Battle Beasts Concl’d – Mea Culpa

Wrapping up the recent flurry of posts about a toy line I never even collected, the final word on the trademark issue can be found in this video of a panel from C2E2 2011:

Here’s what DST’s Zach Oat wrote in a comment on my earlier post:

If you go to the 28-minute mark, you can hear Chuck explain how we registered for the trademark after we discovered it had lapsed. (If I said “purchased” in this year’s panel, I misspoke, but we did have to pay to register the trademark. There was a check written.  ) He also explains why we waited — we were waiting to have room on our plates, for the economy to rebound and to have some sort of media tie-in lined up. Hence the IDW series.

So there you go.

As for me: I apologize for making a mountain out of this molehill. The answer was indeed out there. I didn’t know about this video, and so when I inquired about the trademark issue to my contacts a couple months ago and didn’t get an answer at the time, I ended up thinking there was more to it than there evidently was. I also didn’t put in a new inquiry to my contacts before my most recent post, which I should have done.

I realize my recent posts may have ginned up way more “controversy” about this then was at all warranted. For that I apologize to DST, Zach and everyone else. It was never my intention to cause controversy – if anything, I was trying to tamp it down a bit.

This does prove my utter impatience for watching online videos (sorry, Pixel Dan…) is something I need to work on. But it’s tough when you’re trying to find the answer to something and it’s only available in the middle of a video – I can’t get search results for that on the Web unless there’s a transcript available, and I don’t always have time to sit through hours of comic-con footage in the hopes of finding an answer.


Battle Beasts Cont’d – Takara Beast Fight Revealed [UPDATE: Preorder at BBS]


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    • ferris

      Not sure what you've done to break all those Minimates, I've got hundreds and have had one leg joint break in three years I think? And it's not like I'm especially gentle with them.

      I didn't think he had an "annoyed" tone, more of an "it's my job to make this very clear for legal reasons" tone. Obviously they know they're capitalizing on the name and nostalgia, and they know we know they know etc, but they can't really talk about that publicly if they need to keep it all legally separated.

      Also weren't the grey Rams an exclusive for that retailer thing just before C2E2? Maybe they just didn't have an extra left to give you, there were supposedly a lot less of them made than the red promo. Anyway, nice photos.

  1. Monte

    For what it's worth, I don't watch review videos, either. Indeed, I grow mildly irritated when I click on a news link (meaning actual world news, not toy news) and discover it's a video.

    I recognize that videos are probably the future of the hobby, but for my money, the combination of photos and text will always provide better reference.

    • Until they work out a decent technology for making videos searchable via automatic talk-to-text transcription (and allow you to click on a link to take you right to the relevant part of the video), print will remain vital.

      That said, I do suspect they'll work out that technology sooner or later.

  2. ridureyu


    But I used to love the mainstream media! I mean, I've met John Stossel's dog (it's a pomeranian), so doesn't that mean that they've all got my back?

  3. Misterbigbo

    Poe, the link you posted is broken, but I would like to see it. I looked at DST's site for info, and though my google-fu is not strong, I couldn't find an official site. Of course I can only browse the web in 10 minute chunks between toddler adventures and dirty diapers, so maybe that's my fault. . .

  4. Poe, I don't think you have anything at all to apologize for. It's DST that needs to be apologizing to everyone. They're capitalizing on a name while trying to tell everyone that their line has nothing to do with the original line that used the exact same name. They should have a FAQ on their site that tells everyone EXACTLY what is going on.

    • misterbigbo

      I'm inclined to agree with Philip. I know you have your reasons for avoiding ruffling feathers, but honestly, you did nothing wrong. If the only place one can find the necessary info from DST on this line is mining through a video of a con presentation, then shame on DST. They lost big time here, because as people like you dug for the truth of the story, the competition has been given exposure and maybe a leg up, and meanwhile DST still has no mention of the line on their website beyond the countdown page that is static and unhelpful. Meanwhile blogs and BBTS jump on the Takara train. If anything, the Japanese ought to send you some complimentary review samples!

    • I am all over those Takara Beast Saga toys. The addition of the dice closed the deal for me and I placed my pre-order this morning.

      I do love the look of IDW's Battle Beasts comic.

    • Well, DST does have the Battle Beast website.

      And no one offers me complimentary review samples 🙂 I have had some luck with ad revenue lately, though.

  5. 3B_

    Karmic payback: you're forced to write reviews on Fake-O's line of knock-off My Little Pony toys. 😉

  6. monkey boy

    i SO feel you on videos. i look at news websites, and if a story links to a video…ugh, who has the time? i prefer things in text form, so i'm free to look at what i want to look at, when i want to look at it, thanks. also, i hate when i have to watch a commercial first.

    • videos are just not condusive for relaying news. i don't mind video reviews, but i generally tend to skip around.

  7. It's OK. I get so frustrated when a news story I'm interested in is only available in video format. I want to read, dammit! Guess we're old school.

  8. Newton Gimmick

    Yeah stop causing trouble, lol.

    Anyway, there's going to be a lot of neat toys coming out.

  9. No need to apologize to me, Poe! Videos aren't everyone's cup o' tea, and I definitely should have taken the time to go back through that video and pinpoint the time stampt for you. So my apologies for blindy posting an old video without better detailed information about where the important stuff is. 🙂

    • I do try to watch your video reviews…I just tend to skip back and forth within them to find the info I'm looking for 🙂

      Is it possible, using the technology, to break down your video reviews into marked sections, like sculpting/design, articulation, paint etc.?

    • I may be able to do this on YouTube. I could post minute marks and that should jump to the right part of the video. Perhaps this is somethign I can experiment with. 🙂

    • When this amazing idea triples your already-impressive traffic, I want royalties! Or at least, y'know, credit :p

    • Credit for Short Attention Span Goes To Poe! ;-D

    • One thing I always wished for when you did TNTS was chapters or minute marks on the videos…

  10. Mario

    Couldn't agree with you more about the utter impatience I too have when it comes to online videos. In my eyes, you are excused.

    & quickly, on a totally unrelated note, thanks for the AWESOME (& bloody vintage!) vending machine Starship. Love it.

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