SDCC 2008 Preview Night

Just a few comments on what came out of last night’s SDCC preview.

Mattel’s keeping most of their stuff under wraps (except for a few sightings of DC Infinite Heroes) until their panels on Friday, but they seem to be the exception–most companies had plenty of their new wares on display. One thing I did discover–apparently there’s a clear variant of King Grayskull. And here’s a look at the production figure.

Incidentally, is now live (well, with a preview page). You can make out some of the exclusives behind the Jughead-like Matty character. I’m really hoping Mattel ran this by Archie Comics first, given that company’s infamous habit of suing at the slightest provocation. (Note: the site seems to be going on- and offline like a yo-yo. No idea why. Keep trying and you’ll get through.)

I’m excited to see these guys. Looks like we’re getting a Foot Ninja, a UTROM (who I almost predicted in my previous post), SHREDDER!!! and a Foot Elite Guard.

Glancing at NECA’s videogame wares (including the protagonist from Prototype), I noticed in the corner some wee figures of Raving Rabbids! Here’s hoping for a three-pack with tons of accessories (I suppose Rayman would probably be in there too).

Pete will have an update on all the newly-revealed Hasbro Marvel goodies later today. The Mattel DC Comics panel is at 11am PDT tomorrow.


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  1. i think theyre gonna make it an online exclusive like the bat-pod.

    also, he's supposed to look like a hells angel's kinda.

  2. Chris

    Yup I did….was pretty insane. I saw the worst of ppl just for toys.

    They were yelling at mattel….some were yelling at each other…I was like….ooooookay, you guys are pretty psychotic.

    As for the figure, after a few hours with the other guys on my shelf…he just doesn't fit the rest of the colorful guys of the DCUC.

    He looks like a Hell's Angels guy next to aquman and the rest of the guy. It's a weird sight.

    Articulation sucks…figure's hindered by this belt. Red tip of gun looks wierd. Figure is just a black and white figure…stands out of place with there colorful colors.

    I didn't like the sculpt of dawg as much as the DC Direct version as well.

    Lastly, no bike….what's a hell's angel without his bike? It goes with his "biker" outfit. Hopefully, there's an online mattel exclusive but even then the figure looks out of place.

  3. thats what im gonna do.

  4. Poe

    Seriously? You had to wait in line for five hours to get a Lobo?

    I've got to talk to my SDCC contact…I don't want him spending that much time in line if he doesn't have to…I'll just order it off their website.

  5. Chris

    Mattel making a KB exclusive sucks. I didn't even know that store still exited.

    I really do hate these store exclusives when they can't even bring out products on a consistent basis at Target or TRUS.

    All that's there are a ton of wave 1.

    KB???? hah! Next thing u know they'll be a best buy exclusive!

    BTW!!!!!! Waited in line 5 hours for LOBO!

    Figure is SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Mmm… Adam Strange/Starfire two pack.

  7. There's a lobo on ebay that's signed by the Four Horsemen going for 60 bucks right now.

  8. @Poe, im betting it will be yo, and he'll still be pissed.

  9. I hate everyone that got to go when I couldn't. Curses!

  10. I both love and hate that kind of exclusive. Mostly hate, because I'll never be cool enough to own a one-of-a-kind figure (which I would totally open, by the way).

  11. Poe

    Whoa. I guess the clear "Spirit of Grayskull" is a single-figure raffle–meaning exactly one person will leave SDCC with it in their hands. Everyone else gets regular/bronze King Grayskulls.

    Good thing I don't care for clear variants…

  12. Poe


  13. so, wait, theres 2 grayskull variants?

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