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Inspired by’s Roast Gooble Dinner podcast, welcome to PGPoA’s latest MOTUC Bio Discussion!

Star Sisters™ Bios

Starla™, Bright and Beautiful Leader™
Real Name: Gemma,

Jewelstar™, Hidden Beauty™
Real Name: Devena

Tallstar™, Lovely Lookout™
Real Name: Cassandra

In ancient times, an evil sorceress became jealous of the Star Sisters’ youth and beauty and trapped them in a shooting star. It was sent hurling through the cosmos until the three women crash-landed on Etheria. There, they remained magically confined in the side of a mountain until the day Swiftwind’s hooves accidently loosened the stone that concealed their prison. She-Ra® quickly used her powers to melt away the star that held them captive. In gratitude, the sisters pledged their everlasting friendship. Jewelstar™ magically conjures gem armor to protect herself and others. Tallstar™ uses her magic to stretch to unbelievable lengths. Starla™, with her pet Glorybird, can sense danger and project spells of light against her foes. Together, they stand side-by-side with She-Ra® in the battle for freedom.

Not a whole lot to discuss here, is there? An origin story, a description of the characters and so on. I’m trying, but I just can’t find anything interesting to say about this bio.

These bio discussions have really lost a lot of their appeal, haven’t they? I think they work better in a live format, like the actual Roast Gooble podcasts. Then you usually get one person willing to play the devil’s advocate enough to make it interesting.

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  1. Dragonwalker

    I love them!!!!!!!! Had no idea they existed.Watched the episode they appeared in,and now I'm in love!!!!!!! Some of the most interesting of She-Ra's Power Princess'!!!!! They are cool on a cosmic level and they can be real valuable fighters

  2. nytetrayn

    I'd go closer to the reveal, personally. And maybe engage someone in a chat and post the transcript, if having more than one person on it would help (not recommending the podcast thing, as I seldom get to listen to those).

  3. I think people just don't care about the Scissor Star Sisters. I'd say keep going to get caught up (which should be soon-ish, right?) But I think doing them as they are revealed will get more attention. Finally, I think the bios themselves have lost their lustre. Usually I'll read them when they're revealed and then not think about it again. Sometimes I don't even read it on the back of the actual card itself.

  4. Ridureyu

    I really like the bio discussions. It’s just that this one is… Star Sisters. Maybe timing them a little clOser to the accompanying figure review would be best.

  5. dayraven

    i do think that doing them closer to the reveal would strike while the iron's hotter, but on the other hand… the bios kinda suck. it seems to me that the general consensus around the web is, ignore the bios… so how much additional traction one can get by doing day-of-reveal discussions i don't know. i will say, i play devil's advocate a lot on these bios, mostly because i genuinely think they blow goats, but people rarely have responses… so devil's advocate alone is not enough to engage a disconnected fanbase.

    and like, on the star sisters… i think you would a goddamned giveaway or something to get serious page hits for their bios. not trying to be hurtful man, but of the motuc bios, these bxtches are the absolute bottom of the barrel. i wish you great luck in generating discussion in here. the question of "should i revise how i do the bios" should be done in it's own article.

  6. I rarely read these things, but I guess I'll try to chime in, ha; Doesn't Tallstar sound like the butch less attractive sister? I mean we have the "beautiful leader" and the "hidden beauty" and then we have the "lovely" (we were triplets and she needs a job cause beauty isn't cutting it) lookout. Plus they give here a Plastic-man role in the outfit, which we all know the Eel O'Brian is the ugliest of the Justice League members. 🙂 Just my two cents.

  7. Brian Real

    It is best to do these bios at the reveal because it is current and relevant discussion. When the figure comes in do the review. I cannot wait for your review of The Matty's Sphincter! Lamest figure of 2012.

  8. Dead Man Walking

    Revealed makes more sense.

  9. Question for you all: should I stop doing these? Has the moment where people really cared about bios passed?

    Or is the problem that I'm discussing them too late – I should be discussing them as they're revealed?

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