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New List up at Topless Robot & BBTS Sponsor News

I’ve got a new list up at TR:

The 10 Most Common Music Cues in Nerd-Dom

And here’s some news from BBTS:

New Bowen – Kingpin, Spider-Man Modern Museum Statue, Doc Samson

Borderlands Claptrap Blu14 – Limited Edition

Friday the 13th- 7″ figures Series 02

Golgo 13 – Mr Duke Togo – 1/6 Scale

Team Fortress – Demo & Pyro Figures

Iron Man Nendoroid

New Revoltech – Iron Man, Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell, Zetman, Monster Hunter

Artifactory Replicas – HAL9000, Vampire Killing Sets, Space Program Replicas

New List Up At Topless Robot: “10 Most Famous Swamp Monsters”

The 10 Most Famous Swamp Monsters of Nerd-Dom

9 Toylines from the ’80s Based on Unusual Gimmicks

My latest list up at Topless Robot. Big thanks to Power Pal and 1980s toys expert Ben Leach for helping come up with some of the items on this list.

9 Toylines from the ’80s Based on Unusual Gimmicks

PGPoA T-shirts now available!

This is a bit of an experiment. I’ve created a small Printfection store of PPGoA-themed T-shirts, including the above “Mad Money King” shirt. There are also two other designs – 339/1 and the toy-inspired “Action Poe” image. Available in both regular and women’s style.

The shirts are a bit more expensive than I’d like, due to the colors and front-and-back images. If people think they’re prohibitively expensive I can look into ways to reduce the price, maybe by going grayscale with some of the images or putting the website URL on the front instead of the back.

The Mystic Hammer Hits Today

UPDATE: Hammer is on sale now!

Fans who were disappointed that Spy Monkey Creations never made another run of Chalybeous – the Hammer of War can now rejoice – toymaker extraordinaire Joe Amaro has come to your rescue with his beautiful new piece, the Mystic Hammer.

You can see Pixel Dan’s review here (I’ve got a sample on the way, but I asked Joe to wait until I had finished my move). The Hammer goes on sale today at Joe’s website for $20 shipped U.S., $25 shipped internationally. I’m not sure what time it will go on sale and the first run is extremely limited, so be sure to check the website frequently today!

Joe has said this is just an initial run to test the waters. I suspect they’ll sell out pretty damned fast.

New S.H. MonsterArts Poll at Tamashii Nations

Godzilla (S.H.Monster Arts)

Godzilla (S.H.Monster Arts) by Jova Cheung, on Flickr

I try not to ask favors of you, my readers. I write this site for my own enjoyment as well as yours, not to advance my own agenda.

But once in a while I may make use of this megaphone I have, and this is one of those times. If you’re a Facebook user, please vote in this S.H. MonsterArts poll. While I voted for all the Godzilla monsters, I don’t care who you vote for – just please vote! And maybe consider voting for Showa Godzilla and Mechagodzilla. Y’know, if you were wondering whom I might recommend or something.

Batman Wants to Crush Your Cities, Learn How to Love

I try not to shill too much on this blog, especially for specific products, but sometimes there’s something so awesome you just have to share it.

Somehow, Funko got it into their head to create a Shogun Warriors-style Batman. But it’s not just Batman, because that would be weird; no, it’s a giant ROBOT Batman. Meaning you can stand it alongside your Batman Brave and the Bold or BTAS figures as part of a display.

Standing 11 inches tall, this thing is available at Entertainment Earth for $36, which seems surprisingly reasonable for something of this size and degree of badassitude.


New Article at ThisBlogRules

Will Paoletto of ThisBlogRules gave me a chance to stretch my imaginative wings and write about something other than toys for once. What I wrote was an attempt to unify all the policeman roles of Reginald “Sgt. Al Powell from Die Hard and Carl Winslow from Family Matters” VelJohnson into one (fairly) cohesive story.

The Strange Career of Sgt. Al Powell

New list at Topless Robot – “10 Extremely Inappropriately Named Toys”

I’ve got yet another list up at TR. This one was really enjoyable to write, as it’s one of the funnier ones I’ve done:

10 Extremely Inappropriately Named Toys

Poe Ghostal’s Points of Acquisition Again Open for Business

I’ve reopened my Ecrater store in an effort to turn over some old stuff I just don’t think I’m ever going to get around to opening. Using that money I’ll be getting new stuff to review–plus keep this website going and so forth. So please peruse my wares. I tried to give fair prices based on eBay completed listings.

If this proves successful, I may put up some of my older loose stuff as well.

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