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I knew someone had to have made a custom of a vintage Castle Grayskullman (aside from the creator of CGM himself), and a cursory search brought up this one by Hunter Knight Customs. I think CGM is the 30th Anniversary figure that most seems like it would have existed in the 1980s – yes, even more than Draego-Man, who, awesome as he is, seems a bit more like something Remco would have produced in one of their high-quality knockoff lines, since they focused a lot more on the dragons and dinosaurs.


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  1. Zach S.

    I've always thought it'd be awesome if Mattel produced "vintage" versions of new characters, like Grayskullman here and the other new creations, 2k2 characters, etc. I'd buy all of them…and it would help sell me more on the new characters we're getting in MOTUC. It would further ground them in the MOTU world to me and bridge the nostalgia gap for some of the MOTUC figures I've passed on due to their non-vintageness.

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