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Every so often, I remember a random vintage toy from when I was a kid and go trawling for it on eBay. When I was a kid, my parents took me to see Little Shop of Horrors. While I was too young for a lot of the jokes, I loved the monstrous giant plant Audrey II. Then as now, I immediately wanted an action figure of anything I liked.

There was little official Little Shop of Horrors merchandise outside of a Milton Bradley board game (which did come with a rather cool Audrey II toy) and this, a 1 ½” candy dispenser. I guess marketers thought a black comedy about chopping people up and feeding them to a carnivorous plant didn’t really scream for kid’s toys.

I had the game and the candy dispenser, and of the two the candy dispenser seemed like it would be easier to get. Surprisingly, I was able to get one on eBay that was unopened and complete with taped “packaging” and candy inside.

The obvious question is: did I try one of the pieces of candy? No. No I did not. Even I know better than to eat a twenty-six-year-old piece of candy, no matter how disturbingly well-preserved it looks.

Once you toss out the candy, you’re left with a hinged jaw and not much else. So basically it’s a cute desk tchotchke.

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    One of the resident evil toylines had a plant-man that was my substitute two-ey. WHY HAVE MCFARLANE OR NECA NOT DONE A LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS LINE!?!?

  3. Fallen Eldor

    Duh…Back to the future!

  4. Fallen Eldor

    I remember i used some dino riders and mask figures as the cast to play along with the coin bank.. Miles Mayhem pulled a triple shifts during my play time as not only Mr. mushnik but also biff tannen…So many great 80's movies, so few action figures to go with them…I'd love to see a toy company do retro styled 3 3/4" (akin to vintage Starwars) line of mixed characters to movies like

    Little Shop of Horrors
    Big Triouble in little China
    Flight of the Navigator
    Short Circuit
    Monster Squad
    Lost Boys
    and so, so many others.

  5. Magneto76

    I had afew of the Audrey candy dispensers, i kept them in with my figures as over sized plants. i would stash lego bits in the base and "feed" coins to her. Evil lyn loved her plants 🙂

  6. Mecha-Shiva

    The Closest we could get an Audrey 2 toy would be a Monster arts Biollante that would probably cost like $250. Also had this from toybiz.. .http://www.figurerealm.com/Galleries/residentevil2/Ivy1.jpg

  7. Dark Angel

    …so…many…convenience store toys. Off the top of my head: The Audrey above, heads of SW characters filled with candy, a Stripe from Gremlins that held gumballs (oddly, he had one articulated arm with the hand covering his gut where a hole would dispense the gumballs when you lifted his arm-kinda disturbing in retrospect), candy cigarette packs that mimicked real cigarette packs, Nerds that came in plastic shells shaped like Nerds, and the lil' plastic coffins that came out every Halloween with the bone-shaped candies…

  8. Lim Zero

    I've had the gum out of a pack of Batman cards (from the Keaton movie), the stuff pretty much just dissolved and I survived it. I doubt the candy from this would be any worse.

  9. Ridureyu

    But tchotchkes are what we’re all about!

  10. P.S. There was also an Audrey II coin bank that actually sprang to life and ate your change the moment it was pressed onto its lips. It was the coolest thing ever. Not sure if it was official merchandise, though.

  11. Oh man, I forgot about owning these when I was a kid! I loved Little Shop of Horrors and it was great to be able to get a cheap version of the character from the movie! Thanks for reminding me that these existed!

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