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How do you solve a problem like Giganta? For Mattel, the answer was to split her into a number of smaller parts and package her with the rest of DCUC Wave 8.

Giganta is this wave’s Build-a-Figure, or as Mattel calls it, “Collect and Connect” figure. However you want to phrase it, it means she’s a big toy.

Part of me wishes Mattel and the Horsemen had decided to go with Giganta’s cool modern outfit, but maybe we’ll get that down the line.

Since she doesn’t come in her own package, Giganta doesn’t get a little bio for me to transcribe here. But for consistency’s sake, I’m going to take a shot at writing my own. Although the look of this character definitely seems to be the classic pre-Crisis look, I’m going to use the post-Crisis biography. I think it’s what DC and Mattel would probably do.

Dying of a terminal illness, Dr. Doris Zuel tried to transfer her mind into the body of Wonder Woman. After the experiment was thwarted, she tried again, this time on a circus strong-woman. Soon after, Zuel discovered she could also increase her size to enormous proportions. Taking the name Giganta, Zuel has made it her life’s mission to destroy her arch-nemesis, Wonder Woman!

Packaging: None–she comes in parts!

Sculpt: Giganta’s sculpt is relatively simple–she’s just a woman in leopard skins. But she’s probably the hottest woman the Horsemen have sculpted so far. Except for her narrow arms–an ongoing issue with DCUC female figures–Giganta has a nice, toned figure.

There’s some great texture work on the leopard print clothing, and the facial sculpt is, well, beautiful.

Plastic & Paint: Giganta’s interesting in that she feels as if she’s made from a slightly more rubbery plastic than we’ve seen on other figures. I suspect that’s because she’s mostly flesh-colored, and let’s face it, Mattel knows how to make flesh-colored, 9″ female figures. That’s why the look and feel of Giganta reminds me nothing so much of a Barbie doll, particularly the legs. The clothing is pliable and doesn’t detract from her posing at all.

The paint work is often good on the BAFs, and Giganta is no exception. Credit is due for the complicated but clean work on the leopard spots. The facial paint applications are also some of the best we’ve seen on a female figure (partially due to the larger canvas, no doubt). She even has nail polish on her toes.

Articulation: Giganta has ball jointed head, shoulders, and hips; swivel joints at the biceps, wrists, thighs, and upper torso (beneath the bikini, in place of an abdominal hinge); and hinges at the elbows, knees and ankles.

I do wish the ankles had good “rocker” articulation–i.e., side-to-side movement for wider stances–but I have a hunch that was avoided to keep the ankles stiff and help the figure stand better. Being so tall, it’s already top-heavy. (Ahem.)

Accessories: None–she is an accessory, technically.

Quality Control: Like many figures in this wave, Giganta has some loose joints. In her case, it’s the hips. However, I haven’t had any problems getting her to stand consistently.

She also has a few odd bumps underneath the lower part of her jawline, which may be some sort of QC error.

[raven 4]

While she doesn’t have a complicated aesthetic design, Giganta is still one of the standout figures in DCUC so far.


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  1. Traie

    Poe, you are outta yer gourd, that new costume stinks. Can´t beat this classic look.

  2. Ant

    she’s sexy. you should have a pic of her against wonderwoman

  3. Mark

    @PrfktTear, yes they were beautifully sculpted, but I still think the poor articulation hurt the line. I never owned any of the Stactions.

    I stil have good memories getting the 200x figures, I remember I was finished with the dentist and could barely move my mouth and went and got He-Man. Then one night in a local toy shop they were all on sale for £4.99 so I picked up 2x Skeletor, Beastman, Stratos and Man-At-Arms….didn't mean to pick up 2 Skeletors…grabbed him by accident, was supposed to be Merman…had to go back the next day and get him.

    I can still remember where I got nearly everyone of my toys when I was young…only ones I am not sure of is the stuff my parents told me was from Santa LOL.

  4. @Jim & Mark: I don’t know if I could sell off my 200X figures. Its not even that I like ’em so much of have any nostalgic attachment towards them, I just have a hard time parting with things. I actually dug a bunch of them out when I started comparing them with MOTU and MOTUC, and now have a handful on display with the stactions. I still think 4H did a great job on characters like Two-Bad, Tri-Klops, Zodak, and Trap Jaw. Well, they did great work on everything, but thats besides the point.

