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In celebration of their two-day sale of the Arkham Asylum Play Arts Kai Batman and Joker starting tonight (March 13, technically) at 3amET/12amPT, Figure of the Day has graciously offered up a Play Arts Joker as a contest prize here at PGPoA! (Read a review here.)

So here’s how to enter: Post a comment below in which you invent a funny new Batman villain. I don’t want you to try to pitch some serious grim ‘n gritty supervillain – I want something so goofy it makes me laugh (although, feel free to pitch an over-the-top grim ‘n gritty supervillain based on something ridiculous, like a serial killer who’s obsessed with Don’t Let the Pigeon Ride the Bus or something).

Then I’ll pick my favorites. Three runners-up will get a Poe Prize; one grand prize winner will receive the Play Arts Joker!

Images welcome too, but don’t think that a drawing along with a giant write-up will necessarily get you the win – the trick here is to make me laugh.

Contest rules:

  • Contest ends Thursday, March 15 at 5pm. Contest winners will be notified by end of the day on Friday, March 16.
  • Open to U.S. residents only.
  • Poe’s Power Pals & friends and family not eligible.
  • One entry per person, please.
  • When posting your comment, be sure to use an email address you actually check so that I can notify you if you win (email addresses are not posted publicly).


Figure It Out #6 – Winner


Pic of the Day > Rorschach by DEADPOOLISTHEMAN316

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  1. Black Arbor

    My Villain?

    The Variator.

    We've all walked into a toy store and seen the pegs filled with stupid batman variants, but we always thought that was just the toy company trying to squeeze more money from us. as it turns out, there's another reason. A horrifying, day-glo orange, battle armored reason.

    Matthew Tell (See what I did there?) was just your average joe in Gotham, and by average I mean repressed maniac. One day, while reading up on the blunders of the other supervillains, he got a thought in his head : Batman is a master strategist, but if I were so gaudy and outrageous in my crimes, he would be so flabbergasted he couldn't figure out what to do. Of course, Batman being Batman, he lost, but that doesn't stop him from returning. Street luge Batman? the variator put out a giant Slip and Slide Covered in acid. Virus attack Batman? Variator's sending out spam e-mails about norwegian prince money scams. Spine buster Batman? Eh, you don't want to know, really. The Variator will always be there, to thwart Batman, to hurt the eyes of small children, and to keep people from their beloved later waves of action figures.


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