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1.) Dead Man Walking asks: Mattel continues to insist that it will not do a fan’s choice figure for MOTUC because of the varying levels of unique tooling that figures require. However, Mattel is in the driver seat here–why not present the fans with three choices for figures with comparable amounts of new tooling, such as Battle Armor Skeletor, Terror Claws Skeletor, and Thunder-Punch He-Man, and allow fans to determine which will be the next bonus figure?

Simple, we have the line figured out figure-by-figure, specifically timed to when we want to introduce certain figures based on shared tooling parts and when we want to reveal their background in the bios. A fan’s choice figure would interrupt this master plan. With limited characters in the MOTU world (compared to the DC world) we are not able to offer a fan’s choice option. Again, we looked very close at fan polls online and are making a direct effort to incorporate these requests into the line. That is exactly why you see figures like Scareglow and Optikk showing up – because fan’s demanded them!

2.) Ragetreb asks: Is there any chance of eventually seeing a figure of the demon Demo-Man? Maybe what he looked like before being fused with Keldor? I know that’s probably not a question you’d be able to completely answer, but the reason I ask is because it’s a character doesn’t fall into any of the categories of MOTUC so far– produced figures, canceled figures, or characters that never got figures. He’s sort of a combination of a concept figure mixed with a new lore, so it seems like he’s not in the running to have a figure made, yet at the same time I could almost see it happening in a line that already has He-Ro, Wun-Dar and Mo-Larr.

Demo-Man is the name given to an early concept art image of Skeletor (you can see this in the MOTU Art book from last summer). If we did release a Demo-Man in the MOTUC line we would indeed release him as his own character and not just “concept art Skeletor.” We do have a long-term plan in place. Stay tuned…

3.) Jabbs asks: Can we expect a non-cartoon-style Silver Banshee, Icicle and Major Force (possibly vac-metalized) for DCUC, or are they off the table since they were produced for Public Enemies?

It is possible, but they are not being given a rush job since the Public Enemies figures were sculpted with the intent that they would work as DCUC figures. The head sculpts were intended as a mix between the animated look and the Horsemen look. It doesn’t mean we won’t get to them in time, but for now the PE figures work for us.

4.) gambit320 asks: Since Mattel is releasing some of the DCUC waves on their site now, what are the chances we might see some of the DCSH figures pop up in a similar manner?

We will have to wait and see how Wave 5 performs before looking at other re-release options.

5.) sammybj asks: How many different dcuc things are we to see at SDCC?

We don’t have an exact number to share, but look for at least one wave of 6-inch figures along with some surprises!


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  1. 3B

    @ Mysterious Stranger

    Yeah, I'm glad they told us we can refer to our handy-dandy MotU artbook they issued to everyone. LOL… those bastards.

    A year ago, I would have ordered the wave 5 re-release. The figure I wanted most was the Riddler and because no one knew about the re-release, I paid $30 for him on ebay. Now, I can pass on the rest because there is so much new stuff coming out and I'm scrambling for that. Can't spare $70 for something I'm already over.

  2. StrangePlanet



    That's the name of the demon, for real? My goodness, MOTU is SO lame.

  3. Mysterious Stranger

    100,000 figures is a LOT especially for an online re-release of a wave that's over a year old.

    I'd put it in the same neighborhood as the DCUC 2-packs.

    Oh and the mention of the art book in the Demo-Man answer was a nice thing to say. Especially since that book is soooo easy to get a hold of. *rolls eyes*

  4. JABBS


  5. Scott

    @Thomas B:

    …which is kinda my point. I never saw a facebook post saying they made at least 100,000 of wave 5, nor can I picture Mattel making such a statement.

  6. Thomas B


    the only time i can think of is on the MOTU commemorative editions which had

    1 of 10,000 or 1 of 15,000 printed on them which prob were not even accurate.

  7. Thomas B

    @Newton Gimmick:

    exactly. if they had been less vague way back when i bet alot of people would have held off buying from scalpers and they would have been able to sell more sets now.

    I am on the fence on how well the wave 5 set will sell but i assume it will sell pretty well.

  8. Scott


    When has Mattel ever even came close to releasing production numbers?

  9. Dead Man Walking

    Whoever is answer the questions recently is doing a much better job of being clear and candid.

  10. RageTreb

    Yeah, I had a feeling Demo-Man was in the running. Of course, they didn't actually say that, but the answer was cryptic enough that I think we can expect him eventually. That's good to hear.

  11. Yeah I'd been all over Wave 5… A year ago. Now? Not so much. I'm glad they're getting it back out there for people but I gave up on the idea of ever getting those figures and eventually gave up DCUC as a result. I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking that this re-release is just a tad too late.

    Of course it'll sell like gangbusters, but it would have been nice to know way back when that eventually we'd get another crack at it. Instead we were left with cryptic responses and vague answers about a potential re-release.

  12. gambit320

    @The Flash III: They implied it was a high number. I'd have to double check but a note on their facebook said that it needs to see somewhere in the 100,000s

  13. The Flash III

    @Poe: With the number of people unable to find it in stores and unwilling to pay ebay prices, you'd think so. We don't know how many sets were produced, however.

  14. Poe

    @Nicholai: Which I'm sure is a good thing. If Wave 5 makes it through the day, I'll be surprised.

  15. I hope Wave 5 does well today. I also think they have slot in Demo Man into "the plan".

  16. Nicholai

    A lot seems to be riding on wave 5 and how it sells today.

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