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Figma announces 6″ Indiana Jones from Raiders (with head sculpt from Crystal Skull)


Figma will be producing a 6″ (well, roughly 6″), fully articulated Indiana Jones. While this will easily be the most articulated Indiana Jones in any under-12″ scale to date. CollectionDX notes that the figure comes with the small golden idol from Raiders, the trinket from Temple of Doom, the Holy Grail from The Last Crusade, and the face of Harrison Ford from The Crystal Skull. Okay, I added that last one, but – yikes. Let’s hope they fix that before the release.

I have mixed feelings about Figmas. They’re not really 6″ figures – more like 5″-5½”. I love the scads of articulation and accessories, but the style seems to work best for cartoonish characters like Link from Zelda or robotic characters like Iron Man or Robocop. Their “realistic” figures end up looking too soft and cartoonish. That said, I’d still get this figure if they improve the head sculpt (or if it looks better in production). If not, I’ll have to pass.

See more photos here. Coming March 2013 for 4,800 yen ($49).

Pic of the Day > Star Wars Death Star Playset E by speedbreaker9

Star Wars Death Star Playset E

Pic of the Day > Don’t Make Me Uncoil the Whip by Geek Creek

Don't Make Me Uncoil the Whip

Review > Disneyland Paris Exclusive Indiana Jones

Poe’s note: This figure appears to be identical to the Disneyland Exclusive Indiana Jones from a few years back.

This year I was lucky enough to go to Disneyland Paris for our family holidays. It’s been the second time we have been with our kids, everyone enjoys themselves a great deal, but I like to make a bee-line for Adventure Land and the Temple of Peril ride in particular, not so much for the ride you understand, but for the toys.

Pic of the Day > Indy Kermit (Palisades) by chogokinjawa

Indy Kermit (Palisades)

Pic of the Day


Eritrea by Geek Creek

Pic of the Day

Indiana Jones - Runaway Train

Indiana Jones – Runaway Train by 1/6th shooter

Pic of the Day

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark by Clarkent78

Doc Thomas Probes > Most Wanted

These days, we collectors have a lot to be thankful for – the shift in quality of action figures over the past two decades has turned once-small, barely recognizable, barely moveable plastic playthings into fully articulated, awesomely detailed, instantly identifiable works of art that we’re glad to have displayed in our kitchen, to be briefly admired by last night’s mistake before we kick her out of the apartment. Yes, toys have come a long way, and with the expansion of the market has come a bigger range of great properties picked up and plasticized for our collecting pleasure.

If you’re anything like me, and I know I am, you can look in front of you right now and see an amazing range of amazing toys including Bender from Futurama, the Heath Ledger Joker from The Dark Knight, several Daleks, the amazing Masterpiece Grimlock, WALL-E, at least a dozen different Skeletors, Big Daddy holding a Little Sister’s hand, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cobra Commander, an entire shelf of friggin’ Muppets, and Richard Nixon’s head. That is range, my friends. The sheer mass of different characters that have been made into great toys is amazing and wonderful – and yet, there are still plenty of favourites that are yet to be immortalised in plastic. These are


Show and Tell > G.I. Joe in the Indiana Jones Crib

Hey everyone, Paul here again. Like almost any collector I feel like I must share my shame with the world, so this time I have something that I really enjoy. It’s a re-purposed Indiana Jones playset full of G.I. Joe action.

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