February is Vintage Month at PGPoA!

Maxx Steele(First off, if you’re not seeing some noticeable tweaks to the site design, be sure to hit “refresh” on your browser.)

Welcome to Vintage Month at PGPoA! All this month, I’ll be highlighting toys from my youth and beyond. Some you may be very familiar with, others may be long-lost gems.

The idea comes from something we sometimes do at OAFE, though we call it “Retro Month” there. For the first Retro Month, we had this great 1980s Miami Vice look based off on the then-popular GTA: Vice City game. I decided to go with an 8-bit NES look this time around.

If there are any specific toy lines or random 1980s toys you’d like to see a post about, let me know below and I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks to Red Kryptonite and OB1 for the redesign work!


Toy review roundup (via Fanmode), 1/31/09


January poll results


  1. Hmm, what about Go-Bots? And I wanted to say M.A.S.K. but the reality is that I would only want it in a six inch scale, and that would make the transforming vehicles prohibitively expensive. But man, did I LOVE M.A.S.K. I'm also surprised that Centurions wasn't on the list. And you know, Herculoids figures would be pretty darn awesome, wouldn't they? They might technically be 70s though.

  2. Mark

    I just had a thought. New Bravestarr figures with build a figure parts. Super articulated transformeing 30/30 or Stampede. In scale of course with MOTU Classics. Wouldn't mind seeing some figures of the Freedom Foce cartoon, Isis, Hercules, Super Samurai etc. I would love new Thundercats or some Dungeon and Dragons with some of the cartoon characters and especially Warduke.

  3. @Newt: I've seen new Smurfs PVC figures at Target. Look in the kiddie/playschool aisle. They have accessories and everything. There are even a couple playsets. I sooooo want a Gargamel!


  4. I like the bit-ed-ness of the new look šŸ™‚

  5. Tom

    Yeah, awesome! You really should do retro toys more often. I mean, I saw that you had retro toys as the graphics for your menu and was disappointed when I realised that you had no retro toy reviews on your website. But that will now be remedied, so yay.

  6. orionpax636

    Yes! Maxx Steele shall ride again. Also, I'd love to see some Sectaurs reviews.

  7. Oh and Dino-Riders… How could I forget about Dino-Riders. Loved them!

  8. Real Ghostbusters, Smurfs, Fox's Peter Pan (Technically 1990) and of course… The A-Team!

  9. Poe

    I toyed (ha!) with putting Bionic Six on the list, but decided I could end up with dozens of choices and just went with five.

  10. Tom-Tom

    Super Powers figures would be appropriate.

  11. Poe I sent you an email. Although C.O.P.S. was really the only worthwhile choice on the list, I would REALLY like to vote for Bionic Six. Bionic Six was and is, AWESOME!

  12. JPL

    The Super Powers line. I'm kinda expecting an article considering all the love you give to the current DC Universe toys.

  13. OB1

    If anyone still doesn't get the new graphics after just a regular refresh, try hold the shift or ctrl key down while you click the refresh button for a "hard" refresh. The key depends on what browser you are using. If you are on a Mac, you are on your own. Sorry.

  14. Mark

    Also really like the new look.

  15. Mark

    Bravestarr rules. One of my favourites toys and cartoon growing up. Had all the other figures except Bravestarr. Kept searching till I was 14, and in 1999 I finally found one in USA, then found another one in England and sent for it. My parents contacted Mattel years back and they told them at the time, they never shipped any of the actual Bravestarr figures to Northern Ireland with the rest of the toyline.

  16. dwaltrip

    M.A.S.K. šŸ˜‰

    (I also needed to hit the refresh button to get the new look…..looks cool)

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