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Paul’s Peg > The New AT-AT is Coming…?

After the success of the big Millennium Falcon ’08 there’s been lots of speculation on what would be the next revamped old school Star Wars vehicle. Lots of Star Wars collecting nerds have been praying to the Maker for a larger scaled AT-AT. Well, it looks like it might be one step closer to reality. Here’s what could be a leaked “big reveal” of an enormous AT-AT.

Paul’s Peg > New Joe Card Art?

How’s this for total speculation? Here’s some possible new G.I. Joe card art that surfaced on 4chan.

Now the only reason I’m posting this here is that I would totally dig this art. I’m guessing that it’s probably a fake, but who knows? I really would love to see the return of a more classic card out, since I’ve never liked the Rise of Cobra stuff. I don’t expect a return to the look of the 25th anniversary style, but dang it all, I miss it. This is a nice middle ground that might catch my eye a bit more as I’m looking for toys I can’t afford. What do kids think?

Thanks to: The Terrordrome

Paul’s Peg > Holiday Cheer Lego Star Wars Style

I recently ran across this picture on The Brothers Brick and it would have been criminal not to share:


This was posted by Chris McVeigh on his Flickr account. Check out other cool pictures there.

I gotta say, that’s a lot of Lego tauntauns. I had to spend about 25 bucks to get a set that had just one. He’s sitting on my desk with Lego Indiana Jones riding him which is cool and all, but I never thought of using him as a reindeer.

Paul’s Peg > The 2010 G.I. Joe Club Exclusives

If you’re a G.I. Joe fan, the Official Joe fan club is kind of neat. You get some nifty newsletters and pride in the fact you’re an elite nerd that loves G.I. Joe. Each year the club offers up two “free” figures to it’s members. You get to pick between either an old school 12″ sized Joe or a 3 3/4ths style figure. Last year I joined to get a pimped out gold Undertow figure, one of the most bad asses water based figures around. This year you can color me disinterested at best (which is a light shade of blue). For the 3 and 3/4ths figure we get Big Lob.


More like Big Yawn. Get it? I’m sure someone has been clamoring for this figure, but I have no use for him.

Paul’s Peg > Star Wars Fan’s Choice Hall of Shame

The choices for Star War’s fans choice figure are still available to be voted on and I finally got a chance to check them out. You’ve got the usual assortment of background aliens that no normal person should care about, some of Padme’s Decoys, and Uncle Owen’s Dad. This thing is like a Hall of Shame for Star Wars. Here are just a few of the terrible, terrible choices:

Kitster Banai and Wald


The text for this one is priceless, ” Anakin’s little buddies have never received figures, yet they’re prominent on-screen.” Prominent on-screen does not equal worthy of being an action figure, rather its just one of Lucas’s biggest blunders.

Paul’s Peg > The Hasbro Gunship is Guntactular

The Star Wars prequels completely divided the Star Wars community forever. Some hate them, others love them. I’m somewhere in the middle. One of the few saving graces for me is the huge battle scene in Attack of the Clones that predominately features the wickedly cool Gunships. Once I saw the clones landing for the first time, lasers blasting I was hooked on anything and everything clone related. I’ve very recently managed to complete a long term goal of mine, getting a Hasbro gunship with two gun pods. It was long term because first Hasbro had to actually make the pods, plus I wanted a gunship that had opening and closing doors, which Hasbro released for the first time this year. Behold!


Was it worth it worth the wait and expense? Click on that more tab to see!

Paul’s Peg > Star Wars Dio Contest Greatness

Hasbro had one of the coolest contests ever that went under my radar. Basically, it was to see who could create the finest looking diorama on the planet featuring Star Wars action figures and holy balls there were some fantastic dios on display. You can currently vote on your favorite of the top five entries they received if you visit their site right here, but here are my two favorites:

Hoth Hanger:


Paul’s Peg > TatTF: The Terminator Flesh Maker


In the early 90s Kenner decided that they needed to cash in on the Terminator franchise the only way they knew how, by making toys based on the sequel Terminator 2: Judgment Day. I skipped the entire line at the time, because I found the figures massively disappointing overall, but it did have it’s high points. Unarguably the strangest item in the Terminator toy line up, and perhaps in any toy line period, is the Bio-Flesh generator:

The idea of a toy that can make skin is something out a nightmare, but here it is. While it’s certainly in the realm of other toys that involve pouring something gross on action figures like the Masters of the Universe Slime, it occupies a peculiar place in toy history.

Did anyone have this thing? Was the skin even half way realistic? And more importantly was it edible?

Paul’s Peg > Toy Hunt: DC and Marvel Finds


I have a terrible time finding anything I want at retail. I’m not sure if it’s my luck or what, but if there’s a toy I want I’m most likely going to have to work very hard at trying to get it. This last weekend was a bit strange, in the fact that I managed to find a bunch of stuff I wanted. I’m not here to brag about finding toys that everyone else has, but to drop some of my thoughts on my plunder. Now, let’s do this!

Paul’s Peg > It’s Coming… The Return of “Joes For Tots”


One of my pledges last year was to bring back the “Joes for Tots” contest come hell or high water. Well both came and I’m busy working behind the scenes to ensure that Joes for Tots once again encourages collectors to give to kids. If you’re unfamiliar with how it works let me get you up to speed quickly: If you donate a toy(s) to Toys For Tots you can send a picture of yourself doing so and that counts as an entry to the contest. You can also donate cash to their website and send in the proof of the online donation (they give you a receipt with no credit card info on it). Either way, your good deed might get you just a little something extra.

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