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I’ve already written a post about the five characters from previous Masters of the Universe toylines that I’d like to see in Masters of the Universe Classics. Today’s post is about the five fairly-to-utterly obscure characters I wouldn’t mind getting a figure of. What are the chances we’ll actually see any of these in figure form? Probably close to nil, with one exception.

5.) The Blue Demons


OK, first up is someone really obscure and guaranteed never to be made: the blue demons Tri-Klops is fighting before Skeletor summons him in his first minicomic appearance, “The Terror of Tri-Klops.” The MOTU toylines were always short on army builders, and while most people would probably think of those goofy hovering robots first, I’d rather get something like these blue orcs.

4.) Granamyr


One of the most famous of all He-Man stories is “The Dragon’s Gift.” It’s memorable because the entire episode is a morality tale, rather than a random and often unrelated moral being tagged on to the end of the episode.

In the story, which was first a cartoon episode but was also adapted into a minicomic, Skeletor tries to turn King Randor into a statue with a cursed amulet, but it strikes Man-at-Arms instead. He-Man and Teela go to Granamyr, the oldest and wisest dragon on Eternia, to find the cure. He agrees to help them only if they do something for him in return: chop down the Tree of Life, an ancient tree, and bring it to him. The tree, which is sentient, agrees to be chopped down to save Man-at-Arms’ life. Suddenly He-Man’s conscience stops him; he cannot take a life to save one and spares the tree, despite Teela’s protests. He returns and tells Granamyr of his decision, but the old dragon proclaims it was a test of He-Man’s mercy and wisdom and that he has done well. The dragon provides them with a spell to save Man-At-Arms.

Granamyr is one of the most popular non-humanoids in the MOTUniverse outside of Battle Cat and Panthor, so I’m only 95% certain he’ll never be made. Still, one can’t help but wonder what the Four Horsemen could do if given the opportunity to sculpt a MOTUC-style dragon. I bet they could even make the helmet look cool.

3.) Geldor


Geldor has the unique distinction of being one of the few villains to be featured in a MOTU minicomic without an action figure. He also represents 33% of the notable black characters in the MOTUniverse, the other two being Clamp Champ and Zodak. He also looks rather like a grizzled warrior version of Mr. T.

If He-Man minicomics were professional wrestling, “The Secret Liquid of Life” would represent a big push for newcomer Geldor to become a big-time heel. Well, except that a tree eats him at the end of the story.

Anyway, the good news is that Geldor is fairly well-known in MOTU fan circles, as his minicomic is one of the better ones, and thanks to his simple outfit, he’d make for a fairly easy-to-make MOTUC bonus figure: the basic He-Man body with a brown Skeletor loincloth, brown Skeletor greaves, brown Stratos feet to represent the bare boots, brown Hordak gloves and a new head and armor. Voila!

2.) Tauron


This one, I realize, is very much my own opinion–but I love wizards. Yes, totally generic-fantasy, bearded old man wizards, like Merlin and Gandalf–I just think they’re awesome. There’s something great about the idea that being old doesn’t mean you can’t kick ass.

Anyway, Tauron here is a bad guy from the cartoon episode “Orko’s Favorite Uncle,” which I can’t remember at all, but it doesn’t matter. The point is he’s an awesome evil wizard and we need an old man wizard in MOTU. However, rather than Tauron, I suspect if we get one it will be…

1.) Eldor


…Eldor, the one guy with even a chance of getting made. Eldor was scheduled to join He-Ro in the 1987 Powers of Grayskull line, but like He-Ro he never made it past the prototype stage. His accessory was the “Book of Living Spells” which had a hologram inside, because that was the big thing in toys in the mid-’80s.

Despite looking a bit like a figure from a MOTU knock-off line, I still would love to see Eldor make an appearance in MOTUC. The question is whether his combination of obscurity and need for new sculpting is too great? That robe/jacket he’s got there would require either a lot of sculpting or, more likely, would be some form of chest armor combined with newly-sculpted arms. Other than the jacket, all he’d really need is a new head. If anything keeps Eldor from being made, it’ll be the sleeves. The torso part of the robe could be made from soft plastic like that used for the MOTUC/DCUC capes, but that wouldn’t work for the sleeves without some seriously creative engineering.

Nonetheless, I’m only 75% sure we’ll never see Eldor in MOTUC. I do think it’s more likely we’ll see Count Marzo as the 2010 SDCC exclusive than Eldor (although lately I’ve been thinking it might be a 200X He-Man). But if MOTUC can maintain its current level of popularity, Eldor may finally find his way to collectors’ hands and toy immortality.


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  1. snakeeyes22

    Those blue demons would be so easy!

    Their appearance evokes that simple MOTU quality somehow. He'd make a decent "bonus" figure.

    But if he ever made it out, it would be a disappointing figure.

    One by itself would be too plain, and it would cost over $100 to build a mildly threatening gang, much less an army.

    Price has kept me from this line entirely and regrettably. In person, I was impressed with their ability to stand upright like humans or squat like their apeish predecessors.

  2. dayraven

    @MegaGearX: you're not counting the aforementioned geldor or prince dakon?

  3. MegaGearX

    Clamp Champ, Zodak, Zeehlar, Vizarr and Netossa are all the major black characters from the MOTU universe.

    Granamyr CAN be made for MOTUC since he was in a mini-comic drawn bt Alcala (but he's green). Toyguru said this in one of his Q&A's.

  4. dayraven

    @Drunken Fist: no garn too? come on man, slave city had 2 cool dudes… why don't we have a motuc native american?

    for that matter, rana was pretty hot too… i'm take a motuc native american chick too!

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