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1.) When you get around to characters like Buzz Off who had “claws” for hands, will those claws be articulated–i.e., will they be able to open and close–or will they just have wrist swivels like the rest of the figures?

It is too early to tell, sorry.

2.) RM asks: When it comes time to make Clawful, would it be possible to make the articulation point in his *large* claw ratcheted/stepped, so he can maintain a solid “grip” or open claw without fear of looseness in such a small, and (sure to be) often used joint?

Again, too early to comment, but we will pass this along to the Horsemen!

3.) americanhyena asks: Just out of curiosity, why the switch from the matching wristcuff on Count Marzo to the He-Man style one?

That is how the Horsemen designed him. The version shown at the show was a quick kit bash done just for the show.

4.) Ragetreb asks: Are there plans to re-release other previous waves of DCUC on Matty Collector outside of wave 5? Many people could never find a Gentleman Ghost, for example, and he goes for an easy $100 on the secondary market. If you can’t manage a re-release of another wave, would you consider re-releasing figures WITH their CnC pieces (ie, not just a stand like in the All Star figures)? Using Gentleman Ghost as an example again, most people want him for the pieces he comes with– Giganta’s head and lower torso, arguably the most important parts.

We’ll have to wait and see how Wave five does before making the call on any other older figures!

5.) Mysterious Stranger asks: If the “devil dogs” from the first Ghostbusters film were to be produced (and please tell me they are at least in consideration) how would they be released? To accurately portray them they would need to be about the same size as the human figures. Would they be packed as their own “character” or included as an oversized accessory like the containment unit? A Gozer/Devil Dog 3-pack perhaps?

When, and if, we do the terror dogs they will be their own figure, not an accessory to keep the size right.

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  1. Reverend Ender

    Personally, I am missing Hawkgirl. I saw her once at Target, I think the same day I got GG, but the paint on her face was so bad that I decided to skip her. Never saw her again. At least she's got a good shot at being re-released at retail as an All-Star.

  2. Snakeeyes22

    @Diego Zubrycky

    Good point. He looks a bit sloppy because of his size, but its another little bonus, and would be cool to have for a group display.

    What's this Atom based conspiracy anyway? Both of the key DCUC pieces I've missed contain him. GG and Walmart Atom are probably the priciest DCUC figures.

    Hey! back in Marvel Legends, Goliath was a rare chase, Ant Man was a rare Walmart exclusive used to build the difficult to complete Goliath!

    Toy companies don't care about little people.

  3. Diego Zubrycky

    It would be so cool to have Gentleman Ghost re-released. I was lucky enough to find one recently in a shop here in my country and he's truly a great figure, IMO.

    I hope everyone can get one someday.

  4. Diego Zubrycky

    Speaking about GG, don't forget the mini Atom… He's cool too.

  5. dayraven

    yeah, i suspect the answers on the claws will likely get answered at SDCC

  6. Snakeeyes22

    The crazy thing is, last I checked, a carded GG was going for a price comparable to the underproduced Chemo panic wave. GG's own mixed color plastic proto sold for less than the retail fig.

    I'd say an additional frustration is that most people want him to open. Loose GGs are never sold with the Giganta parts.

    I'm about to bite the bullet, buy him and cast that head! And her butt. And sell at cost of materials. But that is frowned upon.

  7. nerdbot

    Yeah, it would be a shame to make folks buy an entire wave 8 when the vast majority only need GG. I consider myself lucky to have pre-ordered the set on-line. I know I saw GG once or twice at retail, and the rest of the wave seemed easy to find. This led me to take my chances by not pre-ordering wave 9. Now I'm in a similar boat, hoping to find a Black Adam without spending an arm and a leg.

    It would be nice if Mattel would make some of the harder-to-find singles available again, but I doubt they'll do it.

  8. Snakeeyes22


    Yes…yes you should. I waited several months before checking online, every other figure or wave I missed managed to pop up again, aside from a couple WalMart guys.

    I was floored by the $100+ he's going for. Needless to say, I went ahead and ordered Joker from ebay the other day.

    I do hope they do something besides selling entire waves next time. I only need at Atom, but I know many people missed Metallo entirely. It seems senseless to have to buy a full set of doubles to complete Giganta, when the other figures are probably cheaper on ebay.

    Yeah, with a line that's planned through to 2016, there's certainly got to be quite a few notes at the very least. I'm more curious about how they plan to handle some of the more oddball Snake Men and Horde characters. Will they be deluxe quarterly figures? Most importantly, will Man E Faces have snap on disguises?(ugh…hope not)

  9. MegaGearX

    @nerdbot: Two weeks.

    I hope Metallo's legs/bottom torso will be fixed on the re-release.

  10. nerdbot

    Wave 5 will sell out in under 5 minutes. It's gonna be extra chaotic that day.

    How long did waves 11 and 12 take to sell out?

  11. americanhyena

    Wow…I guess I should learn to appreciate my Gentleman Ghost more.

  12. Nicholai

    I'll be interested to see how fast wave 5 goes this month on matty. I think it'll go relatively quick due to the pent up demand for those figure and the cost the whole set is still demanding on the secondary market. My only thought then is that no other re-release could really compete with wave 5 in terms of excitement which would definitely annoy Mattel. While Gentleman Ghost has obviously been very difficult to find I don't hear very many complaints about the rest of wave 8 so I'm not sure how excited fans would be to get the whole wave again since most just want GG.

    Good news about the terror dogs. Sadly I'm sure we'll get a too many variants of the Ghostbusters themselves for my tastes.

  13. Poe

    @MegaGearX: "Too early to tell" could just mean "it's too early to tell you."

  14. americanhyena

    So did mine. Kind of a neat feeling actually, lol.

    I'm actually satisfied with that answer. And I've come to like the He-Man gauntlet. It looks more like a brace when he's firing the jewel.

  15. MegaGearX

    Guess Clawful and Buzz-Off aren't going to be at Wizard World in Philly on June 11th. Roboto either.

  16. RageTreb

    Hey, my question got "answered"! Cool.

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