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What I’m Watching for at Toy Fair 2013

So Toy Fair starts today – well, officially it starts tomorrow, but there are two major events today: the Hasbro event, which is going on as I write this, and the Four Horsemen’s Toypocalypse party tonight, which will unveil their Glyos-based Power Lords toys.

Anyway, I thought I’d run through a breakdown of the toy lines I’m keeping an eye on this year:

  • S.H.MonsterArts – Obviously. I suspect there won’t be any new reveals, with the possible exception of Mothra and/or Battra from 1992’s Godzilla vs. Mothra. Biollante may be there, hopefully with a release date. I’d love to see a SHMA BioGoji (Godzilla as he appeared in Godzilla vs. Biollante), but I think that’s a long shot. Of course, my dream would be to see anything from the 1960s-1970s-era Godzilla films, but Tamashii doesn’t seem to be there yet.
  • Masters of the Universe Classics – I’m not sure if there will be anything left to reveal, but I’ll post my thoughts on anything new.
  • Star Wars Black 6″ – I’m hoping for pics of the other figures – R2D2, the Sandtrooper and Darth Maul. Evidently there will be a Boba Fett SDCC exclusive. If this is the only way to get a Boba Fett for this line and he turns out to be difficult or prohibitively expensive to obtain, I will not collect this line. I just don’t need to deal with that shit in my life.
  • Pacific Rim – My most anticipated movie of 2013 is apparently getting 6″ action figures from NECA. If you could only see how hard I’m crossing my fingers hoping these will look like they’re in scale with S.H.MonsterArts. They’re bleeding. My hunch, though, is that the figures will be a little too tall, since some of them will be as tall as 8″. Still, I am definitely on board for this line.
  • Aliens/Predator – I’m guessing we’ll see some new stuff from NECA. Hoping for more Predator soldiers (Jesse Ventura pleasepleaseplease) and Aliens Marines, and maybe a Ripley, or the Alien Queen.
  • Batman 1966 – The Mattel 6″ figures look quite nice, actually. Entertainment Earth revealed the Riddler and the Penguin, while TNI revealed Batman himself and what the article says is an in-scale 1966 Batmobile that will supposedly retail for $50. I at first thought it was just a re-issue of the Hot Wheels Batmobile, but maybe not…? $50 just seems low for that big a vehicle, but I suppose the Wind Raider was only $45. Anyway, the figures look great and appear to be almost entirely new sculpts, which is a refreshing change of pace for a superhero line from Mattel. I’m not sure whether I’ll be buying these figures or not, but I’m definitely tempted to at least get Batman. The figures will evidently be $16 apiece, which seems surprisingly cheap for a Mattel licensed line with new tooling. It almost makes me wonder if Warner Bros. is subsidizing this for some reason.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – I’ve only been cherrypicking this line, but I will no doubt continue to do so, especially if they start bringing more of the 1980s cartoon and Archie comics characters into the mix. (I still think Bebop and Rocksteady are better designs than Dogpound or Fishface.) A new Ray Fillet, might I suggest…?
  • Power LordsI’m curious to see what the figures look like. I understand entirely why going the Glyos route makes financial sense, but the small size and lack of articulation on the Outer Space Men kept me from really getting into that line, and if Power Lords are presented the same way, I suspect I’ll pass on most of them as well. Truth be told, while I was very fond of the few Power Lords figures I had as a kid, they were never a full-on obsession like Transformers, and my toy budget is going to be tight this year…I’ve got to draw the line somewhere. Okay, forget all that – based on this preview pic at IAT, even if the Power Lords are Glyos-compatible, they don’t look it.

I think that’s it…actually, I feel like I’m forgetting something, but anyway: what are you looking forward to seeing most at Toy Fair this year?

Updates from Joe Amaro on the Manta Raider & EPCON

PGPoA Power Pal Joe Amaro has sent along some news you need to know. To survive. In the wilderness. While being hunted by weresharks.

Pic of the Day > Gothotropolis Demon Fire Scarabus by Jii Dee

Gothotropolis Demon Fire Scarabus

Any questions for the Four Horsemen?

The Four Horsemen have graciously agreed to do another interview here at PGPoA. So I’m going to ask five of my own questions, and five reader questions. Post any questions you have below and I’ll select five and send them along.

More SDCC Highlights

As we wait for the Mattycollector panel to start, I thought I’d post a few more thoughts on the various SDCC reveals.

Pic courtesy Pixel-Dan.com

Keldor looks much better with the twin swords. I never realized how integral they are to his character design – they’re what make him distinct from just being “Skeletor with a face.”

