro has just announced the line-up of toys for the upcoming GI Joe movie. It includes 2 series of 3.75″ figures as well as Alpha, bravo and Delta Vehicles, 10″ Figures, Showdown […]

Mattel Unveils (Some) SDCC 2012 Exclusives

From… Masters of the Universe® Vykron™ ($30) If clothes make the He-Man®, then this pitch prototype for the 1982 lineup is destined to be the star of the MOTU 30th Anniversary celebration thanks to a choice of three outfits: barbarian, spaceman, and military warrior! You’ll get him in-package dressed as a barbarian only at […]

Bat-Libs Contest > Winners & Runners-Up

The fine folks at Figure of the Day have made their choice and a winner has been declared in the Bat-Libs contest! But hold on, we’ll get to that. This is possibly my favorite contest ever on PGPoA…you’ll soon see why. One thing to point out: I realized too late that I should have specified […]

Review > 6″ Blazing Sword Voltron (Voltron, Mattel)

Voltron is an interesting property. It began in Japan as Beast King Golion, an anime that ran from 1981-1982. The show was dark and featured torture, murder, slavery, and genocide in addition to the usual monster-fighting heroics.It wasn’t a ratings beast (pardon the pun) in its native country, and in 1984 the animation from the show […]