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Pic of the Day > Spawn “Arsenal Of Doom” by chogokinjawa

Spawn "Arsenal Of Doom"

Pic of the Day > Darkness Rising by pairadocs

Darkness Rising

Pic of the Day > The Clown by magnushamar

The Clown

Vintage Toy Ads > Spawn (1994)

Funny to think that Spawn, which never had a kids’ cartoon* and was a very adult-oriented comic book featuring lots of murder, death, and dark religious imagery, had ads for toys on daytime kids’ television. Loving the Malebolgia cameo.

* But of course it did have an adult-oriented HBO animated series.

Odds ‘n Ends > October 19, 2011

Today’s Odds ‘n Ends is sponsored by the letter Ω, who surprisingly had a PayPal account.

  • The Spawn Message Board was taken down last Friday. Rustin Parr of OAFE has written an excellent obituary here. His comment that the Spawn Board was the birthplace of the online toy collecting community is only mildly hyperbolic–I certainly got my start there, and many other well-known online toy personalities, such as Michael Crawford, congregated there in the late ’90s. I invented the pseudonym “Poe Ghostal” for that board, way back in 1999. Of course, I hadn’t visited the board in years–ever since McFarlane Toys began its long slide into sports and statuism after the Spawn lines of the early 2000s (with the one positive blip being Halo)–but the board’s demise is still worth some brief reflection.
  • Diamond Select has created a rather awesome “Mini-Mation” video starring their pirate-themed “Calico Jack” Minimates.
  • ItsAllTrue.net has a great review of the TRU-exclusive 1970s-style Arkham City Batman (it comes free with a purchase of the game at TRU, or, like me, you can buy it separately for $14.99). Of course, the actual 1970s game skin is a completely unique model, not just some new graphics over the regular suit…
  • BigBadToyStore has two major new exclusive G.I. Joe 7-Packs: Slaughter’s Marauders and the Dreadnoks. You can save $10 if you buy both sets together. The sets include a mix of new figures and repaints.
  • Bandai let me know they’re having a Ben 10 Sweepstakes. Kids can enter the contest by submitting codes from Ben 10 toys to helpben10.com. The winner gets an all-expenses paid trip for three to London to ride the Ben 10: Ultimate Mission roller coaster at the Drayton Manor Theme Park in Tamworth, Staffordshire — plus the winner will have a bonus chance to win $10,000 on top of the grand prize. So if you’ve got a child, grandchild, or nephew or niece who’s really into Ben 10, be sure to mention it to ’em.

Pic of the Day > McFarlane Spawn Series 32 – Raven Spawn by Ed Speir IV

McFarlane Spawn Series 32 - Raven Spawn

Pic of the Day > McFarlane Spawn Series 12 – Spawn IV [Hamburger Head Variant] by Ed Speir IV

McFarlane Spawn Series 12 - Spawn IV [Hamburger Head Variant]

Pic of the Day > Tifanny by Leandro [ Egon ]


Pic of the Day > Cy-Gor by Drkangeltex


Pic of the Day > Blue Midnight Spawn by pairadocs

Blue Midnight Spawn

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