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There are a dozen different websites you can go to for much better SDCC coverage than I can offer, what with my not actually being there and all–and even websites you can go for better SDCC news roundups. So rather than bother with any of that, I’ve decided to just post a list of random thoughts and observations on SDCC so far.

(I will have my own roundup of news from the Mattel panels later today, though.)

  • From the reports of my inside man, Rustin Parr, it sounds like the ‘con is an absolute zoo this year, no matter whether you’re buying exclusives or trying to go to panels. “The worst ever,” he called it, which is saying something. And yet I wonder: what can the Comic-Con admins do? Cap attendance at a lower number–and therefore make less profit? Yeah, that’ll happen. I suppose the inevitable result will be that other cons, like NYCC, will become more important for stuff like, y’know, comics–and maybe toys, too–while SDCC becomes a movie-and-TV-only show.
  • It occurred to me that the only people who have a shot at getting in to most of the panels they’d want to is the press (and often not even them), which begs the question: is the SDCC still a convention for fans, or is it basically a trade show for the geek-based entertainment industry?
  • Michael Crawford has some great photos of MOTUC and Ghostbusters. 12″ Ray Stanz looks exactly like Pat Sajak, but even the 6″ one is off, which surprised me–not sure whether it’s the Horsemen’s sculpt or the production process, since this appears to be a prod sample.
  • What the hell is the deal with the 12″ General Zod? I guess we’ll find out today.
  • Lion-O statue=awesome. Want toys, though.
  • The packaging for the 3 ¾” Hellboy Golden Army Soldier looks cool. That’s how you do a nice, unique-looking package without breaking the bank.
  • As crazy as the fury around the Mattel booth has been (and I read a rumor even the con security guards were complaining about it), Rustin informs me that the DCD Hal Jordans are the most sought-after items.
  • There are already petitions on He-man.org to change Battle Cat’s paws and give future female figures rounder cheeks. I guess it was effective in fixing Teela’s booty, but yeesh…do we really want fandom micromanaging the Four Horsemen? Though I suppose they brought it on themselves with Fantastic Exclusive…
  • So does it make me an old, out-of-touch fogey that I’d never even heard the term “augmented reality” (well, outside of certain, ahem, circles) before reading about it in relation to Mattel’s upcoming Avatar toys, based on the John James Cameron film? Seems pretty neat, though I dread the idea of my future child wearing special glasses and getting a constant stream of HUD information superimposed over life. “What a gorgeous sunset!” “Sure, whatever, dad…hey, did you know this sunset is 20% less vibrant than it was when you were my age due to atmospheric pollution?”
  • If my contact at SDCC isn’t able to get me the MOTU art book, I’m definitely not going after it on eBay. Without having seen it, I’m not sure it’s worth even the $50 price, and I’m sure as hell not enriching Scalpor or one of his brethren for it.
  • I’m thinking the Mattel panels are going to be…interesting today. If TPTB don’t get at least a partial ration of scheisse for how the exclusives have been handled, it’ll be yet another sad example of fanboy recividism.


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  1. Emerald

    @PrfktTear….I'm on the west coast and the 4 Walmarts (including a Super Walmart) still don't carry DCUC and never have. When Matty keeps saying you'll have no problem finding Wave 10 I keep thinking…yeah right I'll believe it when I see it. After all, even if it does show up here, it'll be scalper city!

  2. PrfktTear

    @CZ: I hope so too. Poe, Jumper, and I, living in Massachusetts didn't even start seeing DCUC in Wal-Marts until wave 6-ish.

    Although my interest in collecting the line is waning, I'm looking forward to the 5-pack for Two Face, Catwoman, Lex, and of course Black & Gray Bats.

    I'm actually excited about the all black Batman from Wave 10. It reminds me of the '89 movie Batman.

  3. captainzero

    Yes, thanks, Poe,… for keeping us "Poested".

    It was a nice "center-point" from where we could access those sites and get visuals.

    I'm excited about the 4H stuff: the DCU Classics and the MOTU stuff.

    Mattel is turning out great stuff for us…

    even though there is that bitter experience of Wave 5…and Wal-Mart.

    I'm hoping Wave 10 and the 5-pack will be much, much easier on all of us.

    The 4H figures looks soooo gooood.!!

  4. jumper11

    DUDE. I have always wanted a Scare Glow action figure, it will be mine!

    SDCC does seem like a trade show. But I likes me toys, so it's all good!

  5. That "book" does seem more like a magazine. I doubt my guy at the con was able to snag one, but it's prolly for the best.

    With all the confusion, I'm wondering if he was able to get anything…

  6. Barbecue17

    The best thing coming out of SDCC for me has been the pictures of new Indiana Jones figures from Hasbro. As long as Toht gets released, I will be a happy man.

    Oh, and the Ghostbusters and Movie Masters stuff is all good as well.

  7. You know, this year I don't really care a lot about most of the news, but I'm really missing the social/networking aspect of it. There's so many people I know down there and those I could meet that it's bothering me that I'm just a sitting here.

  8. All the MOTUC stuff sounds great. I'm hoping I can continue to afford the line because it looks like they're going to start milking it. I sure hope the bonus figures go on sale the same day the regular figures do.

  9. finkrod

    Thanks for keeping us poested Poe(see what I did there?). Just curious if they've revealed what the "special item" that was going to be available to the "Eternia Club" members is. Not the exclusive figure, the mystery item.

  10. Poe

    @DMW: Yeah, particularly TNI and Figures.com, and select fansites.

    But from what I can tell, getting into the toy panels isn't really a problem. It's the movie panels that even the press has a hard time getting into.

    Most of the problem, though, seems to be the sheer number of people at any of these panels. If you can't even find your way past the massive crowd to show the right person your press badge, or if the room is crowded to the point where there's nowhere to stand, you're not getting into that panel, press member or not.

  11. Dead Man Walking

    What constitutes press for action figure collectors? Toyfare, Tomarts, and Lee's I would assume are gives, but beyond that is it web sites?

  12. Ben

    God, I so want that Lion-O statue. I hope it's not too pricey, though.

    As someone who has been in the press corps for these types of conventions before, I can say that it's not always a piece of cake. At NYCC in 2008, the press got NO preferential treatment whatsoever. We were not allowed into any panels early (like EVERY OTHER CON I COVERED), citing that there were already so many people in the press. Good lord, we're there to do a JOB! So while it seems like certain press outlets have a fair amount of exclusive access, and they probably do, there's an awful lot of competition and way too many people to get the right level of coverage for an event of this nature. I've wanted to cover this for so many years, and yet I just keep hearing all of these horror stories about the crowds.

  13. I either get a copy of the MOTU art book from a friend at the show or I don't get one. $50 is high; $150 is insane and stupid.

  14. Motorthing

    I think Matty will come out with a full, frank and sincere apology for all the fuck-ups and misery caused, promise to turn over a new leaf and wrench back DCUC Wave 10 from Wallworld's cold, dead fingers while providing all MOTUC fans with a free Art book, and the audience will respectfully clap and wipe away a collective tear.

    Or then again….

  15. Poe

    Of course, James Cameron. I have no idea where I got "John"…unless it was "John Connor"…

  16. prfkttear

    is the SDCC still a convention for fans, or is it basically a trade show for the geek-based entertainment industry?

    This raises a good question. I think the line between Con/Trade Show is very blurred right now.

    fanboy recividism

    I hope fans (r-e-s-p-e-c-t-fully) stick to their guns and get some sort of answer/acknowledgement and not just cream their shorts at the first sight of MOTUC Trap Jaw.

  17. Frowny McBeard

    James Cameron, sir, James Cameron.

    (Apologies, but he's from my hometown, and has been in my thoughts recently due to the T2 Minimates.)

  18. The Flash III

    Yes, there had better be some fanboys or toy site reporters with the cajones to press Mattel on their exclusives and Scalpergate. I'm sure we'll get the status quo Mattel answers–by the way, are we sure their reps aren't robots?

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