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ODD: Before anything else, let me remind you we’ve got a contest running to win FREE(!) zombie toys. Only three days left to enter! If you haven’t already, enter the contest here.

END: You’ll have to wait one more day for the final DCUC4 intereview (Despero), because I didn’t get around to writing it in time for today. Sorry!

ODD: I find I’ve been spending less and less time on toy forums. A big part of it is that I focus on DCUC, and 90% of the posts are about distribution (either complaints that the figures can’t be found or reports of sightings). Now there’s a fun topic! It’s amazing how many collectors have become armchair brand managers these days.

But I think I’m also getting just a little tired of the culture. Spend too much time on online discussion (about any topic) and you start to get really cynical. It becomes a reflex–you want to respond to anything with a snarky, argumentative, or counter-intuitive post.

I mostly frequent bulletin boards to be updated on whether the newest wave of toys has hit, presumably so I can immediately go out and waste some gas before remembering Boston-area stores get new toys dead last. But a few good eBay saved searches can do the same job with 100% less angry geek-ranting.

END: Now that we’re getting closer to Christmas, I have to say I’m bummed McFarlane isn’t making another “Twisted Xmas” series. I still think a Christmas Carol theme is pure gold.

ODD: While reading the Fourth World Omnibus this week, I saw a drawing of Scott Free (Mister Miracle) with his arm covered in cybernetic parts. It awoke a strong sense of deja vu in me, and after some mental and Google searching, turns out I was thinking of Circuit Breaker from the old Marvel Transformers comics. (Great story, right?)

END: Speaking of McFarlane, their release schedule for the rest of 2008 is just depressing. Two-thirds of it is sports toys, and the rest are Halo, Guitar Hero and Call of Duty (and let’s face it, Call of Duty is really just “McFarlane Military: World War II”). The days of Movie Maniacs, The Viking Age and Samurai Wars are a passing memory.


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  1. Chuck20

    Well, I hope you dont disappear from the forums entirely Poe, I know I'll miss ya. But true, it is a slow cycle in DCUC news after wave 4 just hit and no new announcements for another week of so. (come on Matty!) but I really agree that people need to stop with the same ol distribution complaints.

  2. Poe

    I have better things to do then read about some fanboy’s bitching about the case ratios or something.

    You mean like this?

    But I kid Paul 😉 His complaints are definitely legit in this case.

  3. I think you're right about the negativity on forums. I have better things to do then read about some fanboy's bitching about the case ratios or something.

    Some people need to remember, this should be a hobby, not a lifestyle.


  4. *cries*

    Movie Maniacs is good times.

  5. J_Stone

    Ah Circuit Breaker. I remember that whole story arc from the comic. Even as a kid, I thought it was…odd. Kinda fun though.

  6. outburst

    I agree with your forum assessment. I like because of the community appeal. When breaking news hits, that's where you find it whether it's a brand new product or something that's showed up at the shop down the street.

    I try to keep out of the rest of it. I just don't have enough time on my hands.

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