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Robocop from Tons-of-Toys.com (Robocop and the Ultra Police, Kenner, 1988)

Poe’s note: One of my all-time favorite action figures. As a kid, I was very concerned with making sure the figure looked accurate to the movie, so I colored his visor, gloves and pelvis with a black Sharpie. After Robocop 2 came out I also played around with Testor’s paints until I gave my figure a blue sheen. That was also when I learned that enamel paints leave a tacky feeling on most action figures.


News round-up, 11/22/08


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  1. Mark

    I like the 25th figures and have a god few, but the Sigma 6 figures are so much fun to pose etc. I own Firefly, Razor Storm Shadow and Dojo Training Snake Eyes.

  2. Glad to hear it, Mark; I like to think history will smile upon Sigma 6.

    Now that the nostalgic fans have their 25th anniversary series, perhaps Sigma 6 will receive some posthumous acceptance.

    And that Firefly figure is just vicious. I love him to death. Lots of customizers have put together pretty wicked Beachheads with him, too.

  3. Mark

    I got mine around 89 over here in the UK…there was line of these toys with the cap firing back packs.

    @Monte- Recently bought some Sigma 6 action figures they are great. Firefly (Cobra) has become one of my favouite action figures.

  4. George, they did indeed do another series, featuring a much broader range of figures. It was based on the live-action TV show, I think. That could be where your figure came from.

    Meanwhile, I still want the McFarlane Robocop, if only for dio purposes.

  5. George

    Its weird I remember having this toy, yet I was born in 1989. Did they have a re release of the same toy?I know companies used to love that with batman toys.

    Same figure different paint

  6. Mark

    Cool, I still have my old original one.

  7. Matthew K

    "That was also when I learned that enamel paints leave a tacky feeling on most action figures."

    Heh. I learned this the hard way as well when I was a kid. I tried to make superpowers Superman into a Colossus. The figure never dried.

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