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Poe’s Point > Thoughts on SDCC 2013, Part II: Star Wars, Marvel, TMNT, Toynami, Mezco, Square Enix

Continuing my thoughts on the SDCC reveals from last week…


Hasbro has four big licenses action figure franchises: Transformers, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, and Marvel. I don’t really collect Transformers or G.I. Joe at all (with a few exceptions), so I’ll just comment on the other two.

Star Wars

There was 3.75″ stuff, but I don’t care about any of that. The important thing here is Star Wars Black 6″.

BS6 Han Solo

To quote Mordecai, “Yay-yuh!”

My SWB6″ collection will probably be fairly small, but this guy will definitely be in it. I must admit, I still don’t think Hasbro is quite reaching the quality of the best of ToyBiz’s Marvel Legends or Lord of the Rings with any of their 6″ lines…but it’s Han Solo. In 6″ scale.

Poe’s Point > Thoughts on SDCC 2013, Part I: Tamashii Nations, NECA

Photo by Rustin Parr

Photo by Rustin Parr

First and foremost, I would like to offer my immense thanks to Ridureyu for working so hard to keep us all informed and up-to-date as possible on developments at SDCC. It allowed me to relax* a lot more and recharge my batteries before what I hope turns out to be a very busy August here on PoeGhostal.com. Please be sure to visit Nerditis, where Ridureyu writes regularly about toys.

And now, presented in no particular order, are my thoughts on the various news and reveals at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

MOTUC Nepthu leaked?

So, a new MOTUC figure called “Nepthu” was leaked to eBay somehow. The consensus seems to be that he’s legit. He’s a Filmation character, so presumably he’s part of that sub. Here’s the eBay auction, for however long it lasts. Looks like the Hong Kong factory sellers strike again.

We have definitely entered the period in MOTUC where my first response to 50% of the reveals is, “Who?”

SDCC 2013 begins tonight!

As you can see, we’ve added a banner (by Mecha-Shiva) above so that you can follow all our SDCC coverage this year. Just click on the banner to see all our material that’s tagged for SDCC.

I’m actually on vacation starting tomorrow through Sunday, so for the duration of SDCC I’m hanging the reigns over to SDCC contributor Ridureyu! I ask you to give him all the respect you would give me–no wait, please be nicer to him than you would me, he seems like a good enough fellow.

I’ve asked Ridureyu to do write-ups on all the common PoeGhostal.com lines (MOTUC, S.H.MonsterArts, Star Wars Black, DCUC, and so forth). I’ve also told him to go ahead and talk about any lines that interest him personally.

If there’s anything you’d like updates about, just mention it below and maybe he’ll look into it for you.

In addition, Rustin Parr will be doing an interview with Hasbro’s Star Wars team, so if you have any questions, please submit them below.

I have a few posts already set to go, so those will appear alongside Ridureyu’s coverage. And I may throw up a new post or two if there’s something I can’t resist commenting on, but for now, I leave you in Ridureyu’s capable hands.

SHMA AVP (update: confirmed)

Rumor is Tamashii is going to reveal prototypes of S.H.MonsterArts Alien and Predator to gauge fan reaction.

I’m sure they’ll look fantastic and be super-articulated, but they’ll only be in scale with each other and they’ll cost 3-4x NECA’s stuff. Not sure how these will sell here in the U.S., although they still might sell better than the Godzilla stuff due to the larger fan audience.


Update: Alien vs. Predator S.H.MonsterArts confirmed, but to make it weirder, the designs are actually from the movie Alien vs. Predator, which seems like…not a good idea. If they’d gone with the design from Alien or Aliens and/or the first Predator, I might have had to think about it. But figures from my least-favorite movie of either franchise?* Pass.

*Well, okay, maybe second-least-favorite, because I haven’t seen Alien vs. Predator: Requiem.

SDCC Comic Con Explosion Godzilla on sale at Amazon

The SDCC Comic Con Explosion Godzilla is on sale at Amazon for $75 (eligible for Amazon Prime) as long as supplies last.

Mattycollector Panel News & Discussion Post (Updated w/ MOTUC)

Watch the Mattycollector panel live.

Yeah, I know I always use this pic, but I just love it so goddamned much. Sudden thought: would people be interested in a T-shirt with this image? Or maybe this one?

Anyway, the Mattycollector Fan Panel is due to start at 12pm Pt (3pm ET). I’m not sure I’ll quite be able to live-blog the event, but I’m sure Twitter will have live updates, so just keep an eye on my Toy Geeks Twitter List and you’ll get all the info as it happens.

Odds ‘n Ends > Amazon SDCC contest, WWE meets MOTU, Warlords & Warriors

  • Amazon is having a contest on their Facebook page for a pretty awesome SDCC Exclusives prize pack. If you win and don’t want the Godzilla exclusive, you know where to find me.
  • Pixel-Dan reports that WWE.com will soon have a weekly “WWE meets MOTU” feature on Thursdays, showing Masters of the Universe action figures tangling with WWE wrestlers (figures, not actual wrestlers). That’s…cool? But kinda weird, too? I still think Mattel should let Triple H dress up as He-Man for an event.
  • I picked up the first issue of the official He-Man and the Masters of the Universe comic from DC. I’ll have a review up soon. Anyone else pick it up? Thoughts?
  • USA Today also had an article on MOTU and its 30th anniversary recently, which also reveals the cover to the third minicomic.
  • You may, like me, have also missed this interview with the Four Horsemen about Draego-Man.
  • Check out this interview over at Infinite Hollywood with the folks behind the vintage-licious Warlords and Warriors indie toy line.
  • PGPoA Power Pal PrfktTear has a review of He-Ro over at Doomkick.
  • I just know I’m forgetting something…

Club Eternia 2013: What Would It Take For You to Subscribe?

Tyrantisaurus Lomography

Tyrantisaurus Lomography by geekyvixen, on Flickr

In just a few days – this Friday at 3pm ET, to be exact – we’ll find out the first three to five figures in the 2013 Club Eternia subscription. (Assuming it doesn’t get leaked ahead of time…)

It seems to me that MOTUC’s status as one of the premiere toy lines has been fading, and I suspect 2013 may represent the lowest subscriber numbers yet. My question to you is: what would it take you to re-subscribe? What characters do you want to see? What characters don’t you want to see?

Odds ‘n Ends > New 3.75″ DC Figures, Possible New DC 6″ Mattel Lines, TMNT, Arkham City

  • It’s been a light week around here, primarily because DMG and I have been preoccupied with moving into our new house. Don’t worry, the toys were well taken care of during the move. Now maybe I can finally start opening and reviewing some of the MOC/MIB toys I’ve got laying around.
  • DC Collectibles is doing a 3 ¾” DC superheroes action figure line!…that will only be sold at conventions. No doubt this is due in some way to DC’s licensing deal with Mattel. This despite the fact Mattel obviously has no interest in doing this scale right (or at all). I am thankful I do not collect 3 ¾”, because if I did, “apeshit” would only begin to describe my reaction. The best analogue for me would be Hasbro announcing a Marvel Legends-style 6″ Star Wars line that was only available at conventions.
  • Speaking of DC action figures, IAT has a report on some EntertainmentEarth solicitations for “Batman Unlimited” and “DC Unlimited” 6″-scale toy lines. Could this be the future of DCUC? Maybe…? I’ll believe it when it’s announced at SDCC.
  • While I’ll be getting the retro TMNT figures, I haven’t had much interest in the ones based on the new cartoon. That said, this SDCC exclusive Leonardo is beautiful and I want it.
  • You knew it was coming – Square Enix is making Play Arts Kai Arkham City figures, starting with Batman and Catwoman. I really need to review the Arkham Asylum Batman one of these days…
  • The already-somewhat-controversial documentary Toy Masters – about the development of the vintage Masters of the Universe line – will have a panel at SDCC, including some exclusive footage. The documentary attempts to answer the question of “Who created He-Man?” The panel will include former Mattel artist Mark Taylor but not, notably, former Mattel designer Roger Sweet, who in his tell-all Mastering the Universe (my review here) claimed sole responsibility for creating He-Man. Word is Sweet is already unhappy with the whole thing, or at least is “declining to participate further.” For the record, I’m on Team We-May-Never-Know-The-Truth.
  • Shadowland Magazine has a special Masters of the Universe-themed issue, available right now from their website. Articles include an interview with minicomic writer Donald F. Glut, a retrospective on the controversial 1987 Masters of the Universe film starring Dolph Lundgren and Frank Langella, and an in-depth overview of MOTUC.
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