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Digital River Steals Mattel’s Thunder on MOTUC Reveals (Spoilers)


First off, for anyone who hasn’t heard, I’m not going to Toy Fair. There are a variety of reasons for this, but the nail in the coffin was the blizzard. It’s a bummer, but I’ll be doing my usual armchair coverage from here at home. Which, yes, means actual posts here on the site.

It feels like it’s been a while since we’d had a good Digital River/Mattel screw-up. Even the subscription section of Mattycollector was more or less working! But it couldn’t last, and someone digging around in a public image directory stumbled upon a bunch of images of previously-unrevealed Masters of the Universe Classics, Club Infinite Earths and Club Black Freighter products. I’m not sure who first posted the images, but it may have been the DASH blog.

Happy Netossa Day!



So here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • MOTUC: Netossa™ (monthly figure, included with Club Eternia® subscriptions)
  • MOTUC: Horde Prime™ (remaining Customer Service stock – not included with Club Eternia subscriptions; eligible for Early Access)
  • MOTUC: Griffin™ (remaining Customer Service stock – not included with Club Eternia subscriptions; eligible for Early Access)
  • DCU: Saint Walker (monthly figure, included with Club Infinite Earths subscriptions)
  • Watchmen: Rorschach (bi-monthly figure, included with Club Black Freighter subscriptions)

Just a reminder, subscribers only have Early Access to items from the same line (i.e., MOTUC subscribers don’t have early access to Rorschach).

It should also be noted that the “My Subscriptions” function is finally active, albeit it still appears to have some problems according to early reports. I had to use it myself – despite making a new credit card my default credit card for Mattycollector, I still needed to change the card specifically used for my subscription.

Mattel: Cherry Pickers Need Not Apply (& Could Ruin It for Everyone)

Scott Neitlich posted a lengthy update on the various Mattycollector subscriptions on the Mattycollector Facebook page.

The whole thing is pretty long, but the main takeaways are:

  • They had to raise the price because it was simply untenable to maintain the 2008 pricing in 2013.
  • There will be very little to almost no day-of-sale stock for many figures.
  • The early-access ordering for subscribers does not apply to other subscriptions you have not subscribed to (i.e., Watchmen subscribers can’t nab a Ram Man before the regular sale).
  • They’re working on improving the customer service.

But probably the most important part is this:

Odds ‘n Ends > Star Wars Day Edition


  • Before anyone asks, no, I didn’t see Wolverine this weekend. And I probably won’t, because I see maybe three movies at the theater a year, and I’ve already seen Watchmen and intend to see Star Trek. Terminator Salvation is a toss-up for #3.
  • As many of you know, Big Bad Toy Store got an early shipment of DC Universe Classics Wave 8, as did a few other retailers who imported directly from China. The rest of us–including those who ordered from Enchanted Toy Chest and CornerStoreComics–must wait for the domestic orders to arrive, which will probably be around the end of this month. While I’m typical of most toy collectors in that I’m quite impatient and have a penchant for instant gratification, I’ve managed to hold off buying or trading for any of the figures from this wave ahead of time. Nonetheless, it’s a bit off-putting that no matter how pessimistically far ahead I  predict I’ll receive my figures (I guessed May 20 this time), it manages to be a good deal later than that. (Of course, I’ll eat my words if they show up on or before the 20th, but that’s not a bet I’d take.)
  • Out of what could be construed as sheer despair for something to do this weekend, I finally tossed in the copy of Bioshock I borrowed from a friend six months ago. Of course I was immediately drawn in (despite how sick I am of first-person shooters). I’m not finished yet, but I’m already interested in the game’s upcoming sequel.
  • On a related note, it was with no little annoyance I saw that Batman: Arkham Asylum has been pushed back to fall. That game had better not suck. On the other hand, it sounds like the Wolverine movie game might actually be kinda awesome.
  • Today is apparently “Star Wars Day,” based entirely off the pun, “May the 4th Be With You.” According to Wikipedia this idea has been around for years, but it took today’s Twitter chatter to make me aware of it.  Anyway, Happy Star Wars Day, I guess. Celebrate in your own fashion. I recommend burning incense and singing snatches of “Good Night, But Not Goodbye,” in honor of the late Bea Arthur.
  • So what’s up with you?

