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In 2006 I was checking out a forum for writers and saw a post from one of the founders saying that they were starting a blogging network and needed writers. I decided to check out what was available and I saw that there was a toy collecting blog up for grabs. At that time they wanted ten posts a week and I wondered if I could actually write that much about toys on a consistent basis. Nearly three years later and after over a thousand posts, Toy Bender is done.


Show and Tell > Paul’s Batmania

After doing my Robocop Show and Tell the discussion seemed to focus more on Batman than Robocop. Well, here’s my Batman collection Show and Tell inspired by that conversation. For my Show and Tell, I’m going to do something a bit different. I’m going to show and tell as usual, but there’s a little bit more to the story than what I’ve got here. For the rest of the story, head on over to my blog Toy Bender to get the rest of the scoop. Think of it as the director’s commentary over there.

Toy news roundup, 1/26/2009


Odds ‘n Ends

Odds N Ends

  • To answer the burning question first: yes, I’ve got MOTUC He-Man and Beast Man and I’ll be reviewing them this week. I’m waiting/hoping for a particular birthday present (my family exchange is tonight) before I take the photos. Let’s just say, though, that I can’t wait for Skeletor.
  • I had lunch with fellow toy collector Rustin Parr (who really needs some sort of Facebook page or something I can link to; otherwise people are going to think I’m making a bizarre, obscure reference to The Blair Witch Project) on Saturday. ‘Twas fun. We had pizza and discussed how we would run DCUC were we the brand managers.
  • Word to the wise: if you’re going to order any figures off Mattycollector.com, including Skeletor and the Starfire/Adam Strange two-pack (both on sale Jan. 15), make sure to pick UPS ground shipping, not economy postal. Trust me. UPS will be a bit more expensive but far more reliable.
  • I found a giant pile of DCUC wave 2 at my local Target yesterday. My local Target has been a frickin’ DCUC wasteland for over six months, so I was a bit shocked to see all those figures, particularly the five long-haired, modern Aquamen. I decided to pick him up, only to remember once I got home that DC had already reverted Aquaman back to his classic costume. Bastards.
  • Just a reminder–Toy Bender’s “Joes for Tots” contest is still going on. Enter. Now.
  • This will be the last you’ll see of this particular Odds ‘n Ends pile this year–I’m going to shoot a new one for 2009. Anyone care to try and identify all the stuff in it? I’ll give the first person to post a comment correctly identifying at least five (5) of the 12 items a prize…hmm, let’s see…how about a Satellite Iron Man?

News roundup, 12/27/2008

  • newspoeI will be sorely, sorely tested in my resolve not to collect 12″ figures by the Hot Toys original Predator, Dutch and yes, even Billy. (Cool Toy Review)
  • Corner Store Comics having year-end sale–20% off in-stock items (CSC)
  • First official Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen pics may be released on my birthday (Seibertron)
  • JLU Amanda Waller figure coming in 2009 (MattyCollector)
  • If you haven’t entered Toy Bender’s “Joes for Tots” contest, there’s still time! (Toy Bender)
  • Weekly OAFE update (OAFE)
  • More NECA Street Fighter photos (Action-Figure) I’m really curious whether these will be in scale with SOTA’s figures.

Odds ‘n Ends


  • OK, I’ve got like three entries into my Odds ‘n Ends contest. Again, I’ve changed the rules so it’s just the person who correctly identifies the mosts items from the photo above–you don’t have to name them all to win, just the most. I’ll pick a random winner in the event of a tie. Now email me that list!
  • Incidentally, don’t forget to donate to your local Toys for Tots and take a photo of yourself doing it, so you can enter Toy Bender‘s Joes for Tots contest for way-awesome prizes. Why not hit one of those KB Toys going-out-of-business sales? Their loss is less fortunate children’s gain!
  • I watched A Miser Brothers’ Christmas over the weekend, and you know what? It was good! For one thing, it was so refreshing to see actual stop-motion animation, rather than the CGI they’ve tried to use for these Rankin-Bass sequels over the last few years. The characterization of the Misers was dead-on, and I enjoyed their constant fraternal squabbling. The songs weren’t as catchy as those from The Year Without a Santa Claus, but it was great to have Mickey Rooney back in the sleigh as the voice of Santa. Also, the North Wind looked like the result of some bizarre genetic cross-breeding between Jay Leno and the Purple Pieman.
  • On a related topic, I’ve got a contest running over on my Snow Miser fansite. You can win one of three Miser prize packs, courtesy of ABC Family. Enter now–or y’know, after you enter my Odds ‘n Ends contest.
  • Looks like Hot Toys has finally obtained the rights to make 12″ figures of the original 1987 Predator and–could it be?–Dutch Schaefer!
  • Do any of you watch The Big Bang Theory? I thought last night’s episode was great–Sheldon’s reaction to Penny’s gift was priceless.
  • The MOTUC He-Man and Beast Man figures my wife ordered for me for Christmas still haven’t arrived at her parents’ house in Los Angeles. And they were shipped two weeks ago from Ontario, California–which is about seventy miles away. Wha-huh?
  • As implied above, Dr. Mrs. Ghostal and I will be spending the holidays at her parents’ house in LA, on the other side of the continent. However, thanks to her brand-new laptop and her parents’ wi-fi connection, I should be able to handle all my updating myself this year, so there shouldn’t be any noticeable break in your daily doses of PGPoA (except for Christmas Day, of course).

News round-up, 12/5/08

Odds ‘n Ends > A New Beginning

ODD: Well, it seems most of you want the next installment of “It Figures” to feature DCUC Wave 3. Which means a lot of writing for me. I had my fingers crossed for the Mousers exclusive….all right, DCUC3 it is. I’d better start writing now.

END: After weeks of seeing nothing but Movie Master Batman Begins and Scarecrows on the shelves, I finally found some Dark Knight Batmans and Jokers at Wal-Mart over the weekend. I picked up one of each for some friends and only just this minute realized I should have picked up an extra Joker and raffled him off here. Dammit!

Odds ‘N Ends > Authentic Edition

ODD: Where did all the comments go? I leave for a few days and the comments dry up like Aquaman in the desert. Come back! I promise I’ll be interesting!

END: Good news for fans of NECA’s Ninja Turtles line. First, it appears the line is selling quite well. That’s great news; perhaps NECA will be inspired to create more heavily-articulated figures. Second, it appears to be confirmed that the SDCC exclusive is a Mouser 3-pack. Add another exclusive to the pile I’ll be begging for come July…

ODD: From the looks of the toy aisles when I hit Target or TRU, Iron Man seems to be a rousing success with the kids as well as adults. All the 6″ figures have disappeared, though I notice plenty of those Superhero Squad and dress-up sets. Hint hint, Hasbro!

END: Please join me in congratulating Paul of Toy Bender, who entered into wedded bliss this past weekend. I’ll be joining him in just a few scant months. See you on the other side, Paul!

ODD: The next issue of The Toybox will be delayed until the first week of June, due to a hectic schedule for both Red Kryptonite and me. But I’m hoping to put something together to tide you over in the meantime, as well as expand the Toybox world.

END: The latest issue of ToyFare (which I’ll recap tomorrow) has a big ad for wave three of DC Universe Classics, possibly the greatest wave of superhero action figures since ML6. I imagine packaged pics will show up on the Net soon, though I still don’t expect to see my set until late June. If you think you know better, be sure to enter the contest!

ToyFare #129 (May 2008)

ToyFare 129 Picked up the latest issue of ToyFare this week. In the tradition of all uninspired stand-up comedians, let’s see what’s in the news this month…

Cover: Iron Monger from Hasbro’s Iron Man movie line. I have to admit, he looks totally awesome, though I’m wondering whether those hips are ball jointed. Haven’t seen any of these figures in stores yet, but that makes sense since the street date is the 23rd.

Inside cover: Ad for Diamond Select’s second wave of Battlestar Galactica figures. The Cylon looks badass–that’s going to be a hot seller. It looks like they may have fixed up Starbuck’s face a bit, but she still looks more like that woman from Stargate SG-1 to me.

Page 9: Who’s Mandalore the Indomitableā„¢? I’m way behind on this Star Wars Expanded Universe stuff. Last thing I remember is Kyle Katarn and those badass Darktroopers.

Page 10: Ill-favored N2/Mirage Toys made a Mad Max line that actually wasn’t so bad.

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