Odds ‘n Ends > Outer Space Men, New MOTUC Bios

  • PGPoA sponsor Urban Collectibles has single figures of DC Direct’s Batman Arkham City Series 2 in stock now.
  • The Four Horsemen are now taking pre-orders for their psychedelic Cosmic Creators: Four Horsemen edition of their Outer Space Men figures, along with reissues of the OSM Infinity Edition Waves 1 & 2 with some tweaked paint apps.
  • Mattel posted packaging pics & bios for the Griffin, Snake Man-At-Arms, and Horde Prime. Still can’t say I’m excited for that Griffin. On a side note, if you want to see the secret of Horde Prime’s face, it’s right here.
  • You can also see pics of some of Mattel’s SDCC exclusives, as well as Vykron’s bio, at Action Figure Insider.
  • I was asked to plug Pocket Power Toys, a website devoted to this little-known toy line from Japan that was sold by Tyco here in the U.S. in the 1990s. The creator of the site adds, “Strictly speaking there’s only one action figure in the line (Glo-Bones).”
  • NECA has a Collector’s Club. Did we know this already?
  • I swear to God, if Bluefin Tamashii Nations doesn’t reveal what their S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla SDCC figure is soon instead of teasing us with bits of artwork, I’m going to – just wait longer. Though it might be a wholly-translucent orange “Meltdown” Godzilla, like this one, which would be a profound disappointment that I wouldn’t buy (and yes, I realize there’s some hypocrisy there, since I’ve always said the best con exclusives are repaints – but preferably a somewhat interesting repaint). I’m hoping there’s a poster of whatever the final artwork is, too.

Review > Draego-Man (Masters of the Universe Classics, Mattel)

It took more than ten years of working on the property, but the Four Horsemen have finally added their own brand-new character to Masters of the Universe.

You can read the not-so-secret history of Draego-Man’s creation in this Fwoosh interview with Horseman Eric Treadaway last year, which describes the process behind his creation. Of course, a dragon-man in MOTU is really a no-brainer – as Treadaway noted, it was odd there were no dragon-men in the original MOTU, nor any bad guys with wings.

That said, Draego-Man has a very retro feel; he evokes memories of figures from those MOTU knockoff lines of the 1980s, like Dragoon from Sungold’s Galaxy Warriors, Gecko from Remco’s Warrior Beasts (pictured alongside Draego-Man below), Iguana from Sewco’s Galaxy Fighters or, most fittingly, Dragonman from SOMA’s Fantasy World.

Of course, being a fantasy monster who fits in well with the ever-popular sword and sorcery interpretation of Masters of the Universe, Draego-Man has proven immensely popular amongst fans of all inclinations. So how is the figure?

Pic of the Day > Rhino Blue by Jii Dee

Rhino Blue

Odds ‘n Ends > PD revs CIEDCUCGAF, SyFy’s Toy Realities, 4H’s OSM, FOTD has AC2

SuperMom Accessories

SuperMom Accessories by happyworker

  • Pixel Dan has posted his review of the Club Infinite Earths DC Universe Classics Golden Age Flash.
  • For those who might be wondering, yes, I did subscribe to CIE, but I don’t plan to review them and intend to sell all my figures (with the exception of the Bat-characters, probably). I’m either going to sell them on eBay or maybe just my own store.
  • The SyFy Channel is developing a couple of toy-related reality shows: “Collection Intervention” will assist desperate significant others in forcing their loved ones to sell off some or all of their beloved collections, while the more interesting and less personally invasive “Toy Traveler” features Shane Turgeon, “the Indiana Jones of toy collectors,” as he jets around the world seeking rare and unusual toys. Do we got anything on this Shane Turgeon guy?
  • The Four Horsemen posted some new info on their upcoming Outer Space Men release dates.
  • Don’t forget, Figure of the Day has the entire set of DC’s Arkham City Series 2 on its site for $89.99 w/ free shipping.
  • Phil Reed at Battlegrip has reviewed a pair of Play Arts Kai figures – Arkham Asylum Batman and Halo Reach Jorge. I’ve had the PAKAS Bats on my shelf waiting for a review for weeks now. I’m evidently lazy. Oh, and I’ve had the PAK Halo Master Chief even longer than that.
  • I should be able to announce the winner of the Bat-Libs contest either late today or tomorrow.
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DC Universe Tragic, Ctd

For what it’s worth, the Four Horsemen say more 6″ DCUC-style DC figures are coming in 2013.

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