ToyFare #157 & 2011 Club Eternia/Club Ecto-1 news

The latest issue of ToyFare, #157, hit newsstands this week, and it’s chock (what’s a chock? anyway) full of news. News you didn’t already know. Or maybe you did, but I didn’t. Among the highlights: The Four Horsemen’s new line is Symbiotech, which should be familiar to Fantastic Exclusive voters. Still early on in the […]

Odds ‘n Ends > Arthropod Edition

So, Voltron is back and Mattel has the toy rights. Thoughts, opinions, bitterly sarcastic comments regarding the availability and quality control of new toys? Once again, has taken an idea I had and beat me to the punch. Check out their interview with Mel Birnkrant, inventor of the Outer Space Men. A must-read. And […]

Ask Mattel > July 1 Edition

1.) Valo487 asks: The Legion of Doom has been fairly well represented in both JLU and DCUC with a few left to finish the team in both lines, however Toyman is currently missing from both. Is he in the works for either line? Also, any chance for a non-armored Lex Luthor? Both are a possibility, […]

ToyFare #144 to debut DCUC Question

ToyFare‘s Justin Aclin just announced, via his Twitter account, that next week’s issue will feature the first exclusive photos of the DC Universe Classics Question! As you may recall, the Question was the winner of a fan voting contest in ToyFare last year. Oh, and be sure to follow Justin on Twitter!

Toy review roundup (via Fanmode) 12/24/08

Dave Van Domelen reviews the Hasbro Transformers Animated Deluxe class Blurr, Swindle and Blazing Lockdown figures. Excerpt: “(Re: Blurr) A very good updating of the original toy, and an amazingly solid toy in its own right.” yo go re reviews the Hasbro Transformers Animated Leader class Ultra Magnus figure. Excerpt: “Ultra Magnus is fun in […]

Odds ‘n Ends

As always, feel free to add your own odds ‘n ends in the comments! ODD: This week’s issue of ToyFare features at least two awesome things: photos of Mattel’s next Mattycollector-exclusive DCUC two-pack (Ultraman and Alex Luthor) and an interview with Geoff Johns by yours truly. Buy it at your local comic shop tomorrow, or […]

ToyFare #135, Blackstar, and the Alien Demon

A few of you have remarked on the little pale green goblin who appeared on the menu a few weeks ago. Yes, he’s from the old Blackstar line, and yes, there’s a reason he’s there. In this month’s ToyFare #135, which hits newsstands today, there’s an article by yours truly about the Blackstar toy line. […]