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Enter for a Chance to Win Diamond Select’s Spider-Man & Lizard, Courtesy of!

In honor of the imminent release of Marvel’s new Amazing Spider-Man film, PGPoA and are offering a set of both Spider-Man and his latest cinematic nemesis, the Lizard. These fully-articulated figures were designed and produced by Diamond Select Toys!

Bat-Libs Contest > Winners & Runners-Up

The fine folks at Figure of the Day have made their choice and a winner has been declared in the Bat-Libs contest! But hold on, we’ll get to that.

This is possibly my favorite contest ever on PGPoA…you’ll soon see why. One thing to point out: I realized too late that I should have specified an action verb that involves an action upon something (words like “crawl” end up reading awkwardly). That said, I think the funniest parts are the “job” and the “adverb.”

Contest! Win a set of DC’s Arkham City Figures, Series 2 with BAT-LIBS!

This coming Wednesday, April 25, Figure of the Day will have Arkham City Series 2 for sale! This set will feature figures of Catwoman, the Riddler, the Mad Hatter, Hush, and Detective Mode Batman.

(Please note: due a schedule change by DC Collectibles, the figures will not ship until May 2.)

To help spread the word, FOTD has donated a complete set of Series 2 for a contest right here on PGPoA!

Here’s how to enter: I’ve written a small paragraph about Batman and Robin engaging in their usual heroic derring-do. (To avoid any accusations of having tailored the paragraph to a particular entry, I’m sending it to the Power Pals ahead of time.)

This paragraph has a few blanks – blanks YOU must fill. In the comments below, provide the following:

  • a place noun (“the river” “Gotham National Bank” “R’lyeh” etc.)
  • an occupation (“farmer” “lawyer” “freelance bio-exorcist” etc.)
  • a verb (“push” “smack” “kidney-punch”)
  • and an adverb (“slowly” “jubilantly” “groin-grabbingly” etc.)

Once I’ve got all the submissions, I’ll put them into the paragraph and then the good folks at FOTD will choose their favorite as the winner. And afterward, of course I’ll post the winner and whichever I think are the best entries.

The contest will end at midnight Eastern Time on Monday, April 23. The winner will be announced the following day.


  • Winner must have a U.S. shipping address for the prize to be mailed to.
  • PGPoA Power Pals and Poe’s friends and family not eligible.

Play Arts Joker Contest > And the Winner Is…

So I’ve made my choices for the three runners-up and grand prize winner for the Joker contest. Before we go further, I want to thank Figure of the Day for donating the Joker figure!

This was an interesting contest to judge. I feel like I learned a lot about many of you – in particular, your fondness for farts.

Contest > Win a Play Arts Kai Joker! (Sponsored by

In celebration of their two-day sale of the Arkham Asylum Play Arts Kai Batman and Joker starting tonight (March 13, technically) at 3amET/12amPT, Figure of the Day has graciously offered up a Play Arts Joker as a contest prize here at PGPoA! (Read a review here.)

So here’s how to enter: Post a comment below in which you invent a funny new Batman villain. I don’t want you to try to pitch some serious grim ‘n gritty supervillain – I want something so goofy it makes me laugh (although, feel free to pitch an over-the-top grim ‘n gritty supervillain based on something ridiculous, like a serial killer who’s obsessed with Don’t Let the Pigeon Ride the Bus or something).

Then I’ll pick my favorites. Three runners-up will get a Poe Prize; one grand prize winner will receive the Play Arts Joker!

Figure It Out #3

Click for larger version

We’re running a little late this week, so guesses are due to by Friday (instead of Thursday) at noon Eastern time. Please put “Figure It Out” in the subject line of your email.

Figure It Out #2 Winner

Bruiser the Berserker Baboon

As many, many, many (deep breath) many of you correctly guessed, the toy in this week’s Figure It Out was Bruiser the Berserker Baboon from Hasbro’s short-lived Bucky O’Hare line–a fun, quality line that I’ve always seen as an attempt to lure in kids who liked the Ninja Turtles, but that’s neither here nor there.

I ended up choosing a winner from the correct entries at random: Heli. Heli will receive a Poe Prize in the mail next week.

Gonna have to pick a harder one next time…but not as hard as the first one.

Contest Updates > Odds ‘n Ends, Identify the Toy

One of the runner-ups to the Odds ‘n Ends contest emailed me to point out I said I’d mail a Sword of Ages to the runner-up. I completely, totally forgot about that, and I apologize. I’ve contacted the runners-up for their addresses and will mail them their swords ASAP.

Also, there’s the Identify the Toy contest. I received one–ONE–entry, which makes me very sad. Fortunately the sender, Josh Flood, got it exactly right:

Ok, so I saw that foot and immediately remembered the toy as a kid. I’m 90% sure that it is the Robotech Zentraedi Powered Armor Botoru through Matchbox. It was released a few times in the 80’s and 90’s. I think the first time was 1986, then again through exo squad by playmates in 1994 or 1995.

So, I’m making three changes for the next round.

1.) At the suggestion of a Twitter follower I’m still trying to find, I’m renaming it “Figure It Out.”

2.) You now only need to name the toy, not the line, manufacturer and so forth. If multiple people get it right, I will pick a winner at random from the correct guesses.

3.) I will also send a Poe Prize to the most funny, creative, or otherwise interesting guess I receive. If you have no idea what the toy is, just go wild and make something up. Perhaps a long-winded description of the imaginary toy it belongs to, complete with a company history. Or a haiku about how you have no idea what it is.

Odds ‘n Ends Contest > And the Spoils Go To…

Y’know, I hate it when I do these contests where I have to pick the winner. I thought about pawning the duty off on Dr. Mrs. Ghostal, but she was watching TV, so no help there. Not really fair anyway, since it’s my site. Then I thought about asking Doc Thomas to decide, before I remembered he was clinically insane. So in the end, I had to decide myself.

This was not easy. There were a ton of excellent submissions. I knew you guys were awesome, but I guess I didn’t realize just how awesome…if I’d thought about it, I would have had more prizes.

First, the runners-up:

Contest! > Submit your Odds ‘n Ends pics

This post is an announcement. Scroll down for newer posts.

[ Contest ends 11:59pm ET Sunday, January 22.]

While I like the new Odds ‘n Ends pic for 2012, I think it would help to have some more variety.

So here’s the deal: I’m taking submissions for new Odds ‘n Ends pics. One runner-up will receive a Sword of Ages variant, and one grand prize winner will receive both a Sword and a complete set of Batman: Incorporated, courtesy of Figure of the Day!

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