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Poe’s Picks of the Week plus Transformers, Star Wars Black, Hot Toys, Thor, Predator, DC, Marvel, DBZ, Anime & More at BBTS


We’ve got not one but two Poe’s Picks this week!


Poe’s Pick #1: Star Wars The Black Series 2 – Han Solo, Slave Leia, Greedo & Boba Fett

SWB6″S2 is already here! (I still hate the fact that I have to include that 6″!)

I’m surprised by how quickly these have arrived – Amazon is saying they won’t arrive until November 25. But you can have them on their way to your home today — including Poe’s NICDIP figure A New Hope Han Solo — by ordering one, two, three, or all of them from BBTS. Thanks to the lower price, you’ll actually save money versus Amazon, even if you use Amazon Prime (unless Amazon reduces the price before they ship, which did happen with Series 1.) Entertainment Earth also has them in stock, with free shipping, when you buy all four.

For the curious, the Boba Fett is identical to the SDCC edition with the exception of Man in Carbonite.

Poe’s Pick #2: Batman Arkham City 6″ Action Figure Two Pack – Batman & Bane


For those of you who missed out on DC Collectibles’ incredible Bane from Batman: Arkham Asylum, as well as the original Batman figure from the same game, now is your chance to add them to your collection — for a price that won’t drive you batty (sorry) — via BigBadToyStore. (Also in stock at Entertainment Earth and Amazon.)

NECA Pacific Rim now available on Amazon Prime


Go get ’em while they last!

Poe’s Pick of the Week plus Halloween Sale!, Mara Jade Bishoujo, Game of Thrones, DC Collectibles, Pacific Rim, Batman, SH Figuarts MMPR, Display Cases & More at BBTS


Poe’s Pick of the Week > Pacific Rim – 7″ Figure Series 02 – Battle Damage Gipsy Danger


Poe’s note: I’m only mentioning Gypsy Danger here, because the rest of series two is already sold out! I was a big fan of both Pacific Rim and NECA’s figures, and it looks like they’ll only be improving with each new series.

nerd rage toys logo

Sponsor Update > Nerd Rage toys has great deals on GI Joe Retaliation, Star Wars Black, Spiral Zone, Ninja Turtles, Marvel Legends, Transformers, and much more!

nerd rage toys logo

Hey toy fans!

We have lowered the prices on dozens of items, and added some really

awesome stuff to our “Bargain Bin”.

Snag some great deals on GI Joe Retaliation, Star Wars Black, Spiral Zone,
Ninja Turtles, Marvel Legends, Transformers, and much more!

GI Joe Retaliation figures start at $2.50. Star Wars Black staring at
$7.50! Dont pass these deals up!

For you retro fans, we have added the new Alien Re-Action figures to our
pre-order list. These figures are based on plans and sculpts that were set
to release with the original Aliens movie. How cool is that?

New to Nerd Rage Toys are Stone Protectors and Extreme Ghostbusters. These
are two awesome lines you wont want to miss out on!

Pacific Rim, Transformers Generations, Figuarts, Marvel Wall Decals, Sideshow, 3P & More at BBTS


Poe’s Pick of the Week > Pacific Rim 7″ 2 Pack Battle Damage Gypsy Danger Vs. Leatherback



Re-enact the epic battles between monsters and mechs from Pacific Rim! When an alien attack threatens the Earth’s existence, giant robots piloted by humans are deployed to fight off the menace.

This Series 2 action figure two-pack includes Battle-Damaged Gipsy Danger and Leatherback. The deluxe 7″ scale action figures were created directly from the digital files used by ILM in the making of the movie. Fully poseable, highly detailed, and ready to rumble!

Star Wars Black Wave 2 up for pre-order on Amazon


Star Wars Black Series 2 – featuring Han Solo, Greedo, Boba Fett, and Princess Leia in her Jabba’s Slave outfit – is now available for pre-order at Amazon for $23 apiece. There’s a decent chance the price will drop between now and release, and if it does, Amazon will charge you the lowest price it hits between the time you order and the time they come out. For those of you lucky enough to get an SDCC Boba Fett, this lets you get the figures without having to order the set.

Leia’s face is…not good. Unless the production figure comes out looking better I won’t be able to put a positive spin on that. Han’s I’ll definitely need to see in person.

Poe’s Pick of the Week plus IM3, Transformers, Planes, Megaman, Michael Jordan, Bandai, Revoltech, GI Joe, Star Wars, Power Rangers & More at BBTS


Poe’s Pick of the Week: MP-13 Masterpiece Soundwave with Laserbeak


I’ll confess to not knowing much about this toy, but judging from the Twitter chatter about it, it’s apparently really, really cool.

Poe’s Pick of the Week Plus Metroplex, Star Wars, Starcraft 2, Hot Toys, Transformers, Anime Figures, DC, Marvel Legends, Breaking Bad & More at BBTS


Poe’s Pick of the Week > Star Wars 6″ Black Series 01 – Set of 4


The biggest thing to hit Star Wars toys since Kenner made their first figure is finally here. $79.99 for the set at BBTS.

But they have to share Pick of the Week space with…


the largest Transformer ever made. Generations Titan Series – Metroplex with Autobot Scamper, $109.99.

If they make Trypticon, I’m f****ed.

NECA Predator Skull Pack now available on Amazon


The NECA Predator “Skull Pack,” designed to go with the NECA Predator wall display, is now available on Amazon.

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