Toy Review Roundup (via Fanmode)

fanmode-copy Corey Tincher reviews the Mattel DC Universe Classics Ocean Warrior Aquaman figure. Excerpt: “This is just an ugly costume, and they matched it quite well, meaning it’s an ugly figure too.”

Poe Ghostal reviews the Mattel DC Universe Classics Ocean Warrior Aquaman figure. Excerpt: “… because of the odd way Aquaman is hunched in the package, my Aquaman’s head was completely locked in a ‘looking up” position.”

Poe Ghostal reviews the Mattel DC Universe Classics Booster Gold (modern variant) figure. Excerpt: “… one of the best-looking DCUC figures to date.”

Toy review roundup (via Fanmode)

fanmode-copy EVA Unit 4A reviews the Bandai Macross Origin of Valkyrie VF-1J Valkyrie (Ichijo Hikaru type) 1/55-scale figure. Excerpt: “I still love the Takatoku Toys 1/55-scale sets, and this VF-1J Valkyrie (Ichijyo ver.) is no exception.”

EVA Unit 4A reviews the Bandai Macross Origin of Valkyrie VF-1S Valkyrie (Roy Focker type) 1/55-scale figure. Excerpt: “While my 1990 reissue will remain a treasured founding piece in my own collection, the Origin of Valkyrie line allows me to appreciate the quality of the design once more from a collector’s standpoint.”

Corey Tincher reviews the Mattel DC Universe Classics Blue Beetle figure. Excerpt: “This toy does Blue Beetle some of the justice he deserves by giving fans a little something to hold on to.”

Pic of the Day

Rorschach by Supermean

Toy review roundup (via Fanmode)

fanmode-copy Newton Gimmick reviews the Character Options Doctor Who Cyberman (The Invasion version) figure. Excerpt: “Who wouldn’t want a tin foil robot with an accordion shoved on his chest?” (See also.)

Michael Crawford reviews the Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars Militaries of Star Wars Imperial Stormtrooper Sideshow exclusive 1/6-scale figure. Excerpt: “If you’re pickier than I am about the extreme accuracy of your Star Wars troopers, you may not be as happy, but I suspect most people will love this guy.”

Updatedude reviews the Hasbro G.I. Joe Firefly (2009 version) figure. Excerpt: “He’s not quite in the league of MRS figures, but that’s primarily due to the limitations of not having swivel thighs.”

Movie Review > Watchmen


(WARNING: This review assumes you’ve seen the movie, so if you’re avoiding spoilers, don’t read it.)

In what context should I review Watchmen? Do I compare it to the book (which I admire, but don’t personally love)? Do I try to review it as if I weren’t familiar with the book, as a film that stands or stumbles on its own merits? Does a superhero flick like Watchmen even deserve a review that begins with such pretentious metaphysical mummery?

These are the questions that kept me up for about five or ten minutes last night, before I woke early the next morning to see an 11:30 a.m. showing of Watchmen at the Jordan’s Furniture IMAX theater in Natick. (Yes, you non-New Englanders, for some reason a regional furniture chain owns and operates not one but two IMAX theaters, built right next to the furniture showrooms.) I think Dr. Mrs. Ghostal was more excited to see it than I was, as I intimated a few days ago.

Toy review roundup (via Fanmode)

fanmode-copy Michael Crawford reviews the DC Direct Watchmen Dr. Manhattan 1/6-scale figure. Excerpt: “The best feature of this figure is the suit …”

Michael Crawford reviews the DC Direct Watchmen Ozymandias and Silk Spectre (Modern) figures. Excerpt: “… the lack of articulation is disappointing.”

Michael Crawford reviews the DC Direct Watchmen Nite Owl (Modern) and Rorschach figures. Excerpt: “(Re: Rorschach) … the figure is basically a statue, and the selected pose really ain’t doing it for me.” (See also.)

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