  5. clark

    Those weird bumps were from the Justice League comic in which Giganta was very stressed out and was going through a small skin break-out. Very comic book accurate Mattel.

  6. I definitely want Wave 8. Moreso than a lot of the waves. Giganta looks great. I'm sure I'll end up with this eventually.

  7. Nicholai

    Giganta is my main pull towards wave 8 along with Hawkgirl. I sort of consider the mini-Atom to be her accessory since she had a fling with the Ryan Choi Atom in his short lived series.

  8. finkrod

    @Frowny: Yeah, I guess you’re right. But with such a large noggin, I think they coulda done better. It’s above average, but looking at the DC Direct Power Girl face, Wonder Woman from wave 5(?) or even pre-production shots of the upcoming Power Girl from wave 10(?), they could’ve done better. But I’m probably just expecting too much.

    PS. I can attest to the fact that with that gigantic cranium and tiny feet, she doesn’t stand up too well. At least mine doesn’t.

  9. Jim

    @Prkftear and Mark: yeah it's funny I was all for motu200x then when i got into motuc, I sold the 2002 versions and my dcuc! lol

  10. Mark

    @PrfktTear, Thanks, man. My Mum bought him for me, might actually keep him. Its not that I am mad about MOTUC, just need space drastically so over 70% has to go. Also not selling all TF toys keeping main core character and Brave Maximus. Still load more to put on tommorrow or over the next few days. My ebay rating will go up LOL.

  11. Frowny McBeard

    @finkrod: Ever seen Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch or Emma Frost? Maybe my bar’s set lower, but DCUC’s been doing a pretty good job with the facial sculpts, as far as I’m concerned.

  12. jim

    @Mark: He-Mark! So you’re quitting DCUC??? What made you quit the line?

    And yeah…I wouldn’t go back to dcuc but Giganta does look pretty cool!

    If you are quitting dcuc, it’s funny how both of us quit and are only collecting motuc now! lol

  13. @MarkII: Btw, thats a pretty cool repaint of Cy-Klone.

  14. Giganta looks great! I think her facial sculpt is pretty good. They've been doing a good job with the females. I thought Harley should have looked a little more "Harley"-like, but overall I'm happy with 'em, and her head seems to be the right size.

    @Mark: Wow, all your TFs and MOTU2K?! You must really like MOTUC! =)

  15. finkrod

    I'll be appearing at Koko's Chuckle Shack on June 5th. Anyone interested can contact me at:

  16. Mark

    @Jim, LOL, yeah I was never collecting the line as such, I have Shazam, Ares, Superman and Batman…might get Black Adam but thats it. I don't mean DCUC I mean all lines MOTU 2002, NA, Transformers, G.I. Joe, pretty much everything. I have been ifnront of this computer for three days putting stuff on and sorting out my collection…lots more still yo go.

    MOTUC is the only line I want to collect.

    I am also selling an Ultra rare collection of 5 Galaxy Rangers figures figures Zac, Goose, Doc, Dr LazarusSlade and Captain Kidd. If anyone is interested please contact me

    Poe please do not think I am abusing your website I just thought I would mention it here as your site attracts so many different collectors.

    I must say it feels great to let go of so many things I thought I really needed, but yet have only been sitting in my cupboards and art studio taking up space and gathering dust.

  17. Frowny McBeard

    Yeah, I don’t know if it’s sculpting on a larger scale that did it, but I really like the way Giganta’s face turned out. DCUC has it all over Marvel Legends on this score, but Giganta ended up even better than their 6″ female figures.

  18. jim

    Another figure that makes me want to collect DCUC again! I love it! 🙂

  19. finkrod

    She's Ok, but I don't agree on the head sculpt being beautiful. Her head seems kinda big to me, in comparison to her rather slender body. I always remember Giganta being a rather stoutly built lady, so I was a bit let down by her frame (especially the aforementioned arms). And as I've stated in the past, they really need to amp up the sizes of these BAFs, they still seem puny to me. And work out heights as well. What's up with Grundy being bigger than Atom Smasher?

  20. Mark

    Him, don't give in now. I am selling off over 70% of my collection, the only line I want to collect is MOTUC.

    If any one is interested here is a link

    Also great review Poe.

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