Rumored Star Wars Black 6″ Wave 4 Line-up


First off, as always, take this with a grain of salt. This is based on third-hand information. I just happen to find it compelling enough to pass along. While I generally try to avoid rumor-mongering, I think it’s worth giving preemptive feedback sometimes.

User WayneStarActionF at the Rebelscum forums has made what I think is a decently convincing case (based on what he claims is inside information) for the line-up of Star Wars Black 6″ Wave 4. WayneStarActionF also states that while Wave 4 is disappointing, Wave 5 is amazing and consists entirely of Original Trilogy characters.

But before we get to Wave 5, WayneStarActionF claims, we’ll have to get through Wave 4, which will allegedly consist of:

Now, obviously Chewbacca will sell well – possibly even better than, say, Han Solo, because everyone loves Chewbacca. I also think the Clone Trooper will do fairly well, because it’s a cool design and collectors have a hard time resisting army builders. Anakin will pegwarm, but unless he gets carried forward to the next wave, it won’t be too bad.

But if Obi-Wan is indeed carried forward, that is bad news. There are far better options for the carry-forward figure – Boba Fett, the Stormtrooper, the Sandtrooper, and Darth Maul, in that order. I think even a second Clone Trooper would be smarter. But given what we’ve seen so far, I can see this being the Wave 4 line-up. The question is whether it can sell well enough to get us to the (supposedly amazing) Wave 5.

Of course, even if this line-up is or was accurate at any point, everything’s obviously subject to change. Perhaps Hasbro has taken note of what’s been selling well so far and will make adjustments before Toy Fair (possibly delaying Wave 4, which would be fine with me).

If we assume the Jedi Defender list is accurate and the above Wave 4 list is accurate, Wave 5 would consist of some combination of the TIE Pilot, C-3PO, Darth Vader, Jedi Luke, and/or the Jawa 2-pack. Obviously that would indeed be a killer line-up.


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  1. Jackstatic

    The only Black figure Ive bought has been Boba Fett, saw em once, and only once, and that was after seeing piles of Han, Greedo, and Leia's. So I make the executive decision to grab him (even though I had no intentions on collecting the line) I opened em and am happy to have him. I would love to see more aliens or bounty hunters in this scale to be honest, but the main cast and crew do little for me. I would probably pick up a Vader, but I've never been too huge in to star wars outside of a figure here or there.

  2. In my area, we have a tru, a target, & a barnes & noble that carry swb. Every figure from wave 2, sans fett, are warming those pegs! I think they would be better if their eyes weren’t so massively screwed up. Out of the dozen or so Han I’ve seen only 3 didn’t need special glasses. And those are the 3 my friends & I purchased. I’ve only seen good Darth Maul eyes, I’ve only seen 1 bad Luke, & I’ve only seen 1 “good” Leia.

  3. PresidentJuggernaut

    A Star Wars toyline, four waves in, and no Darth Vader. This is insane.

  4. Mindless-Focus

    Where is Ackbar! It pisses me off that such a bad ass character isn’t in the line yet. I’d army build Ackbar. Paint some suits tan and have a ship full of Mon Cals.

    • Yuuuuup! Ackbar is on my “hope they make him” list! Along with Tarkin, Bossk, Disguise Lando & Ponda Boba!

  5. Well again, this is all rumor until we get an official announcement. And I'd like nothing better than for this proposed wave list to be wrong…but at the same time, I'm a pessimist and always like to be prepared for the worst 🙂

    • stack32

      When it comes to Hasbro and casepacks being a pessimist is exactly the right attitude. I generally try to give companies the benefit of the doubt, but Hasbro has made plenty of obvious errors in that area before, especially with Star Wars.

    • Jester

      And yet they've managed to keep it going for nearly twenty years.

    • stack32

      Tell that to the Vintage Collection.

    • Jester

      Not really relevant to my specific rebuttal, wouldn't you say?

    • stack32

      Not sure what your point was to begin with. Is there enough demand for Star Wars product that Hasbro can massively screw up, change their approach, and get retailers to put product back on shelves? Sure, it seems that way. But their track record of late is largely poor casepacks and questionable character selection, even to the point of killing the last iteration of the 4" line. If you're invested in the longevity of the 6" line (or the collector-focused 4" line) that doesn't inspire confidence. If Hasbro has to cut back to just 5 POA 4" figures they would still be successfully keeping the line going but I can't imagine many collectors would call that a win.

    • Jester

      Is there enough demand for Star Wars product that Hasbro can massively screw up, change their approach, and get retailers to put product back on shelves? Sure, it seems that way.

      Hence my relatively fatalistic appraisal of the whole issue. I'm quite as confused and perturbed by the carry-over business as anyone else, but it seems to me that regardless of our thoughts on the matter, Hasbro will do what it wants (or what retailers want, if that be the case), even if they're reduced to doing so with little more than those Force-forsaken 5-POS throwbacks…

  6. I’m okay with prequel waves. That way I can save up for OT waves!

  7. Ghost Target

    Hasbro has to throw Boba in another wave; I'm getting tired of finding Leia & Greedo peg warming

  8. Thommy/Uki

    Not everyone loathes the prequels, of course. I think this lineup is great, and ROTS is my preferred Anakin (though I’d take a TPM version with pod race helmet!). In my area, it’s all selling well, and I’ve yet to find a Boba. 🙁

    • I enjoy the prequels, and wouldn’t mind getting some figures from the PT, I just figure MOST adult collectors would prefer prequel figures not dominate a wave. If we were gonna get PT figs and CW figures, I’d much rather get interesting ones like Cody or grievous. I’d even take Jedi like QuiGon or mace. But for some reason I find CW anakin painfully bland.

  9. I think this line-up conjecture is pretty iffy. hasbro's been pretty clear that they are focusing on adult collectors with this line, and up until this moment that has primarily been heavy on OT characters (one prequel character in series 1-3, zero in series 2). Why would they suddenly flip it around so that it becomes almost entirely prequel? While I am all for a Clone Trooper, I can't see them putting out such a blah, prequel heavy wave. If I'm wrong, expect the Anakin and Obi-Wan to pegwarm like crazy. Can't imagine too many adult collectors really want such a bland Anakin design, and most will already have the Obi-Wan from the previous series. Why are these carry overs even a thing? And why, if this line-up is true, are the carry-overs always characters nobody would really want as carry-overs?

  10. Mysterious Stranger

    I just left my closest Target and they had 3 RotJ Leia, 2 Greedo and 4, count 'em 4 Han Solo warming the pegs. So yeah I think they really need to reconsider their casepacks. But the Han Solo carry forward makes a little more sense if Chewie is coming in Wave 4. Plenty of Han Solo warming pegs to go with Chewie when/if he finally arrives.

    • lanerb

      Really? I've seen Han in person a total of once, and it was one of him. Over here, Leia and Greedo are the pegwarmers.

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