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Princess Adora Bio

Real Name: Adora of the House of Randor (Leader in the Great Rebellion)

When Adora and her twin brother, Adam, were born, the Sorceress recognized they were the twins prophesized to wield the Power of Grayskull™. She magically cloned the Sword of He, enhancing it with the Stone of Protection so that each twin could have a key to unlock the Power. But Hordak™ also learned of the twins and arranged for his Eternian pupil, Skeletor®, to abduct the infants. Man-At-Arms® prevented Adam from being taken, but Adora was stolen away to the planet of Etheria, deep in the Dimension of Despondos. There, she was raised by Hordak™, until the day her brother returned, handing her the Sword of Protection, which she held aloft to become She-Ra™ — The Most Powerful Woman in the Universe!

Portrait Art Source: She-Ra Style Guide

First things first: I’m going to be a jackass and point out that “prophesized” is not a word. It should be “prophesied.”

So. The Sword of He. This incredibly powerful mythic weapon, bestowed upon Eternia by the Trollan Overlords of the Timeless Dimension of Ancient Eldritch Colossal Epicness–so powerful that when King Grayskull died, it had to be split in half and hidden lest the dark powers ever catch wind of its existence–this amazing artifact of universal power? CLWNED, BITCH.

Yes, here we get the first controversial mention of the Sorceress having “magically cloned” the Sword of He, which was then enhanced with the Stone of Protection. I’m sure the Bio Writers (BW) could cook up some sort of story whereby, through this vastly complicated one-time-only spell, the Sorceress managed to clone the Sword of He–cloned and enhanced it, mind you. I usually try to give the BW the benefit of the doubt, but I think this cloning idea represents a significant paucity of imagination. I’d rather the Sword of Protection have its own origin unrelated to the Sword of He than get this. At the very least, couldn’t have the Trollan Overlords have bestowed both swords? I think making it a cloned sword weakens the independence and strength of She-Ra’s character. Suffice to say, I’m ignoring this angle.

By the way, don’t even THINK about connecting this Stone of Protection with the one in He-Ro’s staff. DON’T EVEN THINK IT!! NO, STOP! STOP THINKING IT! They’re not the same thing. Do not imagine some sort of intriguing connection between He-Ro and She-Ra that better incorporates her into the mythos and prevents Adam from having a monopoly on the mythic forebear angle. It never happened. It totally wouldn’t be cool if it turned out that He-Ro was She-Ra’s mythological antecedent, as King Grayskull was He-Man’s.

The rest of the bio is nearly identical to the familiar bio we know from the cartoon, and I have no problems with it. But it does reference the fact that King Grayskull evidently banished Hordak and the Horde to a dimension that had an inhabited planet. Kind of sucks for Etheria. I’m going to hope that KG was unaware of this when he banished them. (In the Millennium cartoon version, I believe Hordak had opened the dimensional portal which KG then co-opted and sent Hordak into, so that couldn’t really be blamed on him.)


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  1. AJ

    ^^^^ Which bio is that from?

    I was going off Teela's bio which states: She is yet to become aware of her true heritage as the magically cloned daughter of, and heir to, the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull.

    I don't have every figure, so I haven't read all the bios, but I had the impression that in MOTUC canon, the Sorceress had cloned herself?

  2. MegaGearX

    @AJ: The Sorceress didn't clone herself. Skeletor cloned the Sorceress and made Teela.

  3. Alright, I know everyone hates the clone sword, but there is a way that all of this works, if you connect the bios.

    The Eternia bio states "Gifted with the Wisdom of Ages, The Elders of Greyskull SECRETLY know the twin warriors of the Great Prophecy will be born on their planet." Secretly they know – meaning the Trollan Overlords do not. It does not say that the warriors of the Prophecy will wield the Power of He.

    From the new King Greyskull bio: "This destined guardian of the Sword of He magically passed his essence into the blade with his last breath – ensuring that only his heirs would wield it and tap into the great power it harmonized with."*

    So Greyskull ruined the Sword of He for the Eternian dimension. I speculate the Trollans could have taken it back and re-set it for a new guardian because the bios mention the "bargain", but instead, Zodac goes with the Overlords to insure the Sword stays on Eternia.

    The swords were split at this point. Even if they were rejoined at any time after that, they are split again when Adam has to quest for them with the electronic sword.

    The point about the Trollans giving Eternia another sword for Adora becomes moot if they did not know that the twins were going to be on Eternia. Besides, there is no mention of the power of She – there is only a power of He, at least as far as we know.

    The Sorceress, having the Wisdom of the Elders and the Power of Greyskull at her command, knows that there will be a need for another sword to access the Power of He/the Power of Greyskull/Power of the Universe(the bios are unclear if these three things are the same)and the Wisdom of the Elders. The Sorceress can access the Orb of Power within Castle Greyskull, so why wouldn't she be able to make more swords to access the power?

    The Stone of Protection is needed for a reason I haven't seen mentioned yet – because Adora is a woman. And for a woman to access the power of He, the stone had to be added to the sword.

    It's not simple, and it might be stupid, but it works within the guidelines of what the bios so far have set up.

    *this is awesome, because all of the evil warriors who looked for the sword over the years wouldn't have been able to use it, not being part of the Greyskull bloodline – except potentially Keldor.

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