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ODD: I still can’t believe I found a Batpod on my first try. I still haven’t seen a single DCUC4 figure anywhere. I’m going to briefly interrupt the DCUC4 reviews for a Batpod review this week–BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT!!! And also to hopefully head off any other reviewers.

END: CCL Alert! I can’t decide how to display Despero. His DCUC4 design is based on a period in the comics where he was possessed by a robot named L-Ron and was therefore a good guy. I would have preferred a look based on the Superman/Batman “Enemies Among Us” storyline, but apparently DC Direct got first dibs on that. So for now, I’m just displaying my Despero sans armor and weapons. He looks good with all that gear, but man, he’s just not Despero with it.

ODD: These are adorable.

END – Poe’s Patented CSI Miami mini-review: Pretty convoluted and hard-to-believe plot, involving a plastic surgeon, a bombmaker and a dress rigged with C4. There was some interesting stuff between Horatio and Julia (Elizabeth Berkley), but this was a mediocre episode.


Intereview > Batman Beyond (DC Universe Classics)


On DC Direct’s History of the DC Universe


  1. Poe

    I did…very cool πŸ˜‰

  2. jumper11

    Poe, didn't ya read!? An ALIENS alien!

  3. Crawford, the Vandal Savage to your Ra's Ah Ghul, eh?

  4. Poe

    Curse you, Crawford!

  5. jumper11

    ummmm…. Odd: NECAs making an ALIENS alien! They have it up for pre order at BBTS, and it rocks! Totally blows all others away….

  6. "And also to hopefully head off any other reviewers."

    Hmmmm – I'll take that challenge πŸ˜€

  7. cade

    Display him as a good guy…or when we get more cosmis characters just display him as a cosmic character.

  8. Poe

    Oh, I like the figure, quite a bit. I just don't like the particular Despero design they chose to use as much as I do the S/B one.

    I asked the Horsemen about this back in June and they said, "[…] we designed Despero for Mattels’ DC Universe Classics line in a way that we could come back a few years down the road and, with a few minor alterations, create a more "Enemies Among Us" -inspired version of him."

  9. Chris

    HAH! I agree Poe. This versiion of Despero sucks.

    I don't know what they were thinking. They could've cut costs by just adding a cape.

    I guess they this this cuz they wanted to do a reuse on the Lobo figure or future figures. Hate this version too.

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