Happy Mer-Man Day

Remember, Mer-Man goes on sale at 12pm EDT today!


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I’m looking for John Connor


  1. finkrod

    I missed it. GAAHHHHH!!! I didn’t figure he’d sell out so fast. Skeletor didn’t seem to sell out that fast, so I figured I’d have a day or two to pick him up. Now I know different *sob*

  2. @Poe: They stopped Pay Pal after the first set of guys. I guess there were issues with it. But it PO'ed some people because they had it and then took it away.

  3. Valo487

    I read that same post Newt, it would be funny if it weren't so pathetic. All the poor guy was trying to say is that no one can say Mattel's trying to save the fans any money since the figures are expensive and the shipping is at cost so they're not doing anyone a favor price-wise, and somehow that got turned into him being ridiculous because he said they shouldn't charge shipping which is NOT what he said. Some guy on AFI even had the nerve to imply that MOTUC doesn't make Mattel a lot of money, which is patently ridiculous because if it didn't they wouldn't bother with the line and they definitely wouldn't be branching out into beasts like Panthor and increasing production runs, but I got tired of reading, because they were just talking to hear themselves at that point.

  4. Poe

    They don't allow PayPal? I thought they did, at least at first…I seem to recall a lot of problems with it though.

    I have a PayPal Mastercard linked to my PP account that allows me to make payments from it.

  5. Mark

    The Mattel website should allow people to purchase through PayPal.

  6. Valo is right, they're crazy over at AFI. Mattel can do no wrong.

    Theres a whole debate on shipping costs. Someone said fans wanted mattel to be a charity and then it was responded to that it obviously isn't charity because they charge $20 and shipping… Which launched a whole bunch of attacks on how it's unrealistic to think they wouldn't charge shipping… Which irronically is what the guy said.

    I've pretty much sworn off AFI for any sort of intelligent Mattel discussion.

  7. Valo487

    No worries Griffin, I just didn't want to see another level headed person get jumped on because they had the nerve to question Mattel's decisions. I mean, we're just the paying customers, how dare we actually want a say in how they choose to operate, considering if it weren't for collectors Matty wouldn't exist. Maybe collectors don't have a say in retail lines, but Matty is all about us and if I were them I wouldn't feel like I could afford to turn people off more than they already have